Rude doctors and receptionists

Welcome to Raffs Rants, a new page where I raise issues that I seem to have a problem with, you may agree or disagree I would love to hear either point. My first topic on this page will be rude doctors and receptionists.

Now we have all had this at some point in our life where we have called our local doctors for an appointment and the receptionist is very short and sharp with you on the phone that there is no appointments and there is nothing they can do about it coming across quite rude and cold.

If you manage to get past the gatekeeper we all call receptionist then you were lucky enough to get yourself an appointment to see the doctor that day.

After dragging yourself to the doctors on time you find yourself waiting passed your time slot, now I don’t usually mind this as I understand there maybe worse off patients than me in the building but when the sign signs if you have been waiting more than 15 minutes past your slot ask the receptionist and the response you get is you’ll just have to wait their running behind and then they just continue typing.

You have waited for you turn and you get called in and the doctor has about as much people skills a stone!

Your greeted with “whats wrong” without even a hello or how are you and if you don’t give them the details they are looking for or exact dates they get arsey with you, once your examination is done your printed a slip, have it handed to you and again they just carry on typing.

I had one doctor where I used to live that wouldn’t even talk to you, he would simply ask whats wrong and that would be it, he would just prod and pull you without telling you anything of what he was doing, he wouldn’t even tell you the problem he would simply just hand you the slip and you would go he was cold, rude and in the wrong job.

Now I know that they have trained and studied for years to get to become a doctor and don’t get me wrong I used to work with plenty of doctors and nurses day in and out and they were always cheerful.

So what happens to them when they become GP’s?

Is it a case that they see so many patients day in day out that they simply just get annoyed with seeing people and turn in robots losing all there people skills and become so rude, you wouldn’t take someone being rude to you anywhere else you go so why would is it acceptable that they get to treat you like this when you have come to them for help and it’s what they are trained to do.

If your going to be in this kind of job then you need compassion and people skills or people will just stop going to the doctors all together and start going to A&E instead which is already at breaking point then we will all be in trouble.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject

Daddy Giraffe x

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