Children’s TV programmer I have a few questions

Dear Children’s TV Programmer

I have a few children who are in the stages of watching children’s TV, as it is very colourful and keeps them interested for hours on end, after spending an entire day watching various children’s shows I now have a few questions.

Firstly my 1 year old girl loves the Tellietubbies as I’m sure we all did when we were small they have been around long enough, as I was watching them eating their healthy diet of tubby toast and custard when they took a break to have a look at the babies…that’s right I said babies.

Now looking at these giant furry weird things the first thing that popped in my head was how was this even possible?? Do they even have a gender and did Tinky Winky take a fancy to La La?


One of the other children TV show’s that is frequently on in my house is one of my son’s favourites and that is good old Fireman Sam, everyone’s favourite Fire fighter and all round hero, after watching multiple episodes I came to a few conclusions firstly is if it wasn’t for Norman Price who sets 95% of Pontypandys fires Fireman Sam would be out of a job also the reason Norman isn’t in jail now for arson is the fact that there is no police in Pontypandy.

Norman Price
Norman Price

Peppa Pig is everywhere on my TV and is everywhere throughout the world being very popular, the problem I have is she’s a little snot nosed brat that treats everyone like crap and its justified how she talks to her parents, it got to the point where we had to stop Freddie from watching her because he was copying Peppa refusing to say sorry so when he was naughty I would tell him to apologise and he would shout “YOU SAY SORRY FIRST!”

I’m guessing the reason Peppa isn’t bacon by now is she would taste very bitter.

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig

Lastly I would like to bring to your attention is not a TV program but an advert you have on the children’s channel which makes me  giggle but for the wrong reasons, this game of course is called Silly Sausage.

The object of this game is you have to shake and twist the sausage (sorry I’m giggling while I’m writing this I promise I am an adult) now I’m sure that I’m not the only adult to be affected by this advert so why put it on a children’s TV program??

Anyway I think I have ranted enough about your shows and I will continue to watch them as I don’t fancy battling a tiny temper tantrum because they can’t watch Peppa continually say “If you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots”

You can at least mix it up by adding a ninja for us male parents subjected to watching endless kids TV

Daddy Giraffe



Pretty Gifted Wrapping…Pretty Good Idea

Christmas is coming fast around the corner and getting in your wrapping paper in now is a pretty good idea as we all know how much of a pain it is when you do all your shopping, get it home and suddenly you remember you didn’t pick the paper.

I come across a company called Pretty Gifted, they do personalised wrapping paper to your needs for any occasion not just for Christmas you can use it for Birthdays or a surprised gifts.

I had a look on their website  and it was really simple and easy to use, I put in the message I wanted, the colour I wanted it to be written in and just checked out.

The long parcel arrived I opened it like an excited child to see what I had made, it turned out a lot better than I had expected.

The paper was glossy and thick (don’t you just hate it when you at the end of wrapping something and your finger goes through the paper!!) I wrapped what I needed and there was plenty to spare for future gifts.

I was so impressed by the quality of this Pretty Gifted paper that I’m going to have to order some more when my teen hit a certain age (just for embarrassments sake)

I highly recommend it for personal gifts your going to gift just so it has that personal loved tough before they have even unwrapped it.

Pretty Gifted
Pretty Gifted Wrapping Paper

If you would like to get some Pretty Gifted personalised wrapping paper you can by visiting the link below.

Daddy Giraffe x





Mental Health does it ruin lives?

Recently I have come out about my Mental Health problems and the fact I am suffering with Personality Disorder which has made it difficult for me as a person to live a relevantly normal life and how its taken its toll and played a part in ruining my relationship.

Although I have taken steps to get better and am striving toward certain goals in my life, I leave a trail of destruction behind me that I can never repair.

I asked people  for their thoughts on Mental Health and for anyone to suffers or has been on the other end of suffering to tell their story with me so people can see what a big effect it has on people’s lives now, past and future.

Here are just a few of the brave stories people have put forward to me opening up must have been very hard for them and I’m thankful of your time and trust.

