Working with Mental Health is there a stigma?

Its been over 4 years now since I’ve been working and in a work/busy environment due to Mental Health.

4 years is a long time to be out of doing anything especially working and socializing with other adults.

I’ve worked my whole life, starting from working in a factory packing boxes to working hard to get to work in hotels and hospitals while achieving qualifications along the way.

So to suddenly stop all of that and be told I’m not able to work and not pluck up the courage or even be able to function in that type of environment again takes its toll on your mental health.

Recently after one of my Mental Health appointments I was told if I behave right then I would be able to go back to work which is fantastic news!

There is also a few problems with this…

  1. I’ve tried applying for jobs in the past and as soon as they see the title Personality Disorder which I legally have to tell them I have then suddenly its like alarms go off and they are no longer interested and see it as taking a big risk in employing someone like me.
  2. How will I react going back into not only a busy environment with lots of noise but with lots of people where I will have to interact as a daily task?

So this begs they questions how do I ease myself back into work?

Can I do it?

Am I strong enough as a person?

Id like to think so as I really would like some normality back into my life but im going to need some help along the way.

Daddy Giraffe x 




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