Annabelle Baby to Middle. P.O.T.D 24/10/17

What can I say about Annabelle??

I first met Annabelle nearly 6 years ago, she was so small only 2 years old but a very tiny girl. Her first ever set of words to me was “I’ve just farted” and I knew from them 3 words I would love this little girl.

Unfortunately her daddy wasn’t around as much as she hoped and I hadn’t been a parent before so I learnt everything I know now as a daddy from raising this little girl with guidance from Cheryl.

I watched her grow (Kinda..shes still very small) I have taught her things she needed to know as she grows older, holding her hand until she was confident enough to walk up stairs, fighting monsters and invisible friends that kept her awake and even cleaned up kiddie sick in the middle of the night.

Annabelle was the baby of the 3 children and she was very spoilt, then along came Freddie and Bethie where Annabelle suddenly jumped from being the baby to the middle child!

Over the years she has struggled to find her place, battling for attention from everyone but always keeps a positive spin on everything no matter what the situation.

Realisation came today when my partner mentioned their were less pictures of me and Annabelle over the years and more of me and the babies which saddens me because it would never would have been my intention to show her less attention than the others but looking through photos I could see it.

Annabelle I want you to remember I may have 5 children in total but you were and always will be my first baby.

So keep your bright-eyed attitude and you will go far in life while me and mummy watch in the background proud that we raised such an amazing little girl.

So my pic of the day is of me and my Annabelle

Annabelle and me
Me and a poorly Annabelle





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