Harry and his journey from a young boy to a young man

Nearly 6 years ago I met my partner Cheryl and her 3 kids, the eldest of them was a shy little boy called Harry. I remember he was so kind, caring and very quiet which made him an easy target for everyone and people took advantage of this.

You couldn’t play fight with Harry, if you even lifted him off the floor he would cry and was so sensitive that the simplest remarks would hurt his feelings. He spent his whole time making sure everyone was happy even at the risk of his own emotions being pushed aside but as long as the other person was happy he was more than willing to do that but this would take its toll on him when he reached senior school.

Senior school hit harry hard as he went to this big school quiet and timed this would lead to him getting bullied badly, he would be called all sorts of names from everyone in his year and also the years above, he would get threatened and have his property damaged this would get worse over the time to where he was assaulted out of school to the point where the police were involved….but its OK because it’s just Harry was the schools attitude and that bullying was normal.

The decision was made to move areas and Harry’s schools, we were worried as the school didn’t have the best reputation and we thought the area we moved to would probably eat him alive if he didn’t go in with a new attitude, to say the least we was as nervous as he must have been.

We could have not been more wrong in our lives if we tried, after the six weeks holiday he suddenly just grew up and knuckled down this somehow was a completely different Harry. His grades shot up fast he was flying through school work at a fast rate, we were and still are getting teacher points for how well he is doing in all classes. Harry’s exams results were better than we could have ever predicted and then we get a letter…Harry has been nominated for an achievement award where he nailed it and won the award for Computer Science…is this the same Harry!?

It wasn’t just his school work that Harry had changed but his whole attitude. unfortunately not long ago Harry’s Nan passed away, someone he was really close to so when the time came to tell the children we braced ourselves for a breakdown, I sat them all down and told them but it took me by surprise because Harry calmly took charge and consoled his sisters making sure they were OK, he checked on his mom making sure she didn’t have to worry about a thing. He stayed strong, calm and even wrote his Nan a letter and read it out at her funeral making a lot of people cry. That was the moment I saw Harry not as a young boy but as a young man.

If you know him at all you would know he loves technology and was determined to become a Vlogger at some point in his life but as normal people never thought he would do it and just brushed him off, then look who landed himself as a Kids Vlogger for a big company where he gets paid for his videos…that’s right HARRY!!

Again this young man pulled it off proving that hard work pays off, then he comes home with another surprise achievement award for outstanding work towards his house at school, from the timid little Harry to the strong, confident young man we now see and it is amazing to watch him grow more and more throughout his life proving if you believe you can achieve anything you want.

Harry keep on this path my boy and you can reach the stars!




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