Children say the funniest things

It’s not all hard work raising our children, sometimes they will catch you off guard with something funny that just leaves you in shock like a tiny little comedian.

I remember a 2 year old Annabelle sitting next to me looking me straight in the eye and said “I just farted”

What have some of the things your children said that has made you laugh or shocked you?

“My son said ‘par cark’ a while back and did correct himself, I have a similar memory of myself struggling with the word ‘car park”

“When completing homework one day my son turned to me and said ” Mum what was it like living in Victorian times?”

“At a birthday party recently my 6-year-old cousin came up to me while eating cake, waved a plate in my face and said, “Elli, the air smells like freedom.”

“My almost 3 year old loves to tell me “well done mummy, good wee wee!” in public toilets. She’s recently added “you did very well” to the end”

“The Small one just piped up from the back of the car last week, Mummy you make my heart smile, I nearly burst into tears..darn kids.”

I told my one year old I loved her and she replied ‘you’re welcome”

“When your 5 year old asks why a boys willy is called a peanut. Took me completely by surprise and off guard. Wasn’t sure how to react to that one”

“My 3 year old looked at me and said “he’s a nobed” talking about her Dad safe to say he wasn’t too impressed! I try to keep the knob head remarks until she’s not around now!”

“My 2 year old frequently likes to shout, ‘ I’ve got a willy my mummy hasn’t”

You just have to love how random your children are at times and what goes on in their heads.

Thank you for all of those who let me hear the funny things your children come out with and I hope you enjoy the read.

Daddy Giraffe x



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