The Vintage Tea Room Review

If you know me then you know I like my food, from pizza to sandwiches so I jumped at the chance to go the Vintage Tea Room for afternoon cream tea.

The occasion was for a family members birthday so it was a nice treat for them for a Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve never had cream tea before so I didn’t know what to expect when we arrived but I was pleasantly surprised. 

We come to a quaint little tea shop in our town and step inside where im stunned by how it’s all set out.

The tables and chairs are all set out in lovely white linen table cloths with patterned tea cups and saucers that looked very fancy.

On the tables were two cake stands, the bottom shelve filled with sandwiches such as Cheese and Cucumber, Ham and Tuna & Sweetcorn.

The second tier was the scones with fresh cream and jam, which i’m not going to lie went rather quickly.

Finally the top tier was filled with chocolate cake and Victoria sponge.

The Vintage Tea Room

The ladies working on the Sunday Nikki and Natasha brought some tea and coffee to the tables and left us all to us while checking up half through with a smile.

Fun was had by all

 We ate and drink, chatting while the kids played and stuffed their face with cake and nothing was to much trouble.

It was time to leave after feeling full from all that cake and needing a piggy nap, I left with the feeling of that’s how cream tea is meant to be and I have no doubt I would soon be back for more.

Daddy Giraffe x

Zimpli Kids Review

Bath times can be a task when you’re a parent an if your children are anything like mine getting them in a bath is like wrestling a crocodile but thank god for Zimpli Kids.

Zimpli Kids have an array of things to keep your children entertained and what entertains your children more I hear you say?

Its making a mess!

I was send some products to test out on the kiddies and I had so much fun myself as well as the kids.

I got a package and I was like a kid at Christmas opening it, I open the box and here are what treasures were inside.

Snowball Play

Snowball Play
Snowball Play


Want a snowball fight without getting cold?

This is the stuff for you, its amazing to watch it change from water to a snowy texture, put it in a bucket or tub and let them go nuts!

Easy to clean or dispose of afterwards but I recommend they play with it outdoors.

Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff
Gelli Baff


This came in a different colours like Lagon Blue and Oozy Red.

This was exactly as it said on the box it turned into jelly which was so satisfying to put your hands in.

We filled two big tubs of blue gelli and hid some colourful play pit balls in it.

The first person to find all ten balls was the winner.

There was lots of mess but even more fun and laughter.

It’s so easy to dispose of, just add the deactivation powder into the Gelli Baff and it instantly dissolves so you can just pour it down the sink.

Slime Baff

Slime Baff
Slime Baff


This is by far the popular choice of them all.

Sometimes bath time is boring for kids especially mine 4-year-old who could spend that time doing something else so how do you keep in the bath long enough.

Slime that’s how!

After he’s all washed we tip the powder into the bath and 10 mins later he’s lying in a bath tub full of red slime.

He sliding everywhere and making slime pancakes.

Once he’s finished you can just empty the bath the more water you put in the thinner the slime gets then a quick wash off and your done.

I defiantly will be getting some more of this!

Water Colours

Water Colours
Water Colours


I have a little one who hates baths, hates everything about them and is screaming from start to finish.

Usually its a battle to get her bathed but we got her to pick her own colour of water and she was happy enough playing in a pink bath.

It doesn’t stain of affect the skin so you can bath your children as normal and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to bathe in a pink bath.

I’m so pleased I was given the chance to review these product and they were a huge hit with my children providing hours of fun and laughter.

Daddy Giraffe x

*I was given these items in exchange for a fair and honest review by Zimpli Kids* 





Blogging night out in Star City

When you’re a blogger you spend the majority of the time networking or writing and while checking my email I stumble a blogging night invitation.

The blogging event involved a night out at Star City in Birmingham where we would be treated with food, fun and entertainment.

As this was my first blogging event  since I became a blogger I wasn’t sure what to expect but I decided to go anyway and take the plunge.

There was a group of 8 bloggers which I met outside Star City and the night of events where to follow.

Outdoors Ice Rink

Ice Rink
Ice Rink


First stop was some Ice Skating.

Sounds fun right?

Except I had never skated in my life so I looked like Bambi learning to walk for the very first time.

I cling onto the side taking baby steps along the ice thinking I wasn’t doing to bad until a 5-year-old skates past me where I realise maybe ice skating isn’t for me.

Although I struggled to stand I had fun and didn’t fall once which was a bonus and I would give it another go.




If you like chicken then you will love Nandos!

We go in and sit around the table in a booth and await whats next.

After some chatting and getting to know each other the waiter brings over 4 plates of chicken wings and its announced that we will be doing the roulette wing challenge.

