Daddy Giraffe Update Jan 2018

We are past the half way mark of the first month of the year with a lot of things changing and due to change in the up and coming months to come but one thing doesn’t change and that is the fact I am a daddy!

As many of you will be aware I wasn’t planning to go into a brand new year single but as adults me and Cheryl parted ways and decided to focus on the kids like any parents should do in these situations.

We are still friends and she will always be the mother of my children for which I will always be eternally grateful but it is time to move on and forward with both our lives, it just so happens to be that she is an awesome mummy and I am a good daddy so at least we are doing somethings right.

Harry is doing really well at his new school, he has made new and close friends and is focusing on his school work more than ever.

He is now using the fitness equipment at school and at home to get healthier and he is already seeing improvements and striving towards his goals which I have no doubt he will smash.

Ellie Jayne is quietly focused and getting nothing but top grades in her classes ending up 7th in her entire year, if she keeps her head down and carry’s on at this rate she will achieve her goals and go on to be the teacher she is aiming for.

She is at the age now where she emotional with everything you say to her but she is beautiful and I have no doubt she will break a lot of hearts in the future and I will be chasing the boys off with a stick!

Annabelle is well Annabelle.

She is a happy go lucky girl who lives in a land of rainbows and unicorns, the sun is always shining in her world night and day.

As an 8 year old she has her little melt downs where I have to use my Daddy voice but these are the time that you remember she is only 8 despite how clever the little monkey is.

Shes doing well in school in all subjects, joining in debates and being a part of the school council coming up with ideas that are amazing! I have no doubt she will go far and may make a change in the world for the better.

Freddie is a lot calmer than he has been but is still his cheeky self being a typical boys boy.

We worried that he may have something wrong with him by the way he acts sometimes but it ts far to early to tell, he may just be an energetic 3 year old and needs to burn it off somewhere.

He is doing well at school writing his own name and interacting with children his own age, he is now fully toilet trained day and night and has a better knowledge of the world around him.


Bethie is beautiful as ever I don’t think I have seen such a loving baby as her.

She loves kisses, cuddles and playing all the time, her speech is insane for her age to the point you can have a conversation with her, she tells you what she does and doesn’t want and also lets you know when she has done a poo while getting her own nappy out of the cupboard.

She is still very much a mummy’s girl but has come around to loving her daddy now and calls me all the time which is nice and now we are building a daddy daughter bond that will last forever.

My Beautiful Baby bethie
My Beautiful Baby Bethie

So whats in the future for me?

Well my number 1 priority is being the best daddy I can be and everything else is second.

I’m hoping that in the near future I will be given the all clear to go back to work once things and calmed down and I am balanced more but who knows what will happen its only January a lot can happen in this year but im certainly excited to see!!!

Daddy Giraffe x



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