Freddie and Bethie and their eventful morning – Pic of the Day 14/10/17

Freddie and Bethie woke up this morning around 6 which is a lie in for them and woke up very hungry for breakfast.. first things first in our house and that’s nappy changes. Now Freddie only wears a nappy in the night time as he has learnt to use the toilet in the daytime by himself so that was easy, Bethie on the other hand had completely different ideas this morning. I checked her nappy and yes of course she had done a poo which I don’t mind so I undo the nappy to baby wipe her and as soon as that last tag was off so was Bethie down the hallway crawling at the speed of light leaving a trail of poo behind her as I try my best to avoid toys and the dog to get to her before she reaches the new sofas. Crisis avoided I managed to clean her and wrestle her into a new nappy, this could be a long day.

The morning goes on quietly I manage some toast and coffee while Cheryl is now awake and we are playing with the babies. I go and check some emails and Freddie comes in with a piece of paper asking for a pencil, now what you need to understand is when Freddie and a pencil is involved EVERYTHING is paper to him including walls, important letters, cupboards and himself. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I find him a pencil for his masterpiece which i’m praying comes of the wall he brings me this drawing, Freddie explains that the picture is me, Mommy and him which is really nice and a change for our little monster but hang on there’s something else on the page so I ask him…

Freddie whats next to and over daddy on the picture?

Spiders daddy…..scary spiders!!!

He then laughs and runs away hoping that I will chase him which in all honesty I did but that’s not the point, so my pic of the day is this lovely picture my little bear made me.

Freddie's Picture
Freddie Amazing Drawing

You would think the morning was over but not quite yet, then my Cheryl gets a message off our neighbour saying did we know that Freddie and Bethie was on Facebook Live!!


No we didn’t but had a look anyway, they had taken my phone somehow went on Live and told the world their plans for the day while sighing, saying goodbye then logging off. Please feel free to check it out for yourself, if you didn’t guess from this video we are off out to meet up with their Aunties and Uncles.

I cant wait to see what the afternoon brings

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