Chickenpox Pic of the Day

Its been a while since I have done a pic of the day so what better time than now and today’s pic of the day will be about chickenpox.

Yesterday while picking up Freddie from nursery the teacher mentioned that one of the children was sent home because they had suddenly came out in chickenpox and to keep an eye on Freddie because the child happened to be his best friend and they always play together.

For those who don’t know what chickenpox are I shall try to explain it the best I can.

Chickenpox are spots that cover your body, they have tiny white heads on them and can be very itchy, sore and sometimes painful.

They can be on certain parts on your body and in worse cases covering every part of you including your mouth, it’s very contagious and passes very easily from person to person.

Now I could show you a picture what they look like but im not going to so if you want to see it just type it into google images but I imagine you get the idea.

So this morning we noticed that Freddie was indeed covered in spots, the problem with this is Freddie has never had Chickenpox before and he loves schools so when we told him that he couldn’t go he was devastated.

We softened the blow by asking him what he would like to do instead and he picked painting….oh you mean the messiest thing you can think of?

Erm sure why not

So off we go to get paints and bring it all home and get him to paint a lovely picture and he did just that, 10 minutes later and being covered in paint he creates a masterpiece.

So the feature picture is my Freddie Bears poorly painting.

Daddy Giraffe x


5k Dark Fun Run for charity. P.O.T.D

5k to me sounds like a long way to walk let alone run it.

My partner Cheryl decided she was going to do the Telford 5k Dark Run, as you may see in her blog she writes about getting fitter and eating healthier so this challenge was just down her street.

We all went and while she went to warm up with dancing and light workouts I watched the children ready to cheer on their mommy.

They all got to the start line, neon colour everywhere glowing in the dark and then they were gone, on their journey.

We went to get some hot drinks because it was bloody freezing so I can’t imagine what its like running in this cold weather but like the solider she is she powered through.

Now what you need to know about Cheryl has a condition called Intracranial Hypertension which is pressure on the brain so she is in constant pain from headaches and today was one of her bad days along side this her knee is under investigation of damage caused over the years.

But she took the challenge anyway and decided she will do what she wants from now on and not let things drag her down.

Nighttime came fast and I was pitch black so all we could see was tiny lights moving up and through the woods coming towards us. People came and went until we saw them in the distance running towards the finish line.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of her determination in what she wants to do, she want’s to make a collection of medals of charity runs and eventually tackle the Tough Mudder.

Keep going and onto your next race.

So here is my Pic of the Day:

5k Dark Fun Run
Running towards the finishing line

Annabelle Baby to Middle. P.O.T.D 24/10/17

What can I say about Annabelle??

I first met Annabelle nearly 6 years ago, she was so small only 2 years old but a very tiny girl. Her first ever set of words to me was “I’ve just farted” and I knew from them 3 words I would love this little girl.

Unfortunately her daddy wasn’t around as much as she hoped and I hadn’t been a parent before so I learnt everything I know now as a daddy from raising this little girl with guidance from Cheryl.

I watched her grow (Kinda..shes still very small) I have taught her things she needed to know as she grows older, holding her hand until she was confident enough to walk up stairs, fighting monsters and invisible friends that kept her awake and even cleaned up kiddie sick in the middle of the night.

Annabelle was the baby of the 3 children and she was very spoilt, then along came Freddie and Bethie where Annabelle suddenly jumped from being the baby to the middle child!

Over the years she has struggled to find her place, battling for attention from everyone but always keeps a positive spin on everything no matter what the situation.

Realisation came today when my partner mentioned their were less pictures of me and Annabelle over the years and more of me and the babies which saddens me because it would never would have been my intention to show her less attention than the others but looking through photos I could see it.

Annabelle I want you to remember I may have 5 children in total but you were and always will be my first baby.

So keep your bright-eyed attitude and you will go far in life while me and mummy watch in the background proud that we raised such an amazing little girl.

So my pic of the day is of me and my Annabelle

Annabelle and me
Me and a poorly Annabelle





Toilet training troubles – P.O.T.D 19/10/17

Toilet training is problematic at the best of times. If you think about it you are teaching another human how not to wee and poo themselves and go somewhere private to do it.

