Reflection on Reflection

Yesterday started with a booked appointment with the doctors where I went in with positivity and hope on going back to work and maybe coming off my medication but on reflection should I have been so optimistic?

Instead I was told that I was unfit for any kind of career I was striving for so I should forget it and maybe move on to factory work because at least if I have a relapse there will always be other factory’s

Now first thing there is nothing wrong in working in factory’s, I have been working in them from an early age but over a period of time I had developed new skills to open new doors to me and care work is where it was leading to.

Something where I can help other people, people who need help, people who need that little bit of time and care but instead I was told my condition made me lack the compassion needed!

Not baring in mind I have 5 children, I have all the compassion in the world and then some.

Needless to say I left the doctors feeling deflated and defeated know that this closed-minded dinosaur was going to block my path because he felt he knew better from a piece of paper.

I have spent a long time trying to raise awareness for Mental Health suffers to stand up and speak out, to say its ok to have an Illness and not to be ashamed of it but this man had struck a nerve which believe me is hard to do with me.

I went to the bathroom yesterday looked in the mirror and for the first time in a long time looked at my reflection and didn’t like what I saw, this wasn’t me!, maybe he was right and I should just stick to manual work where I just clock in and clock out, giving up on trying to make a change because how is someone like me going to make a difference.

This was until Cheryl stepped in gave me a cuddle and told me to forget what he said and told me I am worth more than that and to use this to my advantage to move forward and put my story out there that this isn’t ok to just put up with this and we can change people’s views.

Without people like Cheryl behind me then going backwards would be the easier option but she refuses to give up on me when other  people have and im willing to do the same, she is one of life’s angels and you don’t get many of them.

So on reflection of yesterday, at first I was down and ready to give up but now im even more determined to strive forward and make a much-needed change in this world.

Daddy Giraffe x





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