Mental Health & Me with Mary

More and more people are joining me on trying to raise awareness on coming forward with their Mental Health issues to put it out there that its ok to openly talk about such a taboo subject.

I am overwhelmed with the responses ive received and people’s willingness to be brave and step forward.

I was approached by a lovely lady called Mary who wanted to share her story with us and I was more than happy to help her.

Here is the story of Mary….

1. Please can you tell us about yourself.

I’m 38. A mum of twin 9 month old babies, I’m in a long term relationship with Ian we have been together 7 years.

I was until recently a volunteer coordinator at Telford after care team where I created the dual diagnosis groups. I have also been through addiction alongside my mental health diagnosis.

2. How did your Mental Health journey begin and where you diagnosed with anything?

My journey began when I was 14.

I had my first suicidal thoughts after being bullied at school, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

It was only after a serious suicide attempt in 2010 that I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 2.

I had lost my best friend to cancer, had a relationship end and was in a job that had no future this all happened in the space of 2 weeks.

I didn’t know how to cope I was homeless and sofa surfing, I felt life had no meaning and attempted to take my own life.

I spent time in ICU and a mental health secure unit for 2 months until I could get housed in a mental health rehab which saved my life.

3. How does this effect your everyday living?

I have mood swings constantly, Highs make me manic and make everyday tasks really hard the lows take the form of me not being able to get out of bed get dressed etc.

4. How do you keep yourself calm in stressful situations?

I use a lot of mindfulness and grounding techniques.

5. Do you feel people’s opinions have changed towards you since you were diagnosed?

I feel some people can be judgemental as they don’t fully understand and make a joke out of it.

Others have been warm and accepting.

6. After being in your situation what advice would you give someone who is going through something similar?


Talking helps massively I isolated myself and shut down in my darkest hour but since then I have learnt that talk therapy helps unconditionally.

7. What are your future goals?

My future goals are to be a good mum. A good role model. And find my place in the world again.

8. Are you part of any groups or organisations that have helped you along your way?

I have associated with many organisations during my recovery but the one that has helped me the most has been the community mental health team.

9. Name something good about yourself?

I like to help people.

Thank you Mary for being so open and honest with me about you Mental Health Journey and letting us know its ok to seek help.

I wish you all the best in the future.

Daddy Giraffe x

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