End of school term update

As we all know the end of school term has happened and im sure most of us are already at the point of what are we going to do to entertain the children for all these weeks ahead.

So how did the kids do at the end of the school year and what do they have to look forward to in the new school year?


If you know Harry you will know that he has had such a rough time when it comes to school.

With the last two schools he had to leave after being bullied so we picked a new school out-of-the-way for him hoping this would be the break he needs and boy did Harry take this opportunity with both hands and run with it!!

A brand new Harry appeared, he put his head down and worked his ass off.

Getting a completely new set of friends which he is actually able to call friends, he goes out to the local town centre and enjoys his time instead of hiding away.

School life he has smashed it, after getting a place at the University of Wolverhampton for a few days to study he was given not only the change to experience new things and learn at a higher level but to gain a new level of Independence on which he thrived in.

The letter arrived that Harry had once again won an achievement award but in another school this time and of course it was for Computer Science 2 years in a row.

I cant wait to see what Harry manages to do with year 10 and the things he can go on to achieve in the future.

Ellie Jayne
Ellie Jayne

 Ellie Jayne continuous to surprise us, she is one of them people who just has everything and they don’t even know it.

Shes beautiful, funny and incredibly clever but she’s so modest with it.

We are always getting emails for Ellie getting house points, her parents evenings are perfect and she has a close-set of friends in which shes loyal to.

At the end of this term she has had ups, downs and heartache but despite this all we get the email as Ellie had won an achievement award, her very first.

It could have been for anything and we didn’t tell her what it was for but to her surprise she got the award for Maths and was also nominated for English.

The end of year rankings came in and Ellie has been 1st, 7th, 8th and 10th so we waiting as the email came in and she nailed it coming 5th!


Annabelle has had a good year, she has really bucked her ideas up and knuckled down with her work and has grown in confidence.

She is our happy-go-lucky Annabelle, her school report was a lot better and much more positive.

We watched her sports day where she usually comes last but she was so positive and gave it her all.

One thing you know about Annabelle is she loves to sing and she has been putting in the work to win a place in Young Voices where they get to sing in an arena with other schools with a celebrity.

Shes worked so hard and got so far so fingers crossed for her.


What a year this boy has had.

From going into nursery not being able to mix with others and just stay by himself, he has come out a completely different boy.

Confident, talkative and has learnt so much like counting, writing his name and learning to share which is a big thing for Freddie.

His time has finished at nursery and in September he goes to his new big school and he cannot wait!

After having a few taster days he keeps asking when its time to go, after just celebrating his 4th birthday it really hits home how fast this little boy is growing.


Madam Bethie has come on leaps and bounds.

He amazes me everyday, she speaks so well and is so confident in everything she does.

She is a happy little soul with a big personality to match, you cant help look at this girl and fall in love as she carries around her bunnies.

But sadly to me in September she goes to nursery which means my baby girl is growing up fast.

Best make the most of the holidays before they start on new years and new adventures.

Daddy Giraffe x 










Real giraffes wear high heel shoes review

Having 5 kids age ranging from 1 – 14 there is always a book to read, especially the little ones before bed so I was thrilled to review a children’s book called Real giraffes wear high heel shoes.

As I am known as Daddygiraffe and they are my little giraffes this book sounded ideal so just before Freddie’s bedtime this was the story of choice.

Real giraffes wear high heals
Real giraffes wear high heels

Firstly when we start the book and see a picture of a Sami the giraffe wearing high heels Freddie thought it was hilarious and said he’s to tall to be wearing them.

Sami is a giraffe who loves to wear high heels but tries to join in with the other group of giraffes but something always goes wrong for poor Sami.

despite the problems Sami loves his heals, love the way they look and the way that they feel and goes about his day.

Real giraffes wear high heals
Real giraffes wear high heals

True to himself Sami keeps trying to join in with the other giraffes even inviting them to him birthday party which he didn’t think anyone would go to but Freddie was positive that Sami could do it and would get friends in the end.

It’s hard to keep a very energetic 4-year-old in one place and to get their attention for long enough but this seamed to do the trick.

The book from start to finish is full of brightly colourful illustrations with lots going on to grab his attention.

The story is easy enough to follow and understand also sending a message that its ok to be who you want to be and who you are, that you don’t have to change to please other people.

Giraffe in heals
Giraffe in heels

So after reading the book what does Freddie think, an imaginative 4-year-old.

Freddie’s Review

Freddie loved the idea of animals in high heels and enjoyed the book throughout giving him a giggle along the way.

I asked him once the book was finished if he could rate the book out of 10 what would it be and he rated it…..

100 out of 10!

Where can I get this book?

If you would like to read this book for yourself to your children you can find it on the link below, I highly recommend it.


Daddy Giraffe x