You’re only good for packing boxes

What hope do you have in life when your own doctor tells you that the only job that you are allowed to do is in a factory packing boxes and even then you can only do that if you don’t actually tell them that you have a mental health condition and if they do find out they will probably sack you but it’s ok because you can go and find another job in another factory packing more boxes!

Let me explain

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was feeling much better mentally, I have been taking my medication much better. I feel better within myself and things have been going well between myself and Chez. The next big step was to try to return to work.

I decided that I would love to work in care. I’ve always had a desire to work within the care industry after spending time working as a ward clerk in the local hospital and seeing it from the admin side of things, I wanted to do something more hands on So I sent off my CV to several care homes and agencies. I was completely honest about my mental health issues when applying and obviously I received knock back after knock back. Chez told me to continue and not to give up hope. There had to be somebody out there willing to see past my illness and give me a chance.

I finally got an interview!

A couple of weeks ago I finally got a call for an interview. I was extremely anxious because not only had I not worked for a few years but I knew that I was going to have to explain to them all about my illness and I knew it was going to be a huge obstacle with the work that I wanted to do. The interview went well but when I reached the part where I had to talk about my mental health obviously it became a bit of an issue.

The ladies who were interviewing me were very nice but explained to me that they would have to investigate further whether or not it would be possible for me to take the job and that I would hear back from them. After a very long few days I finally got a call from them saying that they would like to offer me the job. I was absolutely ecstatic. I had done it. Despite feeling like all the odds were against me I had managed to get a job doing something that I really wanted to. All I had to do now was send off for my DBS and await the medical and get my doctors to sign to say I was fit for work.

The doctors appointment

This morning I had to go to the doctors for a review of my medications, I told him about the job and he told me that there was no way that he would sign to say that I could take it. Not only that but he wouldn’t sign to say that I could do any job at all, nothing working with adults, children, emergency services, army, he said the only job I could do was packing in a factory and even then I could only do that if I chose to not tell them about my condition and if they did find out they would probably fire me.

What happened to no discrimination? So because I have a mental illness I am not allowed to work. Despite the fact I am perfectly capable of walking, talking. Despite the fact that I am a bloody good father to my children. Despite the fact that I WANT TO WORK. I have no choice at all but to remain on benefits because my doctor WONT LET ME WORK!

Where is the fairness? I have a brain, I want to help people, I want to earn my own money, I want to have a job and pay my own way. I don’t want to live a life where I can’t work but my doctor refuses to let me.

We spend all of our time trying to break the taboo of mental illness yet how are we supposed to if even our doctors try to hide us away????

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