Life Battles Guest Post with Nicole

After my last post earlier on today I was contacted on my Daddy Giraffe Page by a young woman who also wanted to share her life story with the world on her journey battling Mental Health.

She sent me her story of her life battles and its an incredible read, she is very brave to open up and put it out there for the world to see.

Here is Life Battles with Nicole….

Hiya im Nicole and I was first diagnosed with depression.

When I was only 15 I took a serious amount of overdose which made them think I wasn’t happy at home.

I overdosed on Insulin the first time and the with Paracetamol twice after that, this resulted in me going into care as they said I was not safe at home.

I self harmed for 3 years straight every other day when I got to the point where I couldn’t cope.

I got to the age of 18 where I completely lost my head as my sister had died and this is what the thought the cause was.

I tried hanging myself a few times but my ex partner stopped me, this is where a doctor from Shelton was called and I was diagnosed with Bipolar and Boarder Personality Disorder.

I was referred to the Crisis Team where I was then diagnosed with ADHD and of course add suspected Autism.

CMHT have helped me with life and my children, they have made me feel like I can do this, my head still doesn’t work right sometimes but with the support I have been given over the past few years has helped.

CMHT team are always there to help, I have suffered so long and when my children were born that was my light at the end of the tunnel now I have to think of them and not allow this illness to defeat me never again will I fall that low.

If I could offer anyone any advice who is in the situation I was it would be get some help, there is always someone there when you feel there is nobody.

Thank you very much Nicole for sharing with us and I’m glad you have come through this on a more positive side, I wish you all the best in the future.

Daddy Giraffe x

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