Blogging blockage

I’ve been sat at this laptop for a while now trying to find something to write about and all I have been able to do it google how to make my own ravioli, I may be coming down with a serious case of BLOGGING BLOCKAGE!!

For those who don’t know what this is or have ever suffered from this let me enlighten you on this.

Blogging blockage is where you know you need to write about something that we get people reading but all you can think is nothing at all then start looking at random stuff on good old google.

Usually this is a case of where you should just give up for the day and let it come to you naturally but what if it never does?

You all know more about my children by now than I do!

So I decided to write about writer’s block, authors suffer it and so do bloggers, so how do we fix this is there a magic trick or a site we can go to with blogging ideas.

Mind Blank
Mind Blank

Looking on my site I have done loads of posts about everything ranging from Mental Health to children’s cartoons and it’s nice that people go out of their way to read them and sometimes even comment.

I have also been blessed with people contacting me to be featured on my blog which gives me a sense of what I am trying to do is going in the right direction and im getting closer to my goal of raising awareness.

So in conclusion I have the perfect solution to blogging blockage and that is to put my laptop away make a cup of tea and maybe even treat myself to some biscuits.

The blogging can wait for a while it will still be here when I finally have something worth writing about!

Daddy Giraffe x





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