“I’m currently suffering from severe depression, its dominating my life and it’s not fun in fact it’s quite debilitating. I’ve had to take time off work to get on top of my mental and physical health, which of course means no income and I’m not even sure I will ever get back to work. I’m pretty much housebound at the moment, unless I have someone with me as my anxiety goes through the roof and I rarely see another adult as every time I have an episode I tend to lose people as they just don’t understand. Just when you think you can’t cry anymore, or hurt anymore more darkness hits you and you find yourself fighting even harder. Some days are really hard but I power on and try to distract myself in other things but it never last, I’m really just existing at the moment. We need to talk about Mental Health as people still don’t get it and tend to shy away from the issues surrounding it.”

This is hard to read when someone is so low that they feel there is no way out and depression is one of the hardest things to deal with in life when you don’t care enough about yourself to care for others to.

I hope you find your strength and support you need in friends and family to help you through this tough time in your life and hope things look brighter for you in the future.

The next story is from someone who has been on the receiving end of Mental Health and tells how it affected them as a person and family.

“I can honestly say Mental Health wreaked my marriage. My husbands state of mind combined with his mood swings meant we were always treading on eggshells. He would lose his temper with the children over the smallest stuff then let other stuff just go over his head, the children stopped bring their friends over because of the way he was acting. He would sleep for days on end to the point where I would have to give up countless jobs and opportunities because when I back from work the kids wouldn’t be ready for school and I would also have to end up doing the school runs as well. He could rarely be bothered to do anything including the kids and going out anywhere to the point I had to go on family holidays without him. Our sex life was non-existent, we didn’t talk and he lost his ability to make rational decisions which left us in a large amount of debt. Sadly we are now separated he wasn’t happy or in love and it was best we moved on. I am heart-broken but the children are happier not to be in that environment and I am now starting to rebuild my social circle again which was lost and now gaining myself a carer to move forward in life.”

This is interesting to see it from the opposite side of the relationship, seeing the damage it causes not only for the person it effect but the circle of family and friends around them. I hope you manage to get your life back on track for you and your children.

Mental Health and damaged my social and personal life but I am stronger now and much wiser to the things I have put people through, but nobody chooses to have this illness it’s the way we handle it that’s the key.

Thank you for those who confided in me to tell their story, I wish you all the best in your lives and hope you manage to get yourselves back on track

Daddy Giraffe x






Children happy with Appy Drinks

If your children is anything like mine then they go through so much juice in a week all sorts of flavours and all sorts of brands.

The juices we tend to get our children (there’s 5 of them bear in mind) the large bottles for a couple of quid and even then getting them all to decide on a flavour they actually collectively like is a mission and a half.

The big ones like strong juice where as my little ones like the cartons and pouches which is easier because there are no spills or accidents, also I may stress at this point I have fussy little ones so getting them to drink the pouches is hard when they don’t believe you what flavour is inside.

I stumbled across Appy drinks a company that do pouch juices of all flavours for children, the difference being the covers are of cartoon characters and children’s TV shows, so I thought that I would give them a go.

The parcel arrived and in it was boxes filled with pouches of juice, the boxes were bright and colourful with children’s TV shows on them, there was Dora the Explorer, TMNT and Freddie’s favourite show Paw Patrol.

Paw Patrol Appy Juice
Paw Patrol Appy Juice

Once the kids saw the characters on the juice its didn’t matter what flavours they was they were more than happy to try them!

They came in Orange, Apple and Mixed Fruits. The children loved them from our 1-year-old to the teenagers, they tasted great and were low in sugar so I didn’t have to worry about how much juice they were drinking.

Appy Juices
Appy Juices

Before I knew it they were all gone and I didn’t even get a look in at trying one, I shall defiantly be getting these again and shall be trying the children’s snacks they do also.

The elder kids rated them 10 out of 10

The little ones rated them 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 20 out of 10

If you would like to try these Juices for yourselves then you can get them for the link below.

Daddy Giraffe x

Harry and his new start in a new school

If you read one of my last posts you will have seen the post of Harry and the bullying problem he had at his old school, bullying to the point where the police were called and the school wouldn’t take any responsibility or action to prevent it happening any further.