This is where there a mixture of mild, medium and how wings but you can’t tell which ones they are so your having to guess.

It seemed like every wing I picked was the hot wings and it soon went around the table of people picking the same having to get extra drinks just to stop the burning lips.

The wings were gone but with difficulty but be did the challenge!

Mini Golf

Mini Golf
Mini Golf

Again this is the first time I have played mini golf but I was looking forward to this.

We Step in and the course is jungle themed and looks amazing!

Two teams of 4  are made and we start on the course.

Turns out we are all equally bad as each other and it seems almost impossible to get that tiny ball in the hole.

We played 18 courses and with a lot of swearing and miss hits we finish where I manage to place third out of 8 which I was happy with.

Who knows I could be the next Tiger Woods.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

After working up an appetite from all that golf we called into Pizza Hut for a meal and the last thing our agenda.

Looking through the menu something caught my eye that I wouldn’t have usually of order and that was the Pulled Chicken Mac & Cheese.

It looked good on the menu and I ordered a side of fries just in case.

After chatting for a while the food arrive and OMG the size of my Mac & Cheese was unbelievable.

If I had known it was that huge I wouldn’t have ordered the fries or ate so many chicken wings.

I tried it and it was creamy,cheesy and by far the best choice of the table.

Despite my best effort I couldn’t finish it but it was worth the challenge.

End of the night

The end of the night came we were all tired and full.

It was time to go our separate ways but not before swapping social media.

Great night had by all and I was so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and met new people who also do blogging.

Star City is a great place for a night out, it has everything you could need in one place from cinemas, restaurants and entertainment.

I shall definatly be going again for a night out.

Testing out Star City
Testing out Star City










A gift from Woolworths Review

Ive had the privalidge of reviewing a book called A gift from Woolworths.

It’s written by a very talented author called Elaine Everest.

About the Author

Elaine grew up in north west Kent where she grew up listening to stories of the war years.

She actually worked briefly at Woolworths herself.

A former journalist she has written over sixty short stories.

Elaine Everest
Elaine Everest

Whats the story about? 

The book is based in 1945 thick into the war where the story is based around the lives of the woman of Woolworths.

Betty is the store manager of Woolworths and soon discovers that she is expecting a baby which will change her life.

Masie is a loving mother who looks after her nieces as well as her own children but life doesn’t run as smoothly as she likes.

Freda falls in love but will it all be roses and end well?

Sarah dream of a cottage and the return of her husband from the war but will she get the happily ever after?

With Woolworths beckoning, their life changing and the continuing war nobody know what lies ahead.

Book review 

I have this book to my teenage bookworm of a daughter to read and told her to let me know what she thought.

She enjoyed the book very much and loved how clever it was that each woman had their own individual story tied to the war and Woolworths.

Ot was very well written and she look forward to reading more of Elaine’s work in the future.

Where to get A Gift from Woolworths?

If you would like this book you can order it from amazon here.

its also available as an ebook.


Thank you very much for letting me review your work and I wish you all the best in the future.

Daddy Giraffe x


Anthill for sale Daddy Giraffe review

In the time that I have been a family blogger I have reviewed quite a few children’s books, I was approached by a company called Big Belly Book Co where I have the chance to review a new book called Anthill for sale.

Who was involved in this book? 

Big Belly Book Co is an award-winning publisher of children’s picture books.

The Author is a by a very talented man called Johnny Ray Moore

The illustrator is from a very gifted lady named Zuzana Svobodova

What is the book about?

Anthill for sale is about an ant called Alvin who decides he is selling the family home.

Upon selling his family home that is filled with fond memories he has a list of potential buyers, the only problem is the want to change everything about Alvin’s home.

Selling the Anthill
Selling the Anthill

After remembering all the good memories Alvin and his family have had in the Anthill Alvin has a change of heart and now must convince his wife that this is still the perfect home for them.

Freddie’s Review

Like every children’s book I receive they are read to my 4-year-old who loves books, I settled him down for bed and we read this story together.

It’s hard to gain Freddie’s attention for long but the pictures had him entertained and asking questions, he enjoyed the story and all of the insects trying to buy Alvin’s home.

The book was long enough for Freddie to enjoy and hold his attention.

Now time for the scores, Freddie likes this part very much.

Anthill for Sale scored  10 out of 10 because in Freddie’s own words ” Ants are cool!”

Where can I get this book?

If you’re looking to read this to you little ones them you can get this from following the links bellow.

Going onto the Big Belly Book Co website where you can get a 10% discount before the end of November.

On Amazon by clicking here

At Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound or at your local book stores.

