Children’s TV programmer I have a few questions

Dear Children’s TV Programmer

I have a few children who are in the stages of watching children’s TV, as it is very colourful and keeps them interested for hours on end, after spending an entire day watching various children’s shows I now have a few questions.

Firstly my 1 year old girl loves the Tellietubbies as I’m sure we all did when we were small they have been around long enough, as I was watching them eating their healthy diet of tubby toast and custard when they took a break to have a look at the babies…that’s right I said babies.

Now looking at these giant furry weird things the first thing that popped in my head was how was this even possible?? Do they even have a gender and did Tinky Winky take a fancy to La La?


One of the other children TV show’s that is frequently on in my house is one of my son’s favourites and that is good old Fireman Sam, everyone’s favourite Fire fighter and all round hero, after watching multiple episodes I came to a few conclusions firstly is if it wasn’t for Norman Price who sets 95% of Pontypandys fires Fireman Sam would be out of a job also the reason Norman isn’t in jail now for arson is the fact that there is no police in Pontypandy.

Norman Price
Norman Price

Peppa Pig is everywhere on my TV and is everywhere throughout the world being very popular, the problem I have is she’s a little snot nosed brat that treats everyone like crap and its justified how she talks to her parents, it got to the point where we had to stop Freddie from watching her because he was copying Peppa refusing to say sorry so when he was naughty I would tell him to apologise and he would shout “YOU SAY SORRY FIRST!”

I’m guessing the reason Peppa isn’t bacon by now is she would taste very bitter.

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig

Lastly I would like to bring to your attention is not a TV program but an advert you have on the children’s channel which makes meĀ  giggle but for the wrong reasons, this game of course is called Silly Sausage.

The object of this game is you have to shake and twist the sausage (sorry I’m giggling while I’m writing this I promise I am an adult) now I’m sure that I’m not the only adult to be affected by this advert so why put it on a children’s TV program??

Anyway I think I have ranted enough about your shows and I will continue to watch them as I don’t fancy battling a tiny temper tantrum because they can’t watch Peppa continually say “If you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots”

You can at least mix it up by adding a ninja for us male parents subjected to watching endless kids TV

Daddy Giraffe



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