Advice for any new daddies or parents

Advice is always needed when it comes to parent hood, whether it comes from your child asking you questions to other parents asking you for advice on certain issues to compare against their own parenting.

If you follow my blog I have 5 children ages 13, 12, 8, 3 & 1

Over the years I have picked up a few tips from looking after the older children to having my very first baby and being scared out of my wits at the thought of looking after such a delicate and small life.

Here is some advice that I can give to a new parent from my own experiences:

Don’t be afraid to let you baby cry – I know hearing you baby cry isn’t the nicest thing in the world, I hate it even now and just want to make it all better but sometimes they are just crying for the sake of it or simply because they want the attention at bed time.

If you know you baby is fed, warm and changed then if they do decide to kick of or cry just let them get it out of their system, as long as you know they are safe they will stop and go to sleep.

Be honest with them – I have learnt this from experience that if you promise a child something and forget about it you can guarantee they wont have forgotten and you will feel bad.

When your child is older they will start asking questions about the birds and the bees, we have all been there in some shape or form, I think the key is to be straight to the point and honest, don’t get me wrong don’t go into great detail and scare the poor kid but give them enough of an idea to understand life.

Bedtime Routine is key – I had to learn this the hard way but now its a lot better, come 6pm the babies and cleaned up and put into their pyjamas, they know them that it will be soon time for bed.

For Bethie it’s easy she is just happy for a kiss goodnight, I put her in her cot and she goes to sleep. Freddie is a little more complicated, he says goodnight to everyone, goes upstairs to the toilet where he has his final drink and wee before bed then brushes his teeth.

He climbs into bed with his giraffe, has a story, a final hug and turns over to sleep. If he is up to late it messes with his routine then he is a nightmare for the rest of the night.

Take baby wipes everywhere you go – If your going out with the children baby wipes are your life saver, they will clean faces, snot, spills, stains and anything else you can think of.

You can guarantee you will go out without them and the kids will get in a real mess and you have nothing to clean them up with.

Watch out for tiny things on the floor – Babies are like tiny vacuums when it comes to finding stuff on the floor, if its small they will eat try to eat it, pennies, toys, or the dreaded Lego.

There is nothing scarier than your baby choking so if you try to avoid it the best way you can you will lessen the chances of having to A&E to get a Lego mans hand out of your child’s nose.

Let them be kids – I’m a firm believer of this, let them be kids. Let them jump in puddles, play in mud, pick up leaves and rocks on the way home, run in the grass, play with as many toys as they want.

As this stage they are learning and just want to have fun, it must really suck to just hear no all the time.

I hope some of these tips help you in some sort of way and you have fun raising you children

Daddy Giraffe x






Miffy Bethie’s new best friend

With our younger children who are aged 1 & 3 they have a bedtime routine before they get settled down to sleep, this consists of having a final toilet, brushing their teeth, washing their face and  reading a story before bed one of which is of Miffy.

Freddie who is 3 has already gotten himself into a routine and already has his story to bed and is generally good at getting himself ready but it the 1 year old that is the problem and the main problem is for me anyway…wiping her face!!

Bethie has a bunny that she takes everywhere with her and this just made scene MIFFY!!

Now for those of you that don’t know who Miffy is well let me explain.

Miffy is a cute little bunny that believe it or not have been around since 1955 and has sold over 85 million copies of her book, there are toys and all sorts of  items that kids can relate to because she looks so approachable.


We have a face cloth that has a picture of Miffy on it and immediately Bethie associated it with her bunny and actually let me wipe her face with this cloth, which might I add she has gotten rather attached to as you can see…

Bethie Boo
Bethie Boo

I highly recommended any getting any of the item as they go down so well with kids and you can see why when you read the books to your kids or see your children watching the TV programs.

If you would like more information on this and would like to check it out yourself, I will leave the website below so you and your children can explore the World of this magical bunny together.

Thank you for reading and have a great day with whatever your doing.

Daddy Giraffe x





Hey you reading this, I just wanted to say that you are awesome!


Hey you reading this!

If I could just take a few moments of your time I would like to talk about you…yes that’s right I said you.

You maybe going through a tough time at the moment and have lots of people around you but are still feeling alone.

But I just wanted you know that you are awesome!

You werent just put on this earth to get through day by day, stressing on every detail in life and things that are out of your control.

Things may get hard for you and I’m not going to lie they will at some point but have faith in who you are as a person, the person you once were and the person that you want to become.

You may not like the way you look but you know what you look good, work with what you have been given because there is always somebody out there for you, somebody that is going to love you look even if you don’t feel confident in it yourself your beautiful/good-looking so be proud of it.