Happy Reading

Daddy Giraffe x 










My Big Tree Book Review

One of the main reviews that I do as a blogger is children’s books where Freddie has reviewed a fair few, now he gets to review a great book called My Big Tree.

This book is by Award Winning Author Maria Ashworth who has written many exciting books such as the Real Giraffes Wear High Heal Shoes.

With 5 kids in the house there is always children’s books lying around and every time Freddie goes to bed he has a story before he settles for the night.

This time he read My Big Tree.

This book is about a little blue bird who finds himself a tree to build a nest in but this tree very quickly gets filled with other animals who like this big tree.

That's a full tree
That’s a full tree

With every page there is different animals joining the tree from the usual squirrels to bears but Freddie’s favourites were the frogs because he says he has never seen a frog in a tree before.

“Ribbit Ribbit” said seven green frogs jumping”

seven green frogs
seven green frogs

This was an easy book for him to follow and understand, helping him to count and learning about other animals.

It made this little boy giggle and explain to me what all these animals are and that this was supposed to be the blue birds tree.

At the end of the story I asked Freddie how many out of 10 he would give this book and he scored it….

13 out of 10 

I asked him why and he just said because 13 is bigger than 10….cant argue with them maths skills right there.

Where to get this book

If you would like this book which I highly recommend then you can find it here

or check out her many other books on her page

Shes a fantastic Author and well worth the read.

Daddy Giraffe.

*This book was gifted by the Author * 

Real giraffes wear high heel shoes review

Having 5 kids age ranging from 1 – 14 there is always a book to read, especially the little ones before bed so I was thrilled to review a children’s book called Real giraffes wear high heel shoes.

As I am known as Daddygiraffe and they are my little giraffes this book sounded ideal so just before Freddie’s bedtime this was the story of choice.

Real giraffes wear high heals
Real giraffes wear high heels

Firstly when we start the book and see a picture of a Sami the giraffe wearing high heels Freddie thought it was hilarious and said he’s to tall to be wearing them.

Sami is a giraffe who loves to wear high heels but tries to join in with the other group of giraffes but something always goes wrong for poor Sami.

despite the problems Sami loves his heals, love the way they look and the way that they feel and goes about his day.

Real giraffes wear high heals
Real giraffes wear high heals

True to himself Sami keeps trying to join in with the other giraffes even inviting them to him birthday party which he didn’t think anyone would go to but Freddie was positive that Sami could do it and would get friends in the end.

It’s hard to keep a very energetic 4-year-old in one place and to get their attention for long enough but this seamed to do the trick.

The book from start to finish is full of brightly colourful illustrations with lots going on to grab his attention.

The story is easy enough to follow and understand also sending a message that its ok to be who you want to be and who you are, that you don’t have to change to please other people.

Giraffe in heals
Giraffe in heels

So after reading the book what does Freddie think, an imaginative 4-year-old.

Freddie’s Review

Freddie loved the idea of animals in high heels and enjoyed the book throughout giving him a giggle along the way.

I asked him once the book was finished if he could rate the book out of 10 what would it be and he rated it…..

100 out of 10!

Where can I get this book?

If you would like to read this book for yourself to your children you can find it on the link below, I highly recommend it.

Daddy Giraffe x



Admirals Men’s skin care review

As the years go on we find that more men are using care products such as moisturizer and creams to look after their skin and put back the years of ageing.

With this comes the hard choice of which brand is the best to use?

I had the opportunity to test out some men’s care products from Admiral, as I waited for the package to arrive I did a little research of who is Admiral?

“Admiral is the original British sports brand with over 100 years of sporting heritage. The brand’s roots are in football and is rightly credited with kicking off the popular replica kit market in the early 1970’s.”

I received the package through the post and was excited in testing out all off the goodies that was contained within.

Antioxidant Moisture Balm with Artichoke Extract

Moisture Balm
Moisture Balm

Firstly the smell of this is very clean and fresh.

To be used twice a day, now ive never used anything like this before so I didn’t hold much hope but this stuff is amazing!!

My skin feels softer a lot less harsh and within just days you can tell the difference in your skin and the way you feel.

Detoxifying Face Scrub with Cucumber Extract

Face Scrub
Face Scrub

I’ve never used a face scrub before so this was an experience for me.

It smelt fresh and lathers up well with little effort.

It is like washing your face with little beads in soap, but when I had washed my face I could instantly tell the difference.

My face felt cool, clean, fresh it was like having a brand new face. 

This is a product I shall be consistently be using as the effects you can feel on your face are almost immediate.

Shampoo and Conditioner with Avocado Extract

Shampoo & Conditioner

This smelt amazing, im not big on Avocado myself but this smelt really good.

