The Vintage Tea Room Review

If you know me then you know I like my food, from pizza to sandwiches so I jumped at the chance to go the Vintage Tea Room for afternoon cream tea.

The occasion was for a family members birthday so it was a nice treat for them for a Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve never had cream tea before so I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived but I was pleasantly surprised. 

We come to a quaint little tea shop in our town and step inside where im stunned by how it’s all set out.

The tables and chairs are all set out in lovely white linen table cloths with patterned tea cups and saucers that looked very fancy.

On the tables were two cake stands, the bottom shelve filled with sandwiches such as Cheese and Cucumber, Ham and Tuna & Sweetcorn.

The second tier was the scones with fresh cream and jam, which i’m not going to lie went rather quickly.

Finally the top tier was filled with chocolate cake and Victoria sponge.

The Vintage Tea Room

The ladies working on the Sunday Nikki and Natasha brought some tea and coffee to the tables and left us all to us while checking up half through with a smile.

Fun was had by all

 We ate and drink, chatting while the kids played and stuffed their face with cake and nothing was to much trouble.

It was time to leave after feeling full from all that cake and needing a piggy nap, I left with the feeling of that’s how cream tea is meant to be and I have no doubt I would soon be back for more.

Daddy Giraffe x

Feeling let down by the system

Throughout my journey with Mental Health there are a few things I’m that I am feeling.

The first being overwhelmed by the level of support and love I receive from my family on a day-to-day basis.

The second is the feeling of being let down by the Mental Health team throughout and the battle just to get some sort of care or support.

From the start its a big step to admit that you need help and to get that help is a long and lengthy process from getting and appointment to getting a diagnosis.

At the beginning I went to every appointment, took all the medication and followed every task I was given to start my journey to getting better.

Through the first year I was passed from pillar to post, from person to person and department to department where I was being turned away from every door.

Then it happened I had my first melt down!

I was in the house and thought I heard my name called and just lost the plot all together.

I was lost and scared, the tears wouldn’t stop and I refused to go back into the house.

This would last for hours but luckily for me Cheryl was there to help me through it the whole way and called the crisis team for help.

After a lengthy conversation and advice it was only then did we find out what my diagnosis was of Personality Disorder but it came from them not my own doctor and the reason why??

In his own words he thought he told me!

I heard nothing for a few months until I called the team myself to see what was going on to be informed that my doctor had left and I was under someone else now and that they would be in touch very soon.

I meet the new doctor and the first thing he does is up my medication and add a few new ones, run a few tests and book an appointment to be assessed.

I leave feeling positive this could be the start of me getting better.

Little did I know how bad this doctor would be for me.

I attend every meeting like always and every other meeting is met with my medication being up which is now just basically sedating me.

He asks me why I’m on the medication because he doesn’t remember prescribing it for me!

It’s now been a year waiting for the tests and referral at this point to which he asks what they were for but its ok because he will up my medication if I need it.

And as for the advice he gives me goes as good as this…

“If you were to hurt someone even kill them you would be cover by the mental health act”

Tell me what kind of advice is that??

Again time goes by and I receive no appointments no phone calls and the time came that I was dreading the most and wished it would never come to that.

Being sectioned for my own safety and the safety of others.

I spent a short while in a hospital in Stafford where I was taken care of and treated properly, re medicated and when the time for me to leave came I was assured that there was care in place from my team.

I left and waited but nothing came again.

I call to find out whats going on and oh yeah my doctor had left again and I was assigned a new doctor.

This doctor I never got to see my appointments were cancelled days before then she was on holiday and oh yeah she left!!

So where am I now?

I m left with a new doctor that Cheryl had to fight and scream for me to see because they just wouldn’t seal with me or kept fobbing me off.

When it comes to the point that your own mental health team are asking you to make a complaint to PALS then you know that they are in desperate need.

I don’t know where I go from here, I know I don’t want to be locked up again so all I can do is hope they sort themselves out and just start getting better.

Fingers crossed







Mental Health Journey with Mel

Its been a while since I have done a Mental Health guest post so I thought what a better time to do one than now and I had the pleasure of talking to a lovely lady called Mel who opened up about her journey.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m 45 and married.

We don’t have any children but we have a dog is our baby.

