Christmas time is here

It’s that time of year again that a lot of us look forward to especially if you’re a kids and that’s Christmas time.

In every household its different some go over the top with celebrations, some don’t celebrate at all and some just stick to family traditions.

Now I understand Christmas isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the build up to Christmas is just as big in our house hold and with that come with certain traditions we go by.

Christmas calendars
Christmas calendars

What kind of Christmas would it be with out some fun way to count down the day than with chocolate advent calendars.

We went with fairly simple plain chocolate ones this year because we found out the gift calendars wasn’t as exciting as we would have hoped for the little once.

But every morning they wake straight up and ask to open a door on the calendar which is always nice to watch.

Welcome to Christmas
Welcome to Christmas

1st December is always greeted with the arrival of the elf.

Now this is usually done with an evening buffet of in this case a morning buffet that he had arranged which was nice to wake up to.

We had crackers, hats, cereal bars, chocolate bread and juice…just what your kids need on a morning.

Although its nice to have the arrival of the Christmas Elf we as parents dread it because well he’s naughty.

Mistletoe the Elf
Mistletoe the Elf

Here he is Mistletoe the Elf.

Don’t be fooled he’s one naughty elf, I’ll give him his dues he’s not been to bad so far but already he’s stolen my advent Calender chocolate!!

Last year her put the kids shoes in the freezer and drew moustaches on the kids.

This elf thrives on naughtiness and I can imagine it will just get worse.

If you want t to follow his Christmas journey you can here

Now ive gave you a little insight to out Christmas traditions id love to hear about yours.

Daddy Giraffe x






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