Now we have all just lay there and said I need a wee but I don’t want to get up so teaching a child who has done just that for 3 years to change their whole routine is a task in itself.

Freddie is the first child that I have properly toilet trained from the beginning, I kind of toilet trained Annabelle but she was nearly trained when I met her already.  So how did I manage to train Freddie to use the toilet and ditch his nappy, well it was actually a lot easier than I thought it might have been.

Firstly I sat him down and said you are a big boy now and big boys wear pants only babies like Bethie wear nappies then handed him lots of colourful pants and asked him if he was a big boy or a baby still, Freddie hates being called a baby so instantly he was a big boy and put on the pants of his choosing, we let him pick his own colour pants It’s a lot more fun for him that way.

Every time he felt like he needed a wee he would shout I’ve weed and I would rush him to the toilet put him on his seat and wait until I heard the sound of running water then we all sang the wee wee song which goes “Freddie did a wee wee, Freddie did a wee wee” then rewarded him afterwards.

He cracked this pretty quickly apart from a few accidents, then one day I happened to walk past the toilet door and there he was standing up having a wee like he had done it that way his whole life, I asked him where did you learn to stand and wee where his response was dunno now close the door.

Our little man now has very few accidents, he goes to school without a nappy and all day without a nappy apart from bed time. He takes himself off for a wee no problem until today where Freddie was very quiet and we heard “dad” I open the toilet door and there he was…

My pic of the day is what we found when we opened the toilet door….

Toilet troubles Freddie?
Toilet troubles?


Freddie’s picture of Daddy – Pic of the Day 17/10/17

Today my little Freddie Bear made a painting of me at his nursery today.

Freddie is a 3-year-old tornado, he loves life and everything in it, he is fearless and hits ,everything head on. He is not naughty as to say,  but he is a lot to handle with his pure energy and little 5 min strop every so often, on the flip side he is polite, well-mannered and will talk to you for days if you let him. Ask him how he is and his response will always be “looking good”

I went to nursery to pick Freddie up today were he has only just settled in as he has a problem with mixing with new people, and his group leader says he is playing in the sandbox outside and that he has painted a lovely picture of you. I thought fantastic I have a little Michelangelo in the making here.

He walks me to his draw and shows me this picture with pride in his blue eyes and I absolutely love it!! It looks just like me, if not it looks way better than I do on a good day, I am very proud of my little man and I will keep this treasure for future reference to look back on how I used to look in my prime.

Freddie is an artist
Freddie painting of Daddy

Making a house a home – pic of the day 16/10/17

Making a house a home is a huge difference, you can buy/rent a house and put all of your belonging in there and just live comfortably but to make it a home you need to add your touches to personalise your home and what it says about you.

We have been in this house for under a year now and we havent touched a thing, the walls are still white its very minimal with no pictures up and just looks like well a house.

Me and Cheryl decided a few things had to change if we were going to stay in this area and in the house for a while.

  1. We get a dog. Now this fell into place a little easier than I had planned my parents had a brand new Labrador puppy they just got for my dad who was having trouble with his sight, this dog was to keep him company BUT instead all the dog did was trip him over and was getting in the way, it was hard for both of them so I received a call off my parents who said we can have the dog all they asked for is it goes to a loving home with kids that will fuss him. We took him and named him Buddy (Cheryl named him after Buddy the Elf)

2. We decorate the house. This was a little more tricky as our tastes are completely different but I guess it helps when she’s the boss and I just nod in agreement. We both decided on the colour scheme and wall paper for the living room so once it arrived the decorating could be started. Little did we know that we happened to be spot on with our choice and it looks amazing!!! A few shelves and lamps then the room will be perfect where we can move onto the hall way making our way through the house.

So the picture I have chosen today is of Harry helping his grandad put up wallpaper for the first time and I think he did a good job of it to

Harry papering
Harry pasting wallpaper ready to be put up.

If you want to learn more about our very own little Vlogger visit his website its defiantly worth the look.


