Six weeks holidays from boy to man

When you were a kid the six-week holiday would seem forever and consisted of lie ins and going out with your friends do activity’s and causing trouble…or that was just me.

If anyone has read mine or Cheryl’s blogs you will know all about Harry our eldest son.

Harry isn’t your typical boy he is his own person, he like things clean and tidy, he likes to learn new things in and out of school and is very timid, shy, naive and was nervous about most things.

When Harry started senior school he had problem right of the bat, because he was so small and looked vulnerable people took advantage of that and he was an easy target for bullying.

We had changed his school a few times before we found the right on where he settled down, made some new good friends who all had the same interests and we started to see him grow.

He soon was winning awards and being picked for things like university.

The six weeks holiday was upon us a brand and with this brought a brand new Harry right before our eyes.

Now I don’t know what changed in him maybe its hormones or the alignment of the moon and stars or whatever but he changed and he changed fast.

The first thing was Harry seemed to lose all fear over night, now this is a boy who was scared of his own shadow at one point but now he’s looking after the babies more, clearing gardens, killing spiders even picking up dead mice for the neighbours when their cat brought in a lovely gift for them.

Who is this boy?

Nothing was too much for him, anything asked of him was done straight way with no questions asked.

Harry has always been into tech and was wanted to decorate his bedroom so like any normal teenager me and his mom was fully expecting not only to pay to do it but do all the work.

But that’s not how it played out at all!

He starts advertising on Facebook for work he can do to earn his own money at the age of 14 and the response he got was overwhelming about how he was doing this off his own back.

HE was offered some work helping redecorate a house and he worked his little socks off all day and was so pleased to have earned his own money at the end of the day to go towards his new room.

Now he is getting all sorts of offers for work for babysitting to dog watching and its all because he wants to be independent.

I’m so so proud to watch this young boy grow into a young man over the space of six weeks

As a parent you have proud moments and this is defiantly one of them, I have always said that young man will change the world and each and every day he just shows me that he’s more than capable of doing it.

Watch out world because here he comes!

Daddy Giraffe x 




Ellie is going to be a teenager, how did that happen?

With in the little giraffe clan you will find Ellie, a 12 year old girl who is fast approaching her 13th birthday and it went by so fast that I didn’t see it coming.

Let me tell you a little bit about Ellie Jayne.

She is very clever and in the top 10 of her year, she loves to read, draw and sing…oh and did I mention that she thinks she is the queen of puns.

Some would say that she thinks she punny……see what I did there??

Anyway so when I met Ellie she was this little shy girl who was very diplomatic with her answers and was always on the fence when it came to questions where she had to pick one or the other.

Fast forward a few years and she is now 12 and comes with a new pre teen attitude complete with sighs, eye rolls and she never did it.

She likes her lie ins and her creature comforts like just sitting in the sofa with a cup of tea, a blanket and a book.

For her 13th birthday we have decided to do her a party at the local venue but trying to get out of her a theme for it is like getting blood from a stone, we don’t even know what she wants for her birthday because she doesn’t know what she wants herself.

Its been fun and a privileged for me to watch her grow from a little girl into a well behaved teen and I have no doubt she will grow into a very successful young woman with a great career ahead of her.

All she needs to do now is find a husband who eats beef like she does, can put up with her crazy dancing and can deal with all of her puns.

Good luck fella!

Daddy Giraffe x





Harry and his new start in a new school

If you read one of my last posts you will have seen the post of Harry and the bullying problem he had at his old school, bullying to the point where the police were called and the school wouldn’t take any responsibility or action to prevent it happening any further.

After Harry started having panic attacks leading up to going into school we made the decision to pull him out there and start him somewhere new again, somewhere he can start fresh, somewhere nobody knows him or the problems he had.

As nervous as he was he wanted the new change and decided it was time for a brand new him, we booked the appointment and they rang us within a day to arrange a time to come and look around.

The day comes around quick and we are on our way, we pull up to what looks like quite a big school and step inside.

Harry spoke to a few teachers and they showed us around, me and his mom was very impressed at what they had to offer and how they handled bullying in the school but the question is was he happy about the school, happy enough to stay there for the rest of his school time?

