Family day out at Blist Hill – pic of the day 15/10/17

Family days out are a rarely at the moment because someones always got something to do or is ill so when we get the chance to go out as a full family we jump on it.

We arranged a few weeks ago to all go on a family trip to Blist Hill which is a Victorian Town with old shops you can go in, like the bakery for fresh bread, make you own candles, an old fairground with Victorian games and you can go into the bank and change your money into old money which yes sounds fun but I’m only 33 how do I explain to my kids how much half a penny is, not only that but you can’t buy anything decent now with a pound but you can buy everything you want with a half penny.

The kids went into the old-fashioned sweet shop and brought some treats as well as other things, they got to see all the Victorian ways of life and collectively agreed they are better of here where they have WiFi, I wonder sometimes how long it would take them to figure out you can’t Snapchat yourself on a sheet of slate.

Me and Cheryl
Family Trip Me and Cheryl at Blist Hill

What I enjoyed most was spending time with Cheryl, even in the large group we were in it was just nice to be out and enjoying time with her. We don’t get out that often but after the past few months I have decided life is short and I want to spend every second, days, weeks and years by her side as one.

We managed to get around the whole place without any meltdowns or lost children although Freddie did come out of there somehow looking like a tiny coal miner from jumping in every puddle, jumping on the coal and pick up every stone as gifts for others.

It’s a great day for the family with plenty to see and lots to interact with, if your interested in visiting Blist Hill here is the link and have fun guys.




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