You think your to thin or to big…lumps/bumps or even if you wish you could have lumps and bumps your still sexy, your still alive so live your life, enjoy it get to feel comfortable in your own skin.

It’s the skin you were born with and even if you don’t find yourself sexy I guarantee you someone will, you might not even know it but someone will think of you in that way and hell why wouldn’t they…your awesome.

You think you have a weird sense of humour, can’t be as bad as mine, my sense of humour is quite dark and some people don’t like it but who cares!

I find it funny and im sure someone somewhere will find it funny and that you will both be on the same wave length and laugh together all the time.

Life is to short for settling for second best.

To short for settling because it’s easier that way.

To short for not taking risks to be happy.

If you find someone you like…tell them whats the worse they can do?

Say no…and what if they do, at least you know and you can move on.

Lose the fear of rejection, lose the fear of not trying because your scared of failing, lose the fear of being alone.

You are all awesome, every single one of you!

You should be happy with who you are because I’m happy with who you are and im glad that I meet you and that I know you.

And if I don’t know you, I’m sure I’ll know you some day and I will get the chance to tell you just how great you are!

Hey You I just wanted to say you that your awesome!

Daddy Giraffe x





Facts Strange but true

Lately I have been enjoying learning new things and facts about the world around in general and our history (I know yawn)

But instead of boring you with history and facts about how things work I have put a Daddy Giraffe twist on things.

So here are some of the strangest but truest facts you will ever here in your life.

Did you know if you dissolve Viagra in water and put some cut flowers in it they will stay erect for a week longer than they normally would.

Sonic the Hedgehog is in the Guinness World Records book for being the fastest gaming character ever.

You are 3 times more likely to get a computer virus from a religious website than you would from a porn website.

Chickens can run up to 9 mile per hour (No wonder Rocky couldn’t catch it)

In 2014 Red Bull was sued for false advertising “Gives you wings” The consumer claimed he had been drinking it for 10 years and had not grown wings or gained any athletic ability, it ended up being a $13 million lawsuit.

Van Gogh died because he shot himself in the chest while painting in a field, he still managed to walk all the way home and make it upstairs into his bedroom before he died.

Romans used to clean and whiten their teeth with urine.

Tomato Sauce was sold in the 1830’s as medicine

It is in fact impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

All swans in England belong to the Queen.

A ducks quack doesn’t echo and nobody know why this is.

Judge Judy makes $45 million a year (I love that show)

If you put grapes into a microwave they will explode (Interesting…where’s the nearest fruit shop?)

You can’t say happiness without saying penis (Try it)

A Giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch tongue (Erm….)

There is 12 minutes of commercials in an hour program.

In the 16th century in London wife-beating wasn’t allowed after 9pm in case it disturbed the neighbours.

Well I bet you all feel knowledgeable now don’t you, soon be on the Chase in no time!

Daddy Giraffe x







Valentines Day alone this year

14th February every year we celebrate Valentines day.

A day which is spent showing your loved one how much they mean to you, the usual means is gestures such as flowers, chocolates, cards, meals out topped off with a good night if your lucky.

Now I know you should show your loved one this all year round and not just on this particular day but as this tradition has been around since the 18 Century where gifts of love were exchanged it has become somewhat of have to like Easter.

It’s always nice to receive a Valentines card or a gift on the day just to know you are wanted and that somebody loves you, don’t get me wrong im no Casanova and I have had my fair share of Valentines Day fails but not every time.

Every year on this day I have always been in a relationship or been with someone but this year I find myself alone coming up to the day a head and it’s a lot sadder than I thought it would be.

This year I will have nobody to celebrate it with or a card which is strange and I know its only for 1 day but its the day designed for love.

Now before you get out all them tiny violins and decide to play them to me all at once some relationships just don’t work out and unfortunately mine didn’t but that doesn’t mean for others the day will be just as special.

Tiny Violin
Tiny Violin

If anything the past year and with the birth of my daughter it has taught me that when a girl’s heart is broken or they aren’t treated right sometimes we need to remember that’s somebody’s daughter and I certainly wouldn’t want to see my daughter sad, mistreated or crying over a stupid boy.

I will take the lessons I have learned and put them into practice if love ever comes my way again and who knows I might just mail myself a card in the mean time.

So for all of you lucky enough with loved ones, life is too short to stay around waiting to be treated right or waiting for love to come your way.

If you have it hold onto it, make the most of it and enjoy the day and the rest of your lives

Daddy Giraffe x





Random Questions Answered by Daddy Giraffe

A lot of things are going around were you are asked the same questions about yourself and I found that quite boring so instead I have found 100 random questions to answer and yes some are very random indeed.

Enjoy reading!

Do you sleep with the bedroom door open or closed? – Open so I know whats going on in the house or if the kids need me.

