Cheryl your beautiful and you don’t even know it

Cheryl is not only the mother of my children, my partner, my better half but I truly believe I was meant to meet her in this life and that it was no accident that our paths crossed so she must be my soul mate.

Nearly 6 years ago I met Cheryl and I remember thinking wow ‘she’s pretty’ and after we got talking I found out she was funny and very quick-witted. I’m not a nervous person in the slightest but Cheryl made me very nervous, she was so bold, confident and pretty. I was trying to play it cool thinking that she was well out of my league so I went down the route any guy goes to and that’s babble, that’s right I just spoke crap for hours about my dog who would lick the windows and my escapee hamster which I had to take a day off work for.

3 days it took me maybe even more to pluck up the courage to kiss her as I left her house. and I all I can say is WOW! It was amazing everything just was perfect by far the best kiss ever, I left the house and though she is the one she has to be.

Xmas Pic
Me & Cheryl at Coke Truck Xmas

She had 3 children who couldn’t be more well-behaved if they tried, it was like she was the perfect mommy who did it all by herself they were all polite, well mannered and well behaved, although the very first words a 2-year-old Annabelle said to me was “Hi I’ve just farted” I knew right there and then that we were going to be a big part of each others lives.

The years went by and we went through really low times where I was pleading to make this work. To really good times filled with laughter and joy. Not long after our first baby together was born Freddie Hopkins and wow what an experience that was I knew Chez was tough but she made labour look so easy, I made more of fuss stubbing my toe today than she did the whole time she was push out a nearly 10lb human. When it was all done I looked at her and in that moment I couldn’t have loved or appreciated her more she gave me a baby boy, carried it for 9 months, gave birth to him and still looked as beautiful as ever. If I could have captured that moment and do it over again and again I would although I don’t think Cheryl would agree!

Mom & Son
Freddie & Mommy

We had Bethie not long after and despite my beautiful baby girl being born but there was still trouble in paradise, I was going trough a rough time with my mental health and with Cheryl being the closest to me she took the brunt of it, I’m sure in time you will hear about the other side of Mental Health soon but it can’t of been nice to witness or have to deal with while balancing life with kids.

Time took its toll and so did Cheryl’s confidence, she became a mere shell of the person she once was. Not as happy, fun, smiley and outgoing as she once was and I can only blame myself for that. Wedding days were booked and I let them go through my fingers showing little interest, even to the point where her mom sadly passed away without seeing her married again, this is something I will have to carry around with me forever I can never take it back just try to fix things for the future.

While trying to balance life as a mom of 5 and my secret mental health issues friends became more distant and showed their true colours and Cheryl was feeling really low and with people keeping putting her down and that’s me included. Her confidence plummeted and it’s my job as her partner to rebuild her and show her just how special and beautiful she really is.

So this is my message to you Cheryl:

We started in love and went to hell and back, you were strong enough to stand by my side. You are the strongest person I know and will ever know with the rare qualities that only the few possess like honesty, forgiveness, love and shoulders to carry the world on.

I owe you the world and so much more, I haven’t shown it in the past and I have given you more heartache that will last you a lifetime.

You are Beautiful inside and out, everything about you is beautiful and you deserve to be loved the way you should be, treated the way a princess should be treated. Wedding dates were passed and with that went your hopes and dreams of the perfect wedding and sometimes I’m hard work.

What I can do is give you a promise…a promise that I will always love you, a promise that I will always care for you, a promise to be behind you should you ever fall down and pick you up every time without fail.

One day I hope that you will see that I care and love you with everything I am and have so that one day you decide to take the gamble and marry me because life is to short and i’m sure 1000% percent its you I want to spend eternity with I wouldn’t change a thing about you because to me your perfect.

The only thing I have to say is I love you and like our song says I wont give up and I will always love you to my dying day

Love your Giraffe x

Me and Cheryl
Family Trip Me and Cheryl at Blist Hill




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