Just under 2 years ago we left our life in England and moved to Spain .

I was a teacher England and I worked with adults with learning disabilities.

I am now a teacher of English as a foreign language where we are now in the process of starting our own language school.

Where did your Mental Health journey begin?

My mental health journey began around 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with Severe Depression.

I was having trouble dealing with the little things in my life not the big issues. 

My husband noticed the change in me when I didn’t.

When I went to the doctors they prescribed me with Citilopram and I’ve been on it ever since.

However with hindsight I think I had issues with mental health before then nut nobody including me recognised the signs.

How is you Mental Health now?

Most of the time I think I manage with life ok.

Being in Spain has been good because life is different to England and I have time to be me.

However some days are harder than others.

One thing I find hard is people expect me to be happy.

So when some of my English friends who know I have Depression ask how I am where I respond low don’t understand how when I live in Spain.

Do you consider yourself disabled?

I’m not sure I consider myself disabled.

In some aspects I think I am enabled because I am beginning to understand myself.

How does your family deal with your Mental Health issues?

My family has never had a problem with my diagnosis.

My in-laws don’t understand.

My mother in law doesn’t understand what I have to be depressed about.

I think it might be a generation thing.

My brother who works in the medical profession is great, he’s non judgemental and just listens.

My dad works for the Samaritans and is very good as he is able to distance himself and ask questions that make me think about how I’m felling and honestly answer.

Some of my friend found it difficult because they hadn’t recognised that in me but they are supportive.

What advice would you give to someone in a similar position?

I think I would tell people its scary but enabling.

Some days you will take 2 or 3 steps forward then the nest you go backwards.

Its frustrating and agonising but you will go forward again. 

When people ask how you are tell the truth even if your felling crap.

They will find it difficult and weird at first but your true friends will get used and help you through the bad times.

The black dog is always there but not always negatively.

And finally tell me something you like a bout yourself.


I like my eyes and the fact that I care about others.

Thank you very much for being so open and honest Mel and I wish you all the best in the future.

Daddy Giraffe x 














Getting to know theunstoppablemama

After a little break on Mental Health Guest posts I have been inspired by some of the bloggers I have meet on my way and I wanted to get to know them better and for you all to learn more about some of your favourite bloggers.
 I stated a series called getting to know you and I was happy when I was approached by a awesome blogger you may of heard of called theunstopablemama.
I sent her out some questions which she was more that happy to answer so please enjoy getting to know this remarkable lady.
Can you tell us about yourself a little bit?
I’m Jayne Mum to Sebastian and Ophelia (10 months apart) and we are expecting our third baby in October so that will mean 3 under 2 and a half! I trained as a nurse, but due to complications with my first pregnancy I had to go on maternity leave early and have not yet returned to work. I am now able to work from home as an Nu Skin Ambassador which is a beauty and skin care company. You can also find me over on my blog, blogging about the daily trials and tribulations of being a mum!
What would you say your profile picture says about you?
Tired mum who spends a lot of time in the car!
Do you prefer day time or night time?
It depends, I like both for different reasons. Day when the kids are being good, love playing with them and creating activities to keep them entertained. But I also love it when the kids have gone to bed (who doesn’t!), I get some me time which usually consists of tea and Netflix!
If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?
Honest, I tell it how it is!
Whats your fondest memory?
This is a hard one I have so many, but if I had to pick one at this time of year it would be taking my Nan out in my car for the first time after I passed my test, I ran over an already dead animal due to a lorry coming the other way, and I said I only ran over it a little bit, and my Nan was in hysterics, I think she nearly peed herself! I was 18 at the time. My Nan is no longer with us and she passed away just after Easter four years ago, so I often have her on my mind at this time of year, according to my family, now that I am a mum I am a lot like her in so many ways – I think the rest of the family see it as a comfort!
Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, one which I don’t have much time for these days with the kids, but I love Crochet, I made all of my kids blankets!
What annoys you?
Mess, I hate it, my house was so tidy before kids! I spend an hour every night when the kids have gone to bed cleaning and tidying up. I’ve had to cut this time spent cleaning down as I would spend the whole evening doing it which left now time for me!
What makes you happy?
The sunshine and seeing my kids happy and playing, also chocolate!
If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be? 
My family, gin and biscuits!
Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?
Sometimes when the kids are being the biggest pains in my backside, I just want to book myself into a hotel for two nights and let my other half handle the terrors! When number three arrives I may have to do this!
Who’s your biggest inspiration?
This has to be my dad, after a very long battle with numerous bone infections he had a full hip disarticulation 4 years ago (Had his whole right leg amputated at the hip joint) and he has been determined to get back to work since then. Last year he went back to work as a mechanical engineer at The University of Warwick and has since been nominated for awards, for his work. 
What your biggest fear?
I was going to say spiders but I don’t really fear them I just don’t like them! I’m not actually sure what my biggest fear is – I guess I haven’t come across it yet!
Whats your guilty pleasure?
I love dunking doughnuts in my tea!
Do you have a nickname?
Now Time for Quick Fire Questions?
Night or Day?
Sweet or Sour?
Summer or Winter?
Leader or Follower?
Cat or Dog?
Cats I have two!
Hot or Cold?
Singer or dancer?
Wealthy and sad or Poor and Happy?
Somewhere in the middle and happy
Fast or Slow?
Birthday or Christmas?
Coke or Pepsi?
Finally please can you tell us something you like a bout yourself?
I love being a mum!
Thank you very much for joining my Getting to know you series and I hope more people follow you and read some of your awesome work!!
Daddy Giraffe x

