Being a stay at home dad

I never saw myself as being a daddy nor did I want to.

I didn’t have the worst upbringing in the world but I lacked the paternal instinct where I wanted children so from an early age I was positive I was never having children of my own.

I am the eldest in my family and I saw 3 of my siblings having children before me which just reinforced my decision.

I had a good job, a nice home, spare money and time to myself to do whatever I wanted to do with out responsibility.

Then I met Cheryl who had 3 children the youngest being 2 at the time, it didn’t faze me like I thought it would have had done but I really liked her so threw myself into the new situation.

I had never looked after children before, sure I’ve looked after my nieces and nephews before but that was different because I could give them back to my brother and sister.

After a short while I quickly discovered how awesome these children where and what it was like to have children around all the time and being given the chance to share my time with such amazing people.

I was still working at the time then coming to the family with Cheryl being the stay a home mom and it wasn’t long until we were expecting Freddie and I was going to be a daddy myself at the age of 30.

It was already decided that I was going to be a stay at home dad when we had Freddie so I could experience what it was like having a baby of my own and learning how to look after it and build a bond and wow did it hit me fast. 

I didn’t know how to change nappies, feed them or put them to bed this was all new to me but with the help of Cheryl every step of the way I learnt pretty fast and fell in love with being a daddy even more.

Bethie came along a few years after and I had 5 children to look after and was absolutely loving it.

The biggest achievement in my life was becoming a daddy even to this day and I’m sure it will be on my last day.

At the moment I can’t go back to work through no fault of my own due to Mental Health but until I can I’m going to continue to be the best parent I can.

It’s a full-time job by its self, it’s a 24 hour job that doesn’t have breaks.

Your on call every minute of the day, you take them to school, tidy the house, do the shopping, cooking, keeping them entertained, helping them when they are sick and its then its bed time.

But the rewards outweigh the work, I’m seeing my eldest achieve awards, go to university days and on his way to change the world.

My eldest daughter top of her year growing into a woman, so smart, funny and always thinks on both sides before basing any opinions.

My second eldest child having the best parents consultation ever!

Where the teacher tells us she is just amazing, everything is happy and rainbows to her and I hope she keeps it that way.

My youngest boy starting big boy school and loving it, working hard and making friends.

My baby girl starting nursery and learning so fast along with how beautiful she is the world is her oyster.

When people ask what I do as a job I’m a blogger on the side.

My real job is being a stay at home parent!

Being a stay at home dad
Being a stay at home dad

Daddy Giraffe x




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