Must be a hard life being a toddler

When your children are babies it lovely, you can just cuddle them whenever you want and they are so cute and loving but then they become toddlers and you look at them kicking off sometimes and think it must be hard being you.

This happens leading up to becoming a toddler and when they hit the 2+ age which im sure every parent in the world has found this out.

Freddie is our 3 year old and has fantastic manners towards us and people in the street, he’s very friendly and likes talking to everyone he sees but like every now and again he has his melt downs.

So let me tell you some of my toddler tantrums I have experienced so far.

Just yesterday Freddie was in a grumpy kind of mood but was happily playing in the hallway, all of a sudden he throws his toys and lies on the floor crying.

Maybe he’s hurt himself?

So I ask him whats wrong and his response was something I wasn’t prepared for…

He was crying because he couldn’t fly!

Oh right well that’s something I hadn’t planned on solving today, how are meant to explain to a 3 year old that im sorry but I can make you fly anytime soon.

I turn to his mom and say it must be hard being a Freddie and within 2 minutes he had forgotten all about it and was watching Mr Tumble like his lack of flight had never happened.

Within my time as daddy I have learnt when to pick you battles and try not to laugh when they are having their moments.

Freddie had hit Annabelle and made her cry and this was my conversation with Freddie over apologising to his sister….

Daddy: Freddie say sorry!

Freddie: No!

Daddy: Say sorry now!

Freddie: I don’t want to!

Daddy: If you don’t say sorry you’re going to your bedroom and you’ll stay there!

Freddie: Let me check my map……

Why I waited I don’t know but after a minute he responded..

Freddie: Hmmmm No!

He was sent to his room but I found this far to funny that he thought this up on the spot.

Even now my 1 year old has started getting attitude, she now can walk and talk pretty well but ever now and again this beautiful angel has her moments.

She walks up to me with her empty bottle, looks up at me with them big beautiful blue eyes and asks for juice.

Of course you can princess!

So I fill the bottle and the second I go to hand it to her all hell breaks loose and before I know it she is rolling around on the floors screaming, so I leave it on the floor and instantly she stops picks it up and walks away.

I’m just left there think what the hell just happened!!

So surely teenage years should be easy right?


Daddy Giraffe x








Best friends or worse enemies

This post believe it or not isn’t about two adults at war, no in fact it’s about my 2 little angels Freddie and Bethie who can’t make their minds up if they want to be best friends or worst enemies.

Freddie is 3 and Bethie is 1 so they are at a similar age gap where they can play and communicate and boy do we know it!

Bethie is a very bright 1 year old who loves to play with her brothers and sisters, shes full of kisses, cuddles and snot. But as cute as she is don’t be fooled by them big blue eyes, she has a very mischievous and naughty side.

Her naughty side likes to scratch, pull hair, blow raspberry’s and of course bite as you can see from this picture where I tried to have a sneaky cuddle with my baby girl.

What a nice Girl
What a nice Girl

Freddie is a boy of comfort he is happy watching his favourite show BabyBus with a cup of tea but when he is in one of them moods he is what we like to call our little tornado, he fights, jumps, swings, teases his siblings and sees how far he can push his luck with his cheeky chappy smile.

Fireman Freddie
Fireman Freddie

Now they can be best friends sitting nice and quiet side by side watching TV or even building a den in the living room where Freddie will come to get Bethie to join in the fun which is lovely to see.

Then wait for the screaming where Bethie has leaped on Freddie’s back attacking him and trying to fight everyone in the place but our Freddie is aware that if he does something wrong Bethie will take the fall as she cannot talk her way out of it.

These pair of munchkins have years yet to grow a relationship lets just hope it’s not one where they are constantly fighting and find out they are best friends.

But despite how they are throughout the day, every night they will walk up stairs together before bed and Freddie will say goodnight to his baby sister before he goes to sleep and she is the first person he asks for when he’s awake before her making sure she has breakfast waiting.

Awww they do love each other really!!

Daddy Giraffe x





Raising girls isn’t as bad as they said it would be

When I met Cheryl there was already grown children who had already learnt to walk, talk, were already toilet trained and she had done a brilliant job raising them by herself.

I had my very first child that happen to be a boy called Freddie and soon learnt the ways of dealing with baby boys with everyone telling me that boys practically raise themselves, I couldn’t wait and insisted on doing everything from nappy changes to night feeds.

Raising a baby boy wasn’t so bad the worst thing I had to worry about was making sure he didn’t pee in my face again and he was a very good baby with everything even sleeping through the night.

Eventually we found out we were expecting another baby and I was very nervous in case this time it was a girl.

What would I do?

I don’t know how to look after a little girl or anything about hair, tights and dresses.

Everyone I spoke to would tell me horror stories about looking after little girls and how they can be a nightmare to raise so here are the stories I was told and what actually happened when this new baby girl came into my life.

Girls squeal all the time –I prepared for this as she would be constantly kicking of day and night and I would be pulling out what I have left of my hair but it was in fact the opposite. Bethie very rarely squeals at all including the night, I think the only time I have ever heard her squeal is when she recently had her injections and even then a quick song of wind the bobbin up and she soon perked up. You want t o talk about squealing then you should hear my 3 year old boy when he has a tantrum!

Changing girls nappies is such a task – The first time I changed her I was all prepared with extra nappies, cream, wipes, bags, towels and anything else I could find that may help for anything unexpected. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was told it would be all you have to remember is to wipe them front to back, Bethie is so much easier to change because at just 1 she will tell me she has done a poo and will go into the cupboard and fetch her own nappy.

