Mental Health does it ruin lives?

Recently I have come out about my Mental Health problems and the fact I am suffering with Personality Disorder which has made it difficult for me as a person to live a relevantly normal life and how its taken its toll and played a part in ruining my relationship.

Although I have taken steps to get better and am striving toward certain goals in my life, I leave a trail of destruction behind me that I can never repair.

I asked people  for their thoughts on Mental Health and for anyone to suffers or has been on the other end of suffering to tell their story with me so people can see what a big effect it has on people’s lives now, past and future.

Here are just a few of the brave stories people have put forward to me opening up must have been very hard for them and I’m thankful of your time and trust.

“I’m currently suffering from severe depression, its dominating my life and it’s not fun in fact it’s quite debilitating. I’ve had to take time off work to get on top of my mental and physical health, which of course means no income and I’m not even sure I will ever get back to work. I’m pretty much housebound at the moment, unless I have someone with me as my anxiety goes through the roof and I rarely see another adult as every time I have an episode I tend to lose people as they just don’t understand. Just when you think you can’t cry anymore, or hurt anymore more darkness hits you and you find yourself fighting even harder. Some days are really hard but I power on and try to distract myself in other things but it never last, I’m really just existing at the moment. We need to talk about Mental Health as people still don’t get it and tend to shy away from the issues surrounding it.”

This is hard to read when someone is so low that they feel there is no way out and depression is one of the hardest things to deal with in life when you don’t care enough about yourself to care for others to.

I hope you find your strength and support you need in friends and family to help you through this tough time in your life and hope things look brighter for you in the future.

The next story is from someone who has been on the receiving end of Mental Health and tells how it affected them as a person and family.

“I can honestly say Mental Health wreaked my marriage. My husbands state of mind combined with his mood swings meant we were always treading on eggshells. He would lose his temper with the children over the smallest stuff then let other stuff just go over his head, the children stopped bring their friends over because of the way he was acting. He would sleep for days on end to the point where I would have to give up countless jobs and opportunities because when I back from work the kids wouldn’t be ready for school and I would also have to end up doing the school runs as well. He could rarely be bothered to do anything including the kids and going out anywhere to the point I had to go on family holidays without him. Our sex life was non-existent, we didn’t talk and he lost his ability to make rational decisions which left us in a large amount of debt. Sadly we are now separated he wasn’t happy or in love and it was best we moved on. I am heart-broken but the children are happier not to be in that environment and I am now starting to rebuild my social circle again which was lost and now gaining myself a carer to move forward in life.”

This is interesting to see it from the opposite side of the relationship, seeing the damage it causes not only for the person it effect but the circle of family and friends around them. I hope you manage to get your life back on track for you and your children.

Mental Health and damaged my social and personal life but I am stronger now and much wiser to the things I have put people through, but nobody chooses to have this illness it’s the way we handle it that’s the key.

Thank you for those who confided in me to tell their story, I wish you all the best in your lives and hope you manage to get yourselves back on track

Daddy Giraffe x






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