After Harry started having panic attacks leading up to going into school we made the decision to pull him out there and start him somewhere new again, somewhere he can start fresh, somewhere nobody knows him or the problems he had.

As nervous as he was he wanted the new change and decided it was time for a brand new him, we booked the appointment and they rang us within a day to arrange a time to come and look around.

The day comes around quick and we are on our way, we pull up to what looks like quite a big school and step inside.

Harry spoke to a few teachers and they showed us around, me and his mom was very impressed at what they had to offer and how they handled bullying in the school but the question is was he happy about the school, happy enough to stay there for the rest of his school time?

We got into the car and asked him what he thought and to our surprised he loved what he saw, he liked how small the school was with less pupils and how much teacher presence there was around

The start of school happened the week after and the first time he put on his new uniform ready to start his new life, its easy to tell me and his mom were anxious for him so god knows how he must have felt but on his way we sent him.

new school uniform
New school uniform

He had an OK first day and seemed to settle in OK which was a relief but how would he do from there on?

Cheryl was shopping one day when she bumped into an old friend, they were both pregnant together and had babies around the same time together to Harry and another little boy.

Well it turns out this boy now lives in Telford and goes to the same school, Cheryl told Harry and he immediately found him out where the both instantly bonded and now are very good friends.

Harry is loving his new school and is already in top sets in all his classes so fingers crossed the future is looking bright for him and we couldn’t be more pleased,this just goes to show bullying wont last forever and there is always a way out and help if you need it.

Daddy Giraffe x





Cheryl a message and promise to you

I want to take time from posting about the children and mental illness to focus on something very important in my life, something I took for granted, something that I didn’t really appreciate or give the credit where it was deserved.

This of course is my beautiful fiancée Cheryl.

Mummy and Bethie
Cheryl and baby bethie

We have had it rough and more than we have had good times but still we are together which says a lot for her character as a person and the love she has for me.

Did I return it in the way I should have?

No, instead I continued pushing her and others away, meaning to or not it still resulted in the same thing, hard times and a lot of sadness.

This woman, mother, daughter and all round special person deserves the world and more!!

If I could give it all to her I would without even thinking about it, over the past few day I have had time to take things in and do a lot of thinking.

I’ve come to a few conclusions…

  • I now appreciate everything she does not only for me but for our family, when you are in the same house together most of the time to don’t tend to see these things but I see everything she does now from cleaning, looking after the children to making sure we all have everything we need. She is way more organised than I am and I found that out quickly once she was gone.
  • How much I miss her, the first night I thought great I will get to star fish in the big bed, it never happened like than instead I turned over and realised she wasn’t there and thought I couldn’t do this the rest of my life knowing she wouldn’t be by my side, or in another room so that I can hug her or tell her I love her.
  • That I needed this time to change how I am towards her and people, I don’t tell her near enough or show her near enough how much she means to me, i’ve made some huge mistakes but I would marry that girl tomorrow if I could.
  • How much the kids rely on their mom, sure daddy cuddles are good but they are nowhere near as good as mommy cuddles, I think they all cant wait to see her and who can blame them.

I knew from the second I saw Cheryl that she would be the one I want to spend my life with and I’m damn sure about it now, things will change when she gets home and I tell and show her what she means to this family and never let her go.

Cheryl I love you to the moon and back and even more than that and you will see everyday that your loved and appreciated, not just as a mom but as a partner, lover and an equal.

Daddy Giraffe x

Being a parent comes with guilty pleasures

There are many ups and downs to being a parent the highs are watching your children learn to walk, talk and the cuddles you get when you don’t have to ask for them.

The downs being taking them for their injections, heartbreak and seeing them poorly when they are usual bouncing around happy.

Being a parent also comes with its guilty pleasures, for instance my parenting guilty pleasure would be when the baby goes down for the nap in the day I often will take the chance to catch an hour on the sofa to recharge, so whats you guilty parenting pleasures?