We got into the car and asked him what he thought and to our surprised he loved what he saw, he liked how small the school was with less pupils and how much teacher presence there was around

The start of school happened the week after and the first time he put on his new uniform ready to start his new life, its easy to tell me and his mom were anxious for him so god knows how he must have felt but on his way we sent him.

new school uniform
New school uniform

He had an OK first day and seemed to settle in OK which was a relief but how would he do from there on?

Cheryl was shopping one day when she bumped into an old friend, they were both pregnant together and had babies around the same time together to Harry and another little boy.

Well it turns out this boy now lives in Telford and goes to the same school, Cheryl told Harry and he immediately found him out where the both instantly bonded and now are very good friends.

Harry is loving his new school and is already in top sets in all his classes so fingers crossed the future is looking bright for him and we couldn’t be more pleased,this just goes to show bullying wont last forever and there is always a way out and help if you need it.

Daddy Giraffe x





Bullying what chance do you have if the school doesn’t care?

Bullying is an issue that most people if everyone has experienced in their lives at some point, we all know how it felt when we called names or even beat up for no other reason than someone doesn’t like you.

When you are an adult it tends to stop because you have built up a bedrock of confidence over the years and know how to deal with the situations from past experiences.

But when you see how your children react to bullying is heart breaking and your parent instincts kick in and you try to do the right thing to help them but it falls on deaf ears.

Annabelle suffered slight bullying when she started her new school not long ago from children older than her who would swear at her day in and day out, she was even punched by a boy in the dinner line for no reason. She hid this until it came out in a conversation and I took it straight to the head teacher who dealt with it straight away and Annabelle has had no more problems since.

But not all schools are like this and you would think the older the students the more the teachers would take it seriously but how wrong were we!!

Harry had been doing fantastic in his new school, getting good grades, making head of house captain and winning achievement awards so for Harry live was going great until his friend turned on him and then it went sour fast

It started as name calling and getting others in his year to do the same, so he does what any sensible boy would do and that is take it to the head of house, this however made things worse.

The name calling got worse and turned into treats along with her getting the whole year to turn on him as well calling him a grass and he was in fact being the bully, Harry couldn’t take it and called home for help but the school then told him of for telling his parents saying it was a school matter!

I call the school and book an appointment with a Head of House and we sit and have a meeting where I am reassured that Harry is safe and he will keep them apart and that he has nothing to worry about, place the trust in the school.

The harassment at school still continues and more rumours are spread now that her family are being stalked and the whole year wants to strip him of his captain status, Harry is told by the school that this isn’t bullying its just a misunderstanding, fuming I call the school and am told well if you’re not happy call the police!!

I do exactly that reporting the student and the school for their lack of care for my son, but he still has the balls to walk into school because he doesn’t want to lose his education.

Then it became physical, he was assaulted at school and when it was reported Harry was told we can’t keep you apart it’s a big school then sent him on his way. I ring the school again and they refuse to let me speak to a teacher until I say I would personally come down there if that’s the case when surprise surprise I got through to a teacher who said leave it with me I will sort it.

School day comes around and Harry just couldn’t do it and a panic attack, the school was called and despite messages left countless times they never contacted us back but just sent text messages saying Harry’s not at school again.

No follow-up calls, no checking on him, no following up where is he, nothing at all!

We have now changed Harry’s school and still haven’t received a call from the old school about if he’s moved because he’s not been in school for 3 weeks but they couldn’t give a shit because it was too much hassle to deal with him.

This school should be ashamed of its self and all the teachers who turned a blind eye to this bullying and to the bully one day you will get what’s coming to you for making my son’s life hell.

A new start for Harry is what he need and this school needs sorting fast before its to late and another bullied student does worse that just break down!









Things I never thought I would end up doing or hearing as a parent

Growing up from a child yourself to a teen and then into adulthood you think you have seen everything, your grown now and done it all, this is until you have children then you see and end up doing things that you could have never prepared yourself for in life.