Do you take shampoos from hotels? – Shampoos, towels, TV’s, telephones and whatever will fit in my overnight bag.

Do you sleep with the blankets tucked in or not? – Both but my feet have to be covered in case of monsters

Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? – A bear at least I have the chance of kicking it in the nuts and running to safety, there’s no safety from bees.

Do you have freckles? – Apparently so, although I don’t see it myself.

Do you smile for pictures? – I try to but it looks abnormal or that might just be my face to be honest.

Do you count your steps when you walk? – I have a shiny new fit bit for that

Have you ever done a poo or a wee in the woods? – I’m doing it right now while typing this blog and who says men don’t multitask.

Do you ever dance when there is no music playing? – No I really can’t dance with or without music, I have no rhythm at all.

Do you chew pens or pencils? – I have always chewed pens since forever even now I can’t leave a pen unchewed.

Have many people have you slept with this week? – zero, nil, nobody #lonely

Is it ok for guys to wear pink? – Yes of course it is, I wear pink all the time

Do you still watch cartoons? – Yes more than I watch real TV, I have young children so it’s all I know.

What’s your least favourite film? – Black Swan, what the hell was that all about!!!

Where would you bury hidden treasure if you found any? – If I told you that it wouldn’t be hidden treasure would it.

Whats your favourite food? – Pasta and cheese

Would you ever pose nude? – Hell yeah get the cameras out, make sure it’s not on a cold day though.

What’s your usual bedtime? – As early as I can so usually 10, I’m getting so old.

Are you afraid of heights? – No I’m afraid of falling and breaking something.

Do you believe in ghosts? – Yes I see them all the time, it’s not as cool as you think.

Whats do you wear to bed? – If im alone then nothing at all, when people are around them I guess I should put on some boxers.

Have you ever been in love? – Yes

Have you ever won a contest? – Yes i’ve won a kickboxing contest

Do you have kids? – Yes I do and I love them all

Whats your favourite colour? – Yellow

There you have it random questions, try it yourself I would like to see the answers

Daddy Giraffe x







Over parenting now to back when I was a child

As a parent I worry about over thinking every situation my children are in or may be a part of in the future.

There are things that I wont let them do now but I was able to do when I was a child, so does that mean I am wrapping my kids in cotton wool or did my parent take a more chilled approach in raising me.

When I was younger I was allowed out to play first thing in the morning and as long as I checked in every now and then I was told to be back in the house when it started getting dark. We didn’t have a phone to check on us or call home it ask for an extra 10 minutes and if I was late I would be instantly grounded.

Now that I have children the eldest is 13 and I need to know where he is at all times, he has to have his phone on him and would I be 100% confident in him being out by himself…no not really because he isn’t as street smart as I was when I was young but is that because he hasn’t had the chance to?

I don’t necessarily think things are worse now than they were back when I was young, there is still terror threats, thugs, cars and crossing and sex offenders, I think the only real difference is we have easier access to the kind of things that are happening around us now, if there was any news in our area we knew by the local newspaper or the news on the TV, now we have social media which gives you the information on what has happened before the papers get hold of it, sometimes even before the police are informed.

The Internet now gives sex offenders and terrorist access to more information and ways to reach children without leaving their home and you get instructions on how to make all sorts of weapons for intention to cause harm.


Over protecting our children means keeping a track on them at all times and vetting the internet so they are safe in our own homes but is this preventing them to have a larger understanding of the world around them?

I think in the case of my parents they had more faith in how we would handle situations if we were approached and without phones they just had to trust us to make our own mistakes.

Now with the internet, games consoles and smart phones there is no reason for children to leave their home if they want to interact with their friends they will Facebook message them its instant and they don’t have to leave the warmth of the house.

Thinking about it and yes I over parent my children to prevent them for seeing any bad in the world if I can do it but at some point they need to learn the ways of the world to grow and evolve into individuals that can handle any situation that may arise.

But until then for as long as I can I will keep a very close eye

Daddy Giraffe x






Raising girls isn’t as bad as they said it would be

When I met Cheryl there was already grown children who had already learnt to walk, talk, were already toilet trained and she had done a brilliant job raising them by herself.

I had my very first child that happen to be a boy called Freddie and soon learnt the ways of dealing with baby boys with everyone telling me that boys practically raise themselves, I couldn’t wait and insisted on doing everything from nappy changes to night feeds.

Raising a baby boy wasn’t so bad the worst thing I had to worry about was making sure he didn’t pee in my face again and he was a very good baby with everything even sleeping through the night.

Eventually we found out we were expecting another baby and I was very nervous in case this time it was a girl.

What would I do?

I don’t know how to look after a little girl or anything about hair, tights and dresses.

