Relationships and what not to do if you want them to work out

I see a lot of posts on how to make a relationships successful and how to keep them fresh.

When it comes to my children I would like to think that I am a very good father and tend to¬† all their needs, but as a partner I…how do I say this….I suck!!

So I would like you to take time and learn from my mistakes and read the what not to do’s in a relationship if you want to make it last.

Listening – This is very important in every relationship, it’s a give and take where you both express your feelings, listen and understand, unless your me! Now don’t get me wrong I will sit there and listen but does it sink in NO! So she finds herself repeating the same thing over and over and when your asked to repeat what she just said under no circumstances take a wild guess, it won’t go down well.

What are you thinking? – Sometimes you are in your own world and we all do that but in certain situations when asked what are you thinking and you give the answer nothing, it generally doesn’t go down well. Out of all the things in the world you could be thinking of and you have the opportunity to compliment her don’t waste it with a stupid nothing.

Don’t fall asleep!!! – If you’re having a deep and meaningful conversation in the middle of the night in bed with the lights off, for god sakes don’t fall asleep. It will go down like a lead balloon. Stay awake listen to whats being said to you idiot instead of dreaming. Also once the argument is over don’t just go to bed on bad terms on go to sleep, hug it out make sure their alright and at least you stand a fighting chance the next day.

Don’t Lie – I am notorious for this even little white lies that I think won’t hurt or will spare someones feelings, a lie is still a lie and eventually the trust will be gone and trying to win that back is you fighting a losing battle.

Keep on top of dates – Make time for dates, so many times I have missed date night or not arranged something to do for us as simple as watching a film together. I have figured out that its just time that your relationships are after, so why can’t I spare an hour out of my time?? Because I’m to occupied doing nothing instead.

Words hurt – As I mentioned in one of my last posts I am an asshole, I don’t shout and swear in argument instead I do worse I will say somethings that I can’t take back and once it is out there in the open good luck trying to claw it back, saying I didn’t mean it doesn’t make it any better no matter how many times you say it.

Slip into a routine – Day in day out just the same things but on a different day on the week, no interaction, no change and no effort. You both just end up falling into a pattern where this is just how life is nothing more nothing less. Where’s the excitement?? I don’t know I’m still looking myself!

Ignore them feelings – My biggest flaw is just not expressing how I feel and not showing it, words can be said so easily but actually showing it in relationships is key. A simple cuddle when they are sad or asking how they feel will go a long way, not just ignore the situation and just guess that they know that you love them and the way you feel.

Now if I could follow my own advice then maybe I can have one of those dream relationships instead of self destruction my own.

I have found the love of my life and i’m trying to hold on to it but my stupidity and ignorance is pushing it further away from me

Life is very short and you only get one shot at it so let your loved on know that you care and that you love them.




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