Conspiracy Theories viewed through the eyes of Daddy Giraffe

Throughout our existence there have been events that have happened where people view things differently then along comes the Conspiracy theories where people are convinced there is more behind it than just the simple answer.

So I am going to give my take and views on some of the biggest Conspiracy Theories there are.

You don’t have to agree but that’s the whole point of it….

Elvis is Alive



  • This comes from millions of fans who don’t want to let go and admit that the King of Rock & Roll is dead.
  • Elvis was possibly the most famous person in the world, you would be able to spot him in a crowd of thousands of people so where is he actually meant to hide where he wont be recognised.
  • If I was to fake my own death it certainly wouldn’t be in the bathroom or on the toilet as some would say.

The moon landing was faked

Mood Landing
Moon Landing
  • It was a race to who would land on the moon first America or Russia, America landed on the moon first but not once have Russia claimed the landing was faked.
  • The moon landing was in 1969 at that time it would have cost more to fake the landing than to actually send people to the moon itself.
  • If it was indeed faked then hundreds of NASA employees would have had to keep the secret, can you really see this happening?

Aliens exist and are being hidden from us

  • This I believe is true, in this vast universe its hard to think that we are the only living species on in the entire galaxy.
  • Area 51 a top-secret base in the middle of nowhere, a place where they hold god knows what because it would cause world-wide panic.
  • There are a lot of faked videos and pictures but once in a while you hear stories from RAF or Air Force pilots where they have come across such things and UFO’s¬† and again it’s just brushed away.
  • Take the pyramids for example, these huge structures were built around 2630 BC a time where all they had were¬†slaves. These stones are perfectly cut and placed in a way that you couldn’t get a razor blade between them and yet they have stood the test of time, yet these were done by slaves, malnourished and beaten slaves hmm.


  • Do I think there is a group of the most powerful people in the world meet up….yes!
  • Money is power in this world and unfortunately we don’t get a say in anything or any decisions..e.g..going to war to how you look after you children.
  • Do I think it’s made up of huge celebs, No but I think they use them to influence peoples way of thinking like branding or views on political events.
  • With the most powerful people owning all aspects of the world and brands it’s easy to influence you like sheep or take your mind and thoughts away from real life events like war, famine and the fact that we are slowly losing control bit by bit.

These are just are just a few Conspiracy Theories floating around, if you look there are so many from who shot JFK to how the world was created.

I might be completely wrong but what to know im just a giraffe trying to get by in this crazy world but at least it’s food for thought for you readers.

Daddy Giraffe x









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