Mental state update

Its been 3 months now since I was sectioned, so whats my mental state update?

The answer is I dont actually know!

Its a strange feeling being locked up in a place where you monitored all the 24/7 you get into a routine your own little world like a really crap version of Big Brother.

Then your released back into the real world and adapting back to normal isn’t as easy because you have to deal with real people and real situations on a daily basis.


Firstly my medication way reviewed and of course tampered with, I was placed on…

Rispiridrone – Twice a day, side affects are they make me super sleepy so its a good job I dont drive.

Depakote – Twice a day, to balance out my moods which is good because nobody want to battle with 7 different people. 

Vitamin D – This is a new one they have added apparently I was lacking in this and this vitamin helps with mental health, I was a bit dubious at first but I have to say they have actually helped.

Whats next on the road to recovery?

This unfortunately is a life time thing and I just have to learn to deal with it.

The medication is there to just make it bearable its not a cure, I just need to deal with it and learn new techniques to manage it better.

So what did they come up with I hear you ask


I know I never hear of it before either but it stands for Intensive Cognitive Therapy.

Now this is supposed to be in a group but since I dont play well with others its now a one on one thing where they help me with ways to manage day to day living.

Its something new which im not used to but im more than willing to give it a go if it helps with getting better.

How am I feeling?

Tired, very very tired mentally.

I sleep a lot when im not seeing the children im not sure if thats because of the medication or just feeling down but I try to keep myself occupied.

Im getting better day by day and looking to the future, I dont want to end back in hospital where its like a different world and I want my children to see their happy daddy back once more not the daddy thats taking it day by day.

With the help and support around me im feeling positive for the future.

Daddy Giraffe x


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