It lathered up well and left my hair looking really shiny and smelling nice, I wasn’t expecting much from this to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised and will continue to use this product more often.

Body Wash with Black Quinoa 

Body Wash
Body Wash

I loved this!

Everything about it, from the smell of it to how it didn’t make my skin dry or irritated afterwards.

The best thing I found about this product was the smell is long-lasting hours after you use it. 

I’m funny when it comes to body washes and soaps but this is rank in one of my top 3.

I recommend this to anyone who suffered dried skin after they use soaps or certain body washes its ideal and again smells amazing!

Hair Wax with Basil Extract  

Hair Wax
Hair Wax

I dont tend to use hair wax as I dont like the feel of it but luckily enough for me I have a teenager who does.

I gave him the wax to try and he loves it!

It smells great and holds well without leaving any clumps or mess.

He uses it daily and it washes out well afterwards , he scored it 8 out 10 so im impressed at that.


I enjoyed using these Admiral’s products and I was left very impressed indeed not only by the quality of the packaging and the look of the products but at the quality of the product itself.

You can certainly tell they have but all those years to good use!

If you would like to try some of Admiral’s products yourself you can by going onto their website

If you use the code GIRAFF25 they will give you 25% off your first order 

Daddy Giraffe x

*This is not an AD but a review on care products*











Letterbox Cake bakerdays Review

What if I told you that you could have cake delivered not only to your door but posted through your letterbox with your mail, your own designed cake with your own ideas and delivered before a celebration or a certain day? 

“Your crazy!”  I hear you say?

Today is the day my eldest turns 14, It doesn’t seem that long ago where he was playing with toys instead of spending his days on YouTube hours chatting to his friends online who he only just saw 20 minutes ago.

Harry has had a tough few years through bullying and has finally found himself settled in a new school and thriving in all subjects.

There is one subject he exceeds in this is Science, he has an obsession with this as he want to create a career around this, so much so he has learnt the periodic table of by heart which took some taking.

I came across a company called bakerdays, a cake makers that specialise in creating personalised cakes designed to be sent to you through the mail in a box that will fit through your letterbox.

I spoke to the lovely staff as I couldn’t find any designs that suited him so I asked them if they could make a cake with the Periodic Table on or would it be too much trouble, to which they said leave it to them and took my details.

Few days before Harry’s birthday and I receive an email saying they have dispatched the cake and they hope he enjoy’s it.

That very morning it arrives in a box, I open it with excitement and I couldn’t be more please with the result, It came in a lovely presented tin and was better than I imagined.

It was fresh, smelled amazing and looked even better.

Would Harry like it though?

Letterbox Cake
Letterbox Cake

By the look of his face I would say he did!

Thank you Bakerdays for all of your hard work of making this teenagers day.

If you would like to order a personalised cake for any occasion then you can by visiting

You can get 15% off if you use this code DADDYGIRAFFE15

Daddy Giraffe x







Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day Review

My 3 year old never stops from the moment he wakes up to the second its announced that  its bedtime, the only time he is still and settled is when its time for a story before bed and this week it was the story of Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day.

This story actually reminds me of Freddie and the mischief he is oblivious to when he feel like he is helping us out around the house.

The story is about a helpful little Bunny called Benjy…

Benjy starts the day deciding that he is going to be helpful but this doesn’t go to plan for the poor bunny as everything goes wrong.

He makes poor choices and a lot of mess while coming up with in his mind great ideas to be helpful for mommy from baking a cake to cleaning his own room all ends in disaster for which Benjy is oblivious too.

Helpful Benji
Helpful Benjy

Benjy makes his way into the garden to try to help Mommy and Daddy which Freddie found highly amusing as he is pulling up plants and spraying water every where because he’s having too much fun.

Illustrations and Readability 

The illustrations in the book are good with it being very colourful to catch the eyes of children preventing them from getting bored easily.

The writing is exactly the kind that Freddie likes and relates to which it the story rhymes throughout the book from start to finish making it easier for the child to understand I think.

Although a short story it is exactly what it is aimed for, a quick read before bed or a calm five minutes of cuddle time where they can interact enough without losing interest.


For me I like to know more about the book’s to find out where they came from and how the ideas came to life for us to read.

This is a lovely tale as the book was originally written by Bev Scott Prior who read it to her children at the local nursery in 1970.

This was then typed by her husband 45 years ago and brought back to life in 2018 by their grandson James Burns, keeping it’s old-fashioned charm.

Release dates and information

This wonderful book is due to be released to the public on 15th my 2018 in the UK.

It is also currently available to pre-order on &

I will look forward to this coming out and the follow on’s as im sure my son is also.

Daddy Giraffe x