So here are my top 10 things I never thought I would have to do as a parent some of them you may relate to

10. Who’s peed on the floor??? Yes a question not only I ask but my partner does also, now there are 3 boys and 4 girls in the house but guaranteed it’s a surprise every time and turns into a full blown investigation where everyone claims they haven’t been to the toilet today.

9. Stop biting the dog! That’s right you would thing the dog would be nipping the children but no, the dog is lying fast asleep on the floor and my 1 year old who is like a crawling ninja quietly commando crawls to the sleeping dog and bites the dog the poor dog tries to get away but Bethie is fast on his heals shouting doggy…doggy.

My Beautiful Bethie Boo

8. Dealing with Hormones. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have to deal with this but I now have a 12 year old pre teen who’s hormones are at an all time high and she is just crying at everything and I have no idea what I’m meant to do. So I did what I’ve seen in the films and that was give her some chocolate and hide until it’s all blown over…I hope storm Ellie is over soon.

7. Chasing my escapee toddler. Now this one I wasn’t prepared for in the slightest, our front door is always locked but on this occasion he clocked that we didn’t lock the door, I’m happily washing up singing badly to the radio and I see this nearly naked toddler in just a pair of blue wellies running down the street it took me a while to click “Oh Crap that’s my kid”

6. Having one of the elder children turn to me and as is there a U or an A in the word SHOE?? I just looked until I realised it was a legitimate question and simple just shook my head.

5. Cleaning sick. No baby sick is a whole different thing I can deal with baby sick but when an older child is sick it’s so much worse because they just eat the most random crap. The worse thing iv’e had to clean up to date is Banana and Coco Pops sick is was horrible…never again…the horror!!

4. When your child comes to you covered in stuff and you pray it’s not their own poo, no that’s definitely poo

3. Sleep Talking. We all have done things throughout the day that we dream of at night but kids have the strangest dreams and when they talk out loud in their sleep it’s weird. I’ve heard one of the kids talking what sounded like Chinese, another arguing with their brother in their sleep and the freakiest thing is when they are full blown laughing but they are fast cant prepare for hearing that at 2am.

2. It’s very quiet in the house, a little to quiet so where is Freddie? We start searching the house until I hear whistling coming from the downstairs toilet and there he is sat inside the toilet stuck! I don’t know how long he was there but he was happy enough just to wait to be found.

Toilet troubles Freddie?
How did you get there?

1.Arguing with a toddler at stupid o’clock in the morning that no they can’t get up and no they can’t have any sweets. The screaming starts and you’ve got to try to explain the reasons why and suddenly you  become to some sort of negotiator to try and calm the situation down before the whole street wakes up to the sound of an angry toddler.

I would love to say that these things wouldn’t surprise me anymore and I would get used to it wouldn’t be true, kids have a wonderful way of catching you off guard and leaving you speechless.

Daddy Giraffe x

Worrying about your kids turning teen when you once were one

Going into your teenage years is a worrying thing for a child but even more so for a parent who has already been there.

One of our children is 13 and the other is soon to be 13 and this scares the crap out of me because I know what I was like as a teenager and what I got up to.

At these delicate times in their lives their hormones are going nuts which means these kids moods are crazy with the added fact they have learnt the art of back chat, that’s right the point in their lives where they feel semi brave to say sometime sarcastic back at you but are still thinking can I out run the old man??

If you are worrying about whether your child is turning into a teen then here are some signs:

Smelling worse – My god! Despite how many baths these kids take they still smell like they have run a Marathon, on a tread mill, in a fat suit inside a room with no windows or doors with the heating on full!! You would think it would be just the boys but oh no teen girls are just as bad if not worse, we have made shift hazmat suits to enter our pre teens room!

Sudden Deafness & Lack of Speech – Must be all the hormones blocking their ears which I imagine is a nightmare for them, It must be difficult not being able to hear me ask you to tidy your room when I’m stood next too you but the sound of me ordering your dinner is so loud you have to come downstairs and see whats going on. Also it makes me so sad that I’ve spent your whole life teaching you to talk and these changes revert you back to cavemen “do you want to do something at the weekend?….ug!”

