Making a house a home – pic of the day 16/10/17

Making a house a home is a huge difference, you can buy/rent a house and put all of your belonging in there and just live comfortably but to make it a home you need to add your touches to personalise your home and what it says about you.

We have been in this house for under a year now and we havent touched a thing, the walls are still white its very minimal with no pictures up and just looks like well a house.

Me and Cheryl decided a few things had to change if we were going to stay in this area and in the house for a while.

  1. We get a dog. Now this fell into place a little easier than I had planned my parents had a brand new Labrador puppy they just got for my dad who was having trouble with his sight, this dog was to keep him company BUT instead all the dog did was trip him over and was getting in the way, it was hard for both of them so I received a call off my parents who said we can have the dog all they asked for is it goes to a loving home with kids that will fuss him. We took him and named him Buddy (Cheryl named him after Buddy the Elf)

2. We decorate the house. This was a little more tricky as our tastes are completely different but I guess it helps when she’s the boss and I just nod in agreement. We both decided on the colour scheme and wall paper for the living room so once it arrived the decorating could be started. Little did we know that we happened to be spot on with our choice and it looks amazing!!! A few shelves and lamps then the room will be perfect where we can move onto the hall way making our way through the house.

So the picture I have chosen today is of Harry helping his grandad put up wallpaper for the first time and I think he did a good job of it to

Harry papering
Harry pasting wallpaper ready to be put up.

If you want to learn more about our very own little Vlogger visit his website its defiantly worth the look.


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