Freddie’s picture of Daddy – Pic of the Day 17/10/17

Today my little Freddie Bear made a painting of me at his nursery today.

Freddie is a 3-year-old tornado, he loves life and everything in it, he is fearless and hits ,everything head on. He is not naughty as to say,  but he is a lot to handle with his pure energy and little 5 min strop every so often, on the flip side he is polite, well-mannered and will talk to you for days if you let him. Ask him how he is and his response will always be “looking good”

I went to nursery to pick Freddie up today were he has only just settled in as he has a problem with mixing with new people, and his group leader says he is playing in the sandbox outside and that he has painted a lovely picture of you. I thought fantastic I have a little Michelangelo in the making here.

He walks me to his draw and shows me this picture with pride in his blue eyes and I absolutely love it!! It looks just like me, if not it looks way better than I do on a good day, I am very proud of my little man and I will keep this treasure for future reference to look back on how I used to look in my prime.

Freddie is an artist
Freddie painting of Daddy

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