Family day out at Blist Hill – pic of the day 15/10/17

Family days out are a rarely at the moment because someones always got something to do or is ill so when we get the chance to go out as a full family we jump on it.

We arranged a few weeks ago to all go on a family trip to Blist Hill which is a Victorian Town with old shops you can go in, like the bakery for fresh bread, make you own candles, an old fairground with Victorian games and you can go into the bank and change your money into old money which yes sounds fun but I’m only 33 how do I explain to my kids how much half a penny is, not only that but you can’t buy anything decent now with a pound but you can buy everything you want with a half penny.

The kids went into the old-fashioned sweet shop and brought some treats as well as other things, they got to see all the Victorian ways of life and collectively agreed they are better of here where they have WiFi, I wonder sometimes how long it would take them to figure out you can’t Snapchat yourself on a sheet of slate.

Me and Cheryl
Family Trip Me and Cheryl at Blist Hill

What I enjoyed most was spending time with Cheryl, even in the large group we were in it was just nice to be out and enjoying time with her. We don’t get out that often but after the past few months I have decided life is short and I want to spend every second, days, weeks and years by her side as one.

We managed to get around the whole place without any meltdowns or lost children although Freddie did come out of there somehow looking like a tiny coal miner from jumping in every puddle, jumping on the coal and pick up every stone as gifts for others.

It’s a great day for the family with plenty to see and lots to interact with, if your interested in visiting Blist Hill here is the link and have fun guys.




Freddie and Bethie and their eventful morning – Pic of the Day 14/10/17

Freddie and Bethie woke up this morning around 6 which is a lie in for them and woke up very hungry for breakfast.. first things first in our house and that’s nappy changes. Now Freddie only wears a nappy in the night time as he has learnt to use the toilet in the daytime by himself so that was easy, Bethie on the other hand had completely different ideas this morning. I checked her nappy and yes of course she had done a poo which I don’t mind so I undo the nappy to baby wipe her and as soon as that last tag was off so was Bethie down the hallway crawling at the speed of light leaving a trail of poo behind her as I try my best to avoid toys and the dog to get to her before she reaches the new sofas. Crisis avoided I managed to clean her and wrestle her into a new nappy, this could be a long day.

The morning goes on quietly I manage some toast and coffee while Cheryl is now awake and we are playing with the babies. I go and check some emails and Freddie comes in with a piece of paper asking for a pencil, now what you need to understand is when Freddie and a pencil is involved EVERYTHING is paper to him including walls, important letters, cupboards and himself. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I find him a pencil for his masterpiece which i’m praying comes of the wall he brings me this drawing, Freddie explains that the picture is me, Mommy and him which is really nice and a change for our little monster but hang on there’s something else on the page so I ask him…

Freddie whats next to and over daddy on the picture?

Spiders daddy…..scary spiders!!!

He then laughs and runs away hoping that I will chase him which in all honesty I did but that’s not the point, so my pic of the day is this lovely picture my little bear made me.

Freddie's Picture
Freddie Amazing Drawing

You would think the morning was over but not quite yet, then my Cheryl gets a message off our neighbour saying did we know that Freddie and Bethie was on Facebook Live!!


No we didn’t but had a look anyway, they had taken my phone somehow went on Live and told the world their plans for the day while sighing, saying goodbye then logging off. Please feel free to check it out for yourself, if you didn’t guess from this video we are off out to meet up with their Aunties and Uncles.

I cant wait to see what the afternoon brings

Electricity Power Cut But Bethie Doesn’t Care – Pic of the day 13/10/17

So Telford has been pretty tiresome over the past few months, first we have a burst water pipe that cut off the water to the majority of Telford, then today low and behold the Electricity goes off and all the neighbours are standing in the street trying to figure whats going on, what happens to all our food, how do we make coffee, I will miss my favourite show and how will I cook food.

All the adults go into panic mode because they are not sure how long this will last but our 1-year-old beautiful baby girl is just sat there on the sofa with her toys without a single care in the world showing us her biggest smile….the life of a baby who would want that.

*This picture was taken by mummyof5miracles*