Getting To Know You With Mummyof5miracles

There are many bloggers and people around that we talk to on a daily basis and I have enjoyed getting to know them all through time, this got me thinking and I have decided to start a series called Getting to know you.

This will be a list of questions both serious and non serious just like a mini interview, so lets get to know the people we talk to on a daily basis.

My first interview is with the Awesome Mummyof5miracles!!!


Can you tell us about yourself a little bit?
My name is Chez , I’m 36 and mummy to 5 children Harry, Ellie-Jayne, Annabelle, Freddie and Elizabeth-Ann. I’m a stay at home mummy and blogger at I’m about to start a new venture alongside MO5M which will be designing and producing my own t-shirts! 
What would you say your profile picture says about you?
I hate pictures of myself which is a bit strange seen as I’m a blogger. This picture is a very rare picture of myself that I actually like! 
Do you prefer day time or night time?
As much as I enjoy spending time with my kids. I love just relaxing on a night time. Not only that it’s the only time I can actually hear the bloody TV.
If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?
Whats your fondest memory?
I have so many that it would be impossible to name just one , after all I’ve birthed 5 children! 
Do you have any hobbies?
I love to sing, I’m no Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston but I try and it’s the taking part that counts right?
What annoys you?
People who eat with their mouths open or ignorant people! Oh and bad manners
What makes you happy?
Hearing my children laughing together 
If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be? 
Nothing id just enjoy the peace and quiet!
Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?
I have a fear of failure , the slightest thing that goes wrong really makes me feel like I’ve failed and let my kids down. Despite looking cool calm and collected on the outside, inside I beat myself up about it for ages.
Who’s your biggest inspiration?
My dad, we recently lost my mum and he has had to completely restart his life. My mum did absolutely everything especially with regards to money and my dad was her carer. When she passed away he lost his home, his car, his income everything. Since then he has found himself a home that he has decorated himself, a job and is really trying hard to learn how to do things himself.
What your biggest fear?
As I said above my biggest fear is failure
Whats your guilty pleasure?
Watching Geordie shore 
Do you have a nickname?
I have several Chez, Pumpkin , Chezzie  and several that probably cant be repeated on here 
Now Time for Quick Fire Questions?
Night or Day?
Sweet or Sour?
Summer or Winter?
Leader or Follower?
Cat or Dog?
Hot or Cold?
Singer or dancer?
Wealthy and sad or Poor and Happy?
Poor and happy
Fast or Slow?
Depends on what we’re talking about 😉
Birthday or Christmas 
Coke or Pepsi?
Finally please can you tell us something you like a bout yourself?
My boobs!! … what? I’m honest! … it used to be my eyes but they started to let me down so boobs it is 
So there we have it a look into the life of Mummyof5miracles.
Thank you for being the first in the getting to know you series im sure we will be seeing more of you!
Daddy Giraffe x