Coming together slowly but surely

Recently I have had a few targets and things I wanted to achieve or at least do well in and after sitting down now for a while and thinking about it I see that it’s coming together slowly but surely.


I first got into this to put my thoughts out there to the world on what it was like to have Mental Health while trying to raise a family.

Truth be told it started out ok the ideas came flying out but then it starts to dry up and you have writers block on what people would actually want to read.

But over a year of writing and persistence im finally starting to get somewhere and within the year…

  • My views went up including people following me on social media
  • I’ve had lots of requests for reviews including children’s books, toys, drinks and trips out.
  • Inspired people to open up and not only talk about the own Mental Health but write their own blog about it.
  • Being named in the top 200 Parenting Bloggers in the UK (It was number 185 but still that counts right?)
Blog Award
Blog Award


Mental Health

This actually isn’t to bad at the moment despite being messed around with the MH Team for over a year with cancelled appointments, false promises and lack of care.

Lucky for me a have good caring people around me that will catch me when I fall, hopefully I wont fall anytime soon and im not in the state of not knowing if I was coming or going.

I’m taking my medication on time and when I should be which seems to be doing the trick we just have to see how it goes I don’t want to be heading back in hospital any time soon.

Mental Health
Mental Health



I can’t complain about anything!

The kids are doing fantastic in and out of school, the little ones are setting inside there new schools and the big ones are getting good grades.

Things are going well between me and Cheryl, we are getting on and moving forward its been a long process but we have learned to talk and I’ve kinda learned to listen.

Big family events are coming up soon such as Halloween and of course Christmas as im very much looking forward to these and the excitement.


Daddy Giraffe x





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