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My name is Gareth and I am pleased to welcome you to follow me on my journey balancing life with my 5 children and partner while battling Mental Illness….want to meet the gang?

This is my Cheryl, she is my rock and the most incredible mother and the strongest person I know. She is selfless and very strong-minded, she created her blog from knowing nothing at all and teaching herself, this has inspired me to try the world of blogging for myself.


Harry our 13-year-old, he is the kindest well-mannered boy I have ever seen, selfless and always thinking of others before himself. He will go far in life with his attitude and hard work.

Ellie Jayne or Jelly as we call her. Our 12-year-old she is very smart and very pretty! She truly doesn’t realise what she has which makes her very humble…oh and did I mention she’s a nutcase!


Annabelle is our 8-year-old and I wish I lived in her world because it just filled with butterflies and rainbows. She always sees a bright side to everything and has a positive attitude in whatever she does…we all need an Annabelle¬†when were sad.


Freddie is our 3-year-old tornado! He is very much a boys boy with absolutely no fear of anything…who broke it Freddie did… does anybody know why the dog is wearing that just ask Freddie. A well-mannered little man with a big mischievous streak.


This is my one year old Elizabeth Ann or as we call her Bethie….just look at them eyes!! She is a very happy and smiley little girl no matter what time of day or night it is you can hear her just grinning and singing from another room. Our last baby and its going ever so fast.

So that’s the family and not a bad-looking one to if I say so myself, as you can see there’s no pictures of me on here and that’s because were doing so well why spoilt it. I hope you enjoy joining me on my journey into the blogging world and we will take it step by step together

Daddy Giraffe


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