Everyone I spoke to would tell me horror stories about looking after little girls and how they can be a nightmare to raise so here are the stories I was told and what actually happened when this new baby girl came into my life.

Girls squeal all the time –I prepared for this as she would be constantly kicking of day and night and I would be pulling out what I have left of my hair but it was in fact the opposite. Bethie very rarely squeals at all including the night, I think the only time I have ever heard her squeal is when she recently had her injections and even then a quick song of wind the bobbin up and she soon perked up. You want t o talk about squealing then you should hear my 3 year old boy when he has a tantrum!

Changing girls nappies is such a task – The first time I changed her I was all prepared with extra nappies, cream, wipes, bags, towels and anything else I could find that may help for anything unexpected. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was told it would be all you have to remember is to wipe them front to back, Bethie is so much easier to change because at just 1 she will tell me she has done a poo and will go into the cupboard and fetch her own nappy.

She will have you wrapped around her finger in no time – This would never happen I was sure that I would be able to say no, tell her off when she is naughty and be stern when the time needs me to be but god damn it when you look at them bright blue eyes then she says “daddy” and its all over she can have whatever she wants, she totally knows she’s got me wrapped around her finger too which makes it worse because she ends it with a cheeky smile.

So as scared as I was about raising a little girl I am having so much fun doing it, I have never meet such a loving little girl who is just a tiny female mini me.

Daddy Loves you Elizabeth Ann x

Tired Daddy
Tired Daddy, Snotty Bethie


Facts about Daddy Giraffe Top 10

You may read some of my blogs and read that I babble on about a lot of things but do you know any facts about Daddy Giraffe?

Here are 10 Facts you may or may not know about me as a person?

10. I am a proud parent of 5, this includes 2 boys ages 13 & 3 also 3 girls ages 12, 8 & 1

9. I am an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts I watch as many events as I can and have even attended a UFC 95 Live in London ,  I’ve taking part in Kickboxing, Boxing & MMA when I was younger. (With this has come with a broken nose, cracked ribs and broken hand)

8. My favourite film of all time is The Lion King! It is such an amazing film I can watch it over and over and it never gets boring.

7. I started a blog after being diagnosed with Personality Disorder to help people in a similar situation to me and try to spread the word and raise awareness for people to talk about it more openly.

6. My favourite meal is pasta and cheese,  it wasn’t always this but when I first meet a 2 year old Annabelle she was in a stage that plain pasta and cheese was all she would eat and now it has become my favourite meal.

5. I HATE clowns!! Don’t get me wrong im not scared of them in a scream run away kind of thing, I really don’t like them and defiantly don’t trust them, this results in the world sending me clown memes on Facebook all the time.

4. If you know me and I consider you as a friend then you are a special person because I hate people in general, it’s part of my condition and not a very nice part I agree but for those of you  am friends with I can be a very good friend and will help you where I can.

3. If you have the chance to look at eyes you will see that they are multi coloured and change colour depending on my mood, if im in a good mood they are blue and if im in a bad mood they turn black.

2. My favourite animal is a Rhino, they are so large and prehistoric looking like they haven’t evolved at all. They are like a walking tank and seeing them up close was an amazing experience.

  1. I am 34 and have never touched or experimented with any drugs or even tried a cigarette, I never saw the appal which is strange since all of my family are smokers and I knew a lot of people who were talking drugs at the time.

So there we have it 10 facts about Daddy Giraffe (bet you can sleep better at night now) I would be interested in hearing any facts about you if you read this.

Daddy Giraffe x

Dad bod the 30 day countdown

OK so now that you have looked at this blog maybe the limited time of 30 days is a little extreme but it can be done and I shall so you that with a little hard work the dad bod can be changed.

From one of my previous articles I spoke about how I am enjoying the break from having being fit and constantly exercising to having children (not me personally) and eating what I want when I want getting up early and snacking through the day to eating late at night before I go to bed.

Now don’t get me wrong im not crazy over weight just very out of shape, when I it get’s to the point of im out of breath running up the stairs to get the babies cup then I probably should do something about it.

I always felt comfortable with the size that I am with a slight belly until we brought these pain in the arse smart scales that link up with your fit bit to tell you badly out of shape you are from weight, water, bmi, body fat and the age it puts you at.

This might of well said “Oi tubs put on some pork ain’t ya” so this made me think yeah the dad bod is comfy and yes cake is yummy but maybe a few pounds can’t hurt can it?

This is the current status of the smart scales and where I am at:


No it doesn’t look to bad from this a bit of water and maybe just tone up a bit but we will see what can be achieved in 30 days.

So here it goes from tomorrow I will start the challenge and up load the results on the 18th February and let you see for yourselves.

Wish me luck!

Daddy Giraffe x