Worrying about your teen
Worrying about your teen

As the kids are going into their teens it get’s me thinking of the things I did when I was a teen and I was no angel by far which is why I’m let worrying whenever they leave the house

I would start staying out later with my friends having the dreaded staying over which never ever ends well, last time we let our teenage boy his friends to stay over they were up all night giggle like little girls and really annoyed the neighbours by playing football outside their house at 8am!!!!

With teens they are going to experiment, they going to try alcohol at some point, smoking, fighting, drugs even sex. This Terrifies the crap out of me, I have already had the talk with the children and would like to think they are smart enough to avoid these things but they are teens and we all know what a good idea in their world is like.

So if all I have to look forward to through their teenage years is visits by the Police, talks with teachers and fingers crossed none with the midwives then I better hold on tight for the bumpy ride.

I could always just lock them in their rooms until the teenage faze ends…..

Daddy Giraffe x






Father – DNA doesn’t make you dad

If you look in the dictionary the word Father means a male parent.

Anyone can make a child you just light some candles and put on some mood music…so I’m told anyway.

Just because you contributed some DNA doesn’t mean you are a Father, that right is earned by love, attention and reliability.

I met 3 kids a while ago who had the most amazing mommy, she did everything by herself she was both parents in one. She kept them safe, showered them with love and gave them the earth and more. These 3 children were so well-mannered and behaved that you wouldn’t believe this mother did it all without a cape or any superpowers.

Unfortunately the dad wasn’t around much and slowly disappeared form the scene it’s a sad story but true.

I have looked after these children for 6 years now and it was a long process from being the guy who was just around every once in a while to the guy that lived there. Over time I started to gain these little people’s trust but there was still battles to go through.

Patience and time was the key, spending time to get to know them individually.

Harry the eldest was very stand offish, very timid, you couldn’t say boo to this boy without him crying so I had to be calm and softer with him than I usually am which was difficult since I’m used to rough housing from kickboxing and MMA so to meet a boy as vulnerable as Harry was an experience, I learnt patience from him.

Ellie Jayne was very shy at first but settled well she was funny and clever. She was such a daddies girl when I met her so she had no time for other male role models in her life but sadly she was being let down and eventually she would open up and I would listen to her problems and was soon aware of how diplomatic she was, she would make a great Prime Minister some day. I learnt to listen from Ellie

Annabelle was a beautiful, giggly, outgoing, so so clever and was just learning the ways of the world. I had the privilege of helping her learn new things, doing homework, helping her with gaining her confidence. I was there for her first day at school and even our battle of wills over eating a fish finger which she won by the way by falling asleep at the table. We soon bonded quickly. I learnt to love and want kids from bonding with Annabelle.

father like daughter
Father like daughter

Over the years I cleaned up sick, looked after them when they were poorly, held them when they were sad, joined them in their high points, watched them go to new schools and taking them on holidays for family memories.

They got to the point when they sat me down and asked if they could take my name, wow I never imagined that in a million years. I asked if they were sure about this and they all in agreed saying they were 100% sure. So the paperwork was filled in and signed and we are in the process of getting in done.

From no children to 5 children, from never wanting kids to meeting 3 children and wanting more kids. These 3 have changed my life completely and I look forward to watching them grow up and being a granddad.

So you don’t need DNA to be a dad or parent, what you need in time and love. That makes you a true father.

Daddy Giraffe x






Dreams do they actually mean something…ask my kids.

Dreams are one of the rare things we do as humans that we don’t fully understand, we can give our opinion on what they mean.

We have all had weird dreams, I myself have had some strange dreams ones as an adult so imagine listening to the dreams of your child. I asked 4 of my children to tell me their strangest dreams and I wasn’t expecting some of them to be honest but take a look for yourself

Harry’s Strangest Dreams 13 years old:  There was a curly-haired woman with a paintball gun trying to shoot me. I was dodging the bullets while trying to complete the Total Wipeout course, after completing stage 11 I was on a tram line and the family were surrounding me to protect me but then giant donuts appeared so my family charged towards them. Then a bullet came firing towards me, Gareth caught it and threw it back at her causing her to fall down the Wipeout stage and into a pool of green smile.