“Would it be completely wrong to say that my guiltily enjoy would be my son being under the weather as that is the only time he wants extended cuddles?”

“My parenting guilty pleasure is while I make the children’s dinner, sampling it and helping myself to bits of their food as I’m suddenly hungry and my dinner time is ages away when Daddy comes home!”

“Ohhhh this is mean, but I love waking them up in the morning, so I can jump into bed with them and have a five-minute cwtch.”

“When it’s bedtime and instead of doing all the housework, I have a hot drink and watch Netflix with no interruption”

” Mine is hiding in the kitchen and eating treats they can’t have ”

“At nap time I don’t do housework I binge watch TV and eat biscuits. I also sometimes give my son his tablet because I just want some peace.”

“Sharing their snacks with them or finishing off their food!”

“Feeding the ducks. I’ve always loved doing it and I’m sure I enjoy it more than him. “I’m just taking him out to feed the ducks…” and people smile because they think I’m treating him but really, it’s more for me… ”

“Once I’ve dropped the eldest to nursery I drive around until the baby falls asleep so I can go to KFC drive thru and eat in peace 😂”

“Suggesting we go to soft play so I can sit down and play with my phone in peace! 🙈”

“Getting the children involved in a baking activity just because I want cake. It always ends up as a win win situation for everyone though!”

“Mine is eating the last biscuit in the jar and blaming daddy”

‘Letting’ my tot was Fireman Sam on my phone so I can watch Neighbours on TV!”

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that takes full advantage of the small situations, as I’m currently sat her trying to stop my 3 year old eating my lunch even though he has just finished his!

So I ask whoever reads this post, being a parent yourself….whats your guilty pleasure?

Daddy Giraffe x

*This Image was taken off google images*


Bullying what chance do you have if the school doesn’t care?

Bullying is an issue that most people if everyone has experienced in their lives at some point, we all know how it felt when we called names or even beat up for no other reason than someone doesn’t like you.

When you are an adult it tends to stop because you have built up a bedrock of confidence over the years and know how to deal with the situations from past experiences.

But when you see how your children react to bullying is heart breaking and your parent instincts kick in and you try to do the right thing to help them but it falls on deaf ears.

Annabelle suffered slight bullying when she started her new school not long ago from children older than her who would swear at her day in and day out, she was even punched by a boy in the dinner line for no reason. She hid this until it came out in a conversation and I took it straight to the head teacher who dealt with it straight away and Annabelle has had no more problems since.

But not all schools are like this and you would think the older the students the more the teachers would take it seriously but how wrong were we!!

Harry had been doing fantastic in his new school, getting good grades, making head of house captain and winning achievement awards so for Harry live was going great until his friend turned on him and then it went sour fast

It started as name calling and getting others in his year to do the same, so he does what any sensible boy would do and that is take it to the head of house, this however made things worse.

The name calling got worse and turned into treats along with her getting the whole year to turn on him as well calling him a grass and he was in fact being the bully, Harry couldn’t take it and called home for help but the school then told him of for telling his parents saying it was a school matter!

I call the school and book an appointment with a Head of House and we sit and have a meeting where I am reassured that Harry is safe and he will keep them apart and that he has nothing to worry about, place the trust in the school.

The harassment at school still continues and more rumours are spread now that her family are being stalked and the whole year wants to strip him of his captain status, Harry is told by the school that this isn’t bullying its just a misunderstanding, fuming I call the school and am told well if you’re not happy call the police!!

I do exactly that reporting the student and the school for their lack of care for my son, but he still has the balls to walk into school because he doesn’t want to lose his education.

Then it became physical, he was assaulted at school and when it was reported Harry was told we can’t keep you apart it’s a big school then sent him on his way. I ring the school again and they refuse to let me speak to a teacher until I say I would personally come down there if that’s the case when surprise surprise I got through to a teacher who said leave it with me I will sort it.

School day comes around and Harry just couldn’t do it and a panic attack, the school was called and despite messages left countless times they never contacted us back but just sent text messages saying Harry’s not at school again.

