Guess who’s Back?

Guess who’s back??

That’s right Daddy Giraffe!

Wow it’s been a crazy few months emotionally and so I took some time away to re-group, re-charge, gather my thoughts and find out who I really am.

So I thought now is the time to come back with an update and do what I do and what I enjoy doing.

As you’re maybe aware or may not be aware me and Chez broke up a while and went our separate ways.

Relationships aren’t always perfect like you see in the films, TV shows or even like your parents were if you were lucky in that aspect to see how in love they were.

Couples argue it’s a fact, you can’t be together for that long and agree all the time and with all the things that happened through the year things just got to much and we parted ways but the strange thing about this is we are getting on so much better and learning new things like we should have in the first place.

I’m loving getting to know her again like it’s brand new, Cheryl is a fantastic mother and I am so proud of her to balance the world on her shoulders and still have the strength to give up everything including her own happiness just to see her children smile.

I don’t know what happens in the future but what I do know is I don’t regret what happened in the past because we had 2 children born through love and I’m glad that we went through that together side by side.

Mummy and Bethie
Cheryl and baby bethie

Mentally it has been a struggle with me refusing to take my medication which isn’t the best idea in the world because one of me is bad enough but 7 wow not even I can deal with that!

Guess I have to suck it up and do what the doctors have told me and keep myself in line for a better future for me and my family, it isn’t the best thing to suffer with daily but people have it much worse than me I sometimes I just need to remember that and put my big boy pants on.

The kids are doing amazing!!!

Now I’m not sure this is because I’m not there as much as I once was and now they have room to breathe but I couldn’t be prouder.

Harry – God I’m so proud of this boy and I don’t show him enough that I am.

This Boy..sorry..young man has dealt with so much in his life already and has the biggest heart I have ever known, to go through everything he’s gone through to then make new and true friends that go on days out together to smashing an A** in school.

In films there are your superheros like Superman, Batman and Flash.

Then in life you have your superheros like HARRY!

I have no doubt this young man will change the world, mark my words the world will know the name Harry Hopkins.

Ellie Jayne– This young woman has grown so much in just the past year and to see her mature in front of our very eyes is humbling.

At the age of 12 she is so diplomatic about everything in life and her own personal life with a hint of wild child about her makes her that special kind of person that anyone would love to have in their life.

I guess im going to just come to terms with she’s growing up. *wipes single tear from face*

Annabelle – What can I say about out Annabelle, she’s finding herself at the moment and had some problems and to be honest when I sat her down and she told me shes struggling to fit in and where she slots in the family.

My heart broke and I felt like the worse parent in the world, I already feel like a failure as a parent but that one stung.

But shes brushed herself off and powered through and we are starting to see the real her again and I’m so relieved to see her…the world is brighter with my ray of sunshine in it!

Freddie My boy, my little man, my bear!

He is so strong in body and mind, he’s so polite and just to see him laugh at the smallest of things makes my day.

He’s doing great in school, making friends and is just a ball of energy he certainly keeps me youthful that’s for sure, our little whirlwind

Elizabeth-Ann – My little princess, I could be having the worst day in my life and one word from her “Daddy” and all is better, her smile brightens my day.

I am in love and she is a perfect package, she is so smart, so polite and a real diva!

She will break many hearts and I can see daddy breaking many legs!

So that it is all for now guys I wish you all well stay safe

Daddy Giraffe x