Christmas OMG it’s just around the corner

Christmas if you are like us is a huge deal in our house the kids look forward to it and Cheryl counts down to Christmas from the 1st of January.

It’s strange because we come from different backgrounds and i was never a big fan of Xmas don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but not to the extent that Cheryl does and I soon found that out when I met her.

When she was little her Christmas Tree was just surrounded from top to bottom with gifts that her parents had collected all year round leading up to this one day, so she has always had the magic of Christmas and has passed it onto her children now that she is a mother herself.

All of our kids look forward to the magic even though the big ones know about how the magic works, our little ones look forward to seeing and waiting for the Big man in red, and this being the first year Freddie actually understands Christmas he has been super excited for months now and keeps saying Santa will bring me presents which is just lovely to see!

Xmas Visit
Xmas Visit

Every Xmas eve we have the same tradition since the Harry was a baby, the kids will get to open new pyjamas to go to bed in, we will drink hot chocolate, sprinkle magical reindeer food by the front door to attract the reindeer to our house the set up some treats for Santa which usually consists of milk or beer, a cookie and a carrot for the reindeer then its off to bed where they fight going to sleep every year but lose.

As each year comes we say the same thing, “we will buy stuff from January then we will be better prepared” it never ever happens that’s way but its nice to have a plan of action, we already have stuff brought but not as much as we planned we would have.

This year Christmas has snuck up on us like a tinsel covered ninja!!

Xmas Ninja
Xmas Ninja

We have had a bad few months with our daughters operations, Harry’s bullying problems and Cheryl’s mom passing away that the months all just rolled into one then BAM its November and we need to get our asses in gear if we want to get anything done.

We are determined that this year is going to be a great Xmas where the kids get spoilt and enjoy the day with no problems, new decorations in our new house and appearances from the Naughty Elves to cause havoc over December.

Even though Christmas has come quickly this year we are looking forward to it, I only hope I don’t get coal like the past 33 years!

Daddy Giraffe x



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