Toilet training troubles – P.O.T.D 19/10/17

Toilet training is problematic at the best of times. If you think about it you are teaching another human how not to wee and poo themselves and go somewhere private to do it.

Now we have all just lay there and said I need a wee but I don’t want to get up so teaching a child who has done just that for 3 years to change their whole routine is a task in itself.

Freddie is the first child that I have properly toilet trained from the beginning, I kind of toilet trained Annabelle but she was nearly trained when I met her already.  So how did I manage to train Freddie to use the toilet and ditch his nappy, well it was actually a lot easier than I thought it might have been.

Firstly I sat him down and said you are a big boy now and big boys wear pants only babies like Bethie wear nappies then handed him lots of colourful pants and asked him if he was a big boy or a baby still, Freddie hates being called a baby so instantly he was a big boy and put on the pants of his choosing, we let him pick his own colour pants It’s a lot more fun for him that way.

Every time he felt like he needed a wee he would shout I’ve weed and I would rush him to the toilet put him on his seat and wait until I heard the sound of running water then we all sang the wee wee song which goes “Freddie did a wee wee, Freddie did a wee wee” then rewarded him afterwards.

He cracked this pretty quickly apart from a few accidents, then one day I happened to walk past the toilet door and there he was standing up having a wee like he had done it that way his whole life, I asked him where did you learn to stand and wee where his response was dunno now close the door.

Our little man now has very few accidents, he goes to school without a nappy and all day without a nappy apart from bed time. He takes himself off for a wee no problem until today where Freddie was very quiet and we heard “dad” I open the toilet door and there he was…

My pic of the day is what we found when we opened the toilet door….

Toilet troubles Freddie?
Toilet troubles?


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