No follow-up calls, no checking on him, no following up where is he, nothing at all!

We have now changed Harry’s school and still haven’t received a call from the old school about if he’s moved because he’s not been in school for 3 weeks but they couldn’t give a shit because it was too much hassle to deal with him.

This school should be ashamed of its self and all the teachers who turned a blind eye to this bullying and to the bully one day you will get what’s coming to you for making my son’s life hell.

A new start for Harry is what he need and this school needs sorting fast before its to late and another bullied student does worse that just break down!









Christmas OMG it’s just around the corner

Christmas if you are like us is a huge deal in our house the kids look forward to it and Cheryl counts down to Christmas from the 1st of January.

It’s strange because we come from different backgrounds and i was never a big fan of Xmas don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but not to the extent that Cheryl does and I soon found that out when I met her.

When she was little her Christmas Tree was just surrounded from top to bottom with gifts that her parents had collected all year round leading up to this one day, so she has always had the magic of Christmas and has passed it onto her children now that she is a mother herself.

All of our kids look forward to the magic even though the big ones know about how the magic works, our little ones look forward to seeing and waiting for the Big man in red, and this being the first year Freddie actually understands Christmas he has been super excited for months now and keeps saying Santa will bring me presents which is just lovely to see!

Xmas Visit
Xmas Visit

Every Xmas eve we have the same tradition since the Harry was a baby, the kids will get to open new pyjamas to go to bed in, we will drink hot chocolate, sprinkle magical reindeer food by the front door to attract the reindeer to our house the set up some treats for Santa which usually consists of milk or beer, a cookie and a carrot for the reindeer then its off to bed where they fight going to sleep every year but lose.

As each year comes we say the same thing, “we will buy stuff from January then we will be better prepared” it never ever happens that’s way but its nice to have a plan of action, we already have stuff brought but not as much as we planned we would have.

This year Christmas has snuck up on us like a tinsel covered ninja!!

Xmas Ninja
Xmas Ninja

We have had a bad few months with our daughters operations, Harry’s bullying problems and Cheryl’s mom passing away that the months all just rolled into one then BAM its November and we need to get our asses in gear if we want to get anything done.

We are determined that this year is going to be a great Xmas where the kids get spoilt and enjoy the day with no problems, new decorations in our new house and appearances from the Naughty Elves to cause havoc over December.

Even though Christmas has come quickly this year we are looking forward to it, I only hope I don’t get coal like the past 33 years!

Daddy Giraffe x



How you meant to get anything done around here

With 5 children people often ask how do you get anything done?

The answer is with great difficulty.

Luckily for us 3 of them are over 8 so they generally look after themselves but the problem is we have a 3 year old Tornado and a 1 year old who has discovered she can not only start to walk but figured out she can climb and its a lot of fun!

Simple daily tasks are a little more difficult such as washing up the dishes (I know who washes dishes in this day of age) well since our dishwasher sadly passed away RIP, we have had to hand wash everything which is a ball ache at the best of times but imaging a 3 year old on a chair next to you re washing your washed cups and the floor and the chair and himself while your 1 year old is trying to bite your leg because she’s teething.

The hovering is not so bad because Freddie isn’t a big fan of the Hoover so he tends to keep his distance but Bethie sees it as a challenge and try’s to attack it like a puppy or pulls the wire so the plug comes out of the wall socket, you may think this is cute but by the time you have walked over to plug it back in you turn around and find she has grabbed the Hoover and now your taking away her favourite toy of all time (cue major tantrum)

Today the elder kids were in school, Freddie was watching Paw Patrol and I thought excellent I shall break out the old laptop and see if I can get a blog post done, I hear the sound of a chair dragged out from the table and a tiny little smiley face popping over my screen and in just one tiny finger the post was gone!! But you can’t be mad at something so beautiful, how can you be just look at that face.

How Bethie Demands Attention
How Bethie Demands Attention

So we have figured it is much easier to do anything when the babies go to bed just to get as much in as you can until the little monsters awake and the battle continues.

But we are parents and this is what we do and what we signed up for, I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daddy Giraffe x