Dad bod the 30 day countdown

OK so now that you have looked at this blog maybe the limited time of 30 days is a little extreme but it can be done and I shall so you that with a little hard work the dad bod can be changed.

From one of my previous articles I spoke about how I am enjoying the break from having being fit and constantly exercising to having children (not me personally) and eating what I want when I want getting up early and snacking through the day to eating late at night before I go to bed.

Now don’t get me wrong im not crazy over weight just very out of shape, when I it get’s to the point of im out of breath running up the stairs to get the babies cup then I probably should do something about it.

I always felt comfortable with the size that I am with a slight belly until we brought these pain in the arse smart scales that link up with your fit bit to tell you badly out of shape you are from weight, water, bmi, body fat and the age it puts you at.

This might of well said “Oi tubs put on some pork ain’t ya” so this made me think yeah the dad bod is comfy and yes cake is yummy but maybe a few pounds can’t hurt can it?

This is the current status of the smart scales and where I am at:


No it doesn’t look to bad from this a bit of water and maybe just tone up a bit but we will see what can be achieved in 30 days.

So here it goes from tomorrow I will start the challenge and up load the results on the 18th February and let you see for yourselves.

Wish me luck!

Daddy Giraffe x

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