Talking and listening could save a life

I want to touch on a subject that is dark, scary but happens all to often and I can’t help think that if we listened more and people were to open up and started talking about how they are feeling that maybe we could save some lives.

I’m talking about Suicide!

Where you get to such a dark point in your life and mind that the only way you see out of everything is to take your own life which is so so sad.

You only have to look in the news and you see that even the most famous people have their demons to fight and sometimes it just too much with losing people like Avicii, Chester Bennington and Verne Troyer.

This just shows that Mental Health doesn’t care if your rich, poor, male or female it has no preference of age or race.

Throughout history you will find stories of people taking their own lives some of the most rich and well-known:

  • Vincent Van Gogh (Painter)
  • Kurt Cobain (Singer)
  • Cleopatra (Pharaoh)
  • Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian)
  • Ernest Hemmingway (Writer)

These are just some of the famous people who make the news and history but there are millions of normal everyday people who have battled and lost their lives over the years that go unmentioned.

These individuals are just as important, there are human beings with feelings, dreams and once hope but somewhere down the line they lost their way.

After looking online at the rate of suicides in just this country alone surprised me, did you know…

  • In 2016 5,668 suicide were recorded and 75% of them were male
  • One person in fifteen has attempted taking their life at least once

These are sad statistics and yet the male statistic didn’t surprise me at all.

Being a male that has contemplated killing myself multiple times I put it down to the fact that I wasn’t talking to anyone about how low I was feeling and how close I was to just vanishing

In my case it was a mixture of male bravado that sharing my feeling would be a sign of weakness and what would be the point anyway because nobody would care or listen to anything I had to say just putting down to stress or attention seeking.

Luckily for me Cheryl found out what was going on, sat and listened to me helping me in the right direction but sometimes people feel like there is nowhere to turn and if they go to the doctors they are just given a pill and sent on their way.

Now days there are organisations that are made for you to talk to and they will just listen, sometimes that’s all you need is someone to listen while you’re talking instead of brushing you aside.

Still people are feeling that alone that they feel there is no other way dispute being surrounded by friend and family you can still feel like the only person in the world.

So if you know me or even if you don’t and you feel so alone and low that you even think about doing something to harm yourself them please tell me!

I will listen to you,, I will let you do all the talking and help you every step of the way because nobody deserves to be in that position in their lives.

I can’t thank Cheryl enough for what she has done for me but without people like her I wouldn’t be here to write you this story.

Be kind to yourself and just keep in mind that talking and listening could save a life.

If your affected by any of the things I’ve spoke about today here are some links that can help you in your time of need.

If you want to just talk about your Mental Health and get advice from others in your situation then I run a Facebook group called Mental Health Family please feel free to check it out.

Daddy Giraffe x








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