Buddy the Puppy welcome to the mad house

As you are all aware we have 5 children some say that is a lot of noise or you must have your hands full so you know what we thought was a good idea, we shall add Buddy the  puppy to the mix!

Now Buddy is a black Labrador which means they are very intelligent, loving, caring and obedient dogs so we thought. We got Buddy from my parents who due to illness couldn’t give him the love, time and attention a young pup deserved so me and Cheryl agreed that we would take the dog and welcome him into out family.

I brought him home (well carried him home because he was too lazy to walk) and showed him to the kids who were all excited to see him except one child who wasn’t so pleased, Bethie hated Buddy with a passion she would scream every time he went near her, passed her or even looked at her. Whenever the dog would go near Bethie she would punch him as hard as a little 1-year-old could but Buddy was determined to make a friend out of this little girl and had plenty of patience to wait for it to happen.

Now Buddy is a very excitable puppy and his favourite thing to do is…how do I put it CAUSE CHAOS!!!

He has decided everything that is on the floor belongs to him, it must be for chewing or running around with. We gave him a blanket and a teddy to make him more comfortable but we had to take them away because he decided they were far to pretty to be comfortable and well they were getting a little to close for our liking.

Buddy has been here for a month or so now and in that time he has stolen countless toilet rolls trying to be the Andrex Puppy just in a try to get it off me if you dare kind of way. The 5 second rule applies to everything with him, you drop something on the floor “It’s Mine!” move from your seat “It’s Mine” we have someone stay over at our house and they moved from their bed to get dressed and yes you guessed it “It’s Mine!”

Buddy gets comfy
Buddy steals the bed

He eats everything which I didn’t think you could eat like, rocks, wood, stair gates, socks, sofas, his leg, bank cards and the list just goes on. If he’s quiet the chances he’s got something that he is not meant to have and good luck catching him.

Buddy dreaming of what to buy
Buddy with a credit card

After all his hard work Bethie finally started to come around to Buddy and they bonded over one thing and that thing was food, she would feed the dog everything off her table that she didn’t want and would drop it down to him, Bethie gained enough confidence to touch him and now she will pull his tail, crawl on him and he will just lie there and take it all from his tiny human. At night-time she will cry so Buddy will go and lie next to her cot and instantly she quiet and that’s where he would stay protecting her until morning time.

Buddy has had a hard day
Buddy Getting comfy

Buddy (named after Buddy the Elf the kids favourite Christmas film) has become one of our crazy family and we wouldn’t have it any other way, the bigger he gets the better he is getting and he’s getting pretty big looking at the size of them paws.

Welcome to the family Buddy the dog your absolutely crazy you will fit in just fine here .

If you would like to know more about Labradors then here’s a link for you to take a look at.



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