Chickenpox Pic of the Day

Its been a while since I have done a pic of the day so what better time than now and today’s pic of the day will be about chickenpox.

Yesterday while picking up Freddie from nursery the teacher mentioned that one of the children was sent home because they had suddenly came out in chickenpox and to keep an eye on Freddie because the child happened to be his best friend and they always play together.

For those who don’t know what chickenpox are I shall try to explain it the best I can.

Chickenpox are spots that cover your body, they have tiny white heads on them and can be very itchy, sore and sometimes painful.

They can be on certain parts on your body and in worse cases covering every part of you including your mouth, it’s very contagious and passes very easily from person to person.

Now I could show you a picture what they look like but im not going to so if you want to see it just type it into google images but I imagine you get the idea.

So this morning we noticed that Freddie was indeed covered in spots, the problem with this is Freddie has never had Chickenpox before and he loves schools so when we told him that he couldn’t go he was devastated.

We softened the blow by asking him what he would like to do instead and he picked painting….oh you mean the messiest thing you can think of?

Erm sure why not

So off we go to get paints and bring it all home and get him to paint a lovely picture and he did just that, 10 minutes later and being covered in paint he creates a masterpiece.

So the feature picture is my Freddie Bears poorly painting.

Daddy Giraffe x


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