Sportacus was teamed with me and Ellie was teamed with Stephanie from Lazy Town, all of a sudden as they were walking towards us a giant Wreaking Ball demolished them.

Ellie’s Strangest Dreams 12 years old:  I was driving to a friend’s house and I got chased by a man shouting that they were going to kill me with half a bottle of ketchup.

There was once a sweet monster made of strawberry laces and we became best friends and it used its magic to get me loads of sweets whenever I wanted them but someone ate him and I had no other friends.

Annabelle’s Strangest Dreams 8 years old:  I once dreamt that I was a brick on the floor and someone picked me up and placed me in a wall, I was so sad because it didn’t want to be a wall.

The day we got Buddy I had a dream that he became a giant and was destroying buildings while chasing me and mom.

Freddie’s Strangest Dream 3 years old – Lollipops…lollipops. Doctor came with his bag and his hat knocked on the door with a rat a tat tat. (not quite sure he got the question)

Now I’ve got to say these are some pretty strange everyday dreams to be having don’t you think? It just goes to show how active a young child’s mind is while they are sleeping never mind when they are awake.

So these are my children.s dreams and I wonder why they’re so tired in the morning when they have to get up for school, being a brick in a wall and running for giant dogs must be very tiring indeed

I hope you all sleep well and I would love to hear about you children’s craziest dreams that made you go wow.

If you want to know more about dreams I have left a link below for you to view.

Daddy Giraffe x




Harry and his journey from a young boy to a young man

Nearly 6 years ago I met my partner Cheryl and her 3 kids, the eldest of them was a shy little boy called Harry. I remember he was so kind, caring and very quiet which made him an easy target for everyone and people took advantage of this.

You couldn’t play fight with Harry, if you even lifted him off the floor he would cry and was so sensitive that the simplest remarks would hurt his feelings. He spent his whole time making sure everyone was happy even at the risk of his own emotions being pushed aside but as long as the other person was happy he was more than willing to do that but this would take its toll on him when he reached senior school.

Senior school hit harry hard as he went to this big school quiet and timed this would lead to him getting bullied badly, he would be called all sorts of names from everyone in his year and also the years above, he would get threatened and have his property damaged this would get worse over the time to where he was assaulted out of school to the point where the police were involved….but its OK because it’s just Harry was the schools attitude and that bullying was normal.

The decision was made to move areas and Harry’s schools, we were worried as the school didn’t have the best reputation and we thought the area we moved to would probably eat him alive if he didn’t go in with a new attitude, to say the least we was as nervous as he must have been.

We could have not been more wrong in our lives if we tried, after the six weeks holiday he suddenly just grew up and knuckled down this somehow was a completely different Harry. His grades shot up fast he was flying through school work at a fast rate, we were and still are getting teacher points for how well he is doing in all classes. Harry’s exams results were better than we could have ever predicted and then we get a letter…Harry has been nominated for an achievement award where he nailed it and won the award for Computer Science…is this the same Harry!?

It wasn’t just his school work that Harry had changed but his whole attitude. unfortunately not long ago Harry’s Nan passed away, someone he was really close to so when the time came to tell the children we braced ourselves for a breakdown, I sat them all down and told them but it took me by surprise because Harry calmly took charge and consoled his sisters making sure they were OK, he checked on his mom making sure she didn’t have to worry about a thing. He stayed strong, calm and even wrote his Nan a letter and read it out at her funeral making a lot of people cry. That was the moment I saw Harry not as a young boy but as a young man.

If you know him at all you would know he loves technology and was determined to become a Vlogger at some point in his life but as normal people never thought he would do it and just brushed him off, then look who landed himself as a Kids Vlogger for a big company where he gets paid for his videos…that’s right HARRY!!

Again this young man pulled it off proving that hard work pays off, then he comes home with another surprise achievement award for outstanding work towards his house at school, from the timid little Harry to the strong, confident young man we now see and it is amazing to watch him grow more and more throughout his life proving if you believe you can achieve anything you want.

Harry keep on this path my boy and you can reach the stars!