She will have you wrapped around her finger in no time – This would never happen I was sure that I would be able to say no, tell her off when she is naughty and be stern when the time needs me to be but god damn it when you look at them bright blue eyes then she says “daddy” and its all over she can have whatever she wants, she totally knows she’s got me wrapped around her finger too which makes it worse because she ends it with a cheeky smile.

So as scared as I was about raising a little girl I am having so much fun doing it, I have never meet such a loving little girl who is just a tiny female mini me.

Daddy Loves you Elizabeth Ann x

Tired Daddy
Tired Daddy, Snotty Bethie


Freddie and his first Interview as a 3 year old

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post with one thing going on or another, with it being a clean year and clean start trying to figure out how to do that clean start is another thing entirely but here I am sat at the kitchen table and I’m talking to my 3 year old Freddie and I’m asking him questions so why not let everyone else in on how our conversation goes.

An Interview with Freddie Hopkins..

Hello Freddie are you ok? – Nope, because your stinky

How old are you? – I’m 3!

Can you tell me the colour of your Eyes? – Blue

Excellent so what colour is your hair? – Yellow

You go to school now so do you like it? – Yeah I love school because all my friends are in it

Who is your best friend? – Cory and Harry

Who do you love? – I love Daddy and Mommy

What is love? – I think love is Daddy

What do you want to be when your older? – An Evil Witch..(Should I be worried???)

What’s your favourite song? – Captain America (sings his own song in the tune of leaves are falling)

Whats your favourite TV program? – Paw Patrol

What makes you laugh? – All of my friends

What is your favourite toy? – Marshal!

Out of all the food in the world what is your favourite? – Grapes (It’s not, I just so happened to of brought some Grapes today)

What’s your favourite animal?- A beast

What’s 1 + 2? – 1, 2, 3?….3!

Anything else you want to say before you go watch TV? – I love you

Well they I wasn’t expecting some of the answers I was given to be honest, trying to get his attention for longer that 5 minutes is a hard thing to do so he did really well to be fair.

There you have it an interview with a 3 year old

Daddy Giraffe



Elizabeth Ann’s Personality is finally here and shes awesome!

For any of those who don’t know who Elizabeth Ann is, she is the youngest child named after Cheryl’s mother, we all call her Bethie for short unless she’s naughty of course then we use her big girl name, which is usually the time she looks at us as if to say who are you talking to?

From an early age Bethie was very content and laid back, nothing really bothered her at all, she was the perfect baby as she slept well, ate well and was generally calm amongst other people unlike her brother Freddie.

With being content there was a few things that she wouldn’t do such as we could not get her to laugh at all no matter how hard we tried, we would get smiles and squeaks but no giggles, not only that but she HATED having a bath and would scream the house down from the second she was undressed to the moment she was dressed again and fed.

My Beautiful Bethie Boo

My princess turned one and by then was doing loads of things like babies should be, she was always happy, singing songs and nursery rhymes, copying words while getting the hang of saying mommy and daddy also dancing…boy did this baby love to dance, in fact her favourite song was “Feels” by Katy Perry.

As she gets a bit older we start to see the real Bethie come out like over night, she is talking full sentences and telling us what she wants, she tells us when she has done a poo, wants her cup or doggy, she knows animals and all of the kids names and anyone that walks through the door she knows them all by names.

Mommy starts playing with her one day because well she’s a mommy’s girl through and through, she only calls daddy to tell me she has done a poo. I guess I should be grateful to be thought of.

Then the day came…..she walks!!

Now she could walk before but she is a lazy baby and crawling is fast so that’s how she would get about but one day  she just stood up and she was off and walk every, now walking also comes hand in hand with oh look now I can reach things and chase you all around the house.

She fights her brothers if they are just sitting there and will hold her own against anyone if she thinks anything s her’s, Bethie eats anything that is not nailed down, we have yet to find something she doesn’t like but her favourite by far is pizza!!

I’ve never known a happier, smiley, polite baby in my life with the most beautiful eyes but of course I will say that because she is my Princess Bethie Boo and I’m so glad she has found her cheeky (or chee chee as she calls it) happy self.

I love you Bethie and enjoy every second of watching you grow and learn

Daddy Giraffe x



Being a parent comes with guilty pleasures

There are many ups and downs to being a parent the highs are watching your children learn to walk, talk and the cuddles you get when you don’t have to ask for them.

The downs being taking them for their injections, heartbreak and seeing them poorly when they are usual bouncing around happy.

Being a parent also comes with its guilty pleasures, for instance my parenting guilty pleasure would be when the baby goes down for the nap in the day I often will take the chance to catch an hour on the sofa to recharge, so whats you guilty parenting pleasures?

“Would it be completely wrong to say that my guiltily enjoy would be my son being under the weather as that is the only time he wants extended cuddles?”

“My parenting guilty pleasure is while I make the children’s dinner, sampling it and helping myself to bits of their food as I’m suddenly hungry and my dinner time is ages away when Daddy comes home!”

“Ohhhh this is mean, but I love waking them up in the morning, so I can jump into bed with them and have a five-minute cwtch.”

“When it’s bedtime and instead of doing all the housework, I have a hot drink and watch Netflix with no interruption”

” Mine is hiding in the kitchen and eating treats they can’t have ”

“At nap time I don’t do housework I binge watch TV and eat biscuits. I also sometimes give my son his tablet because I just want some peace.”

“Sharing their snacks with them or finishing off their food!”

“Feeding the ducks. I’ve always loved doing it and I’m sure I enjoy it more than him. “I’m just taking him out to feed the ducks…” and people smile because they think I’m treating him but really, it’s more for me… ”

“Once I’ve dropped the eldest to nursery I drive around until the baby falls asleep so I can go to KFC drive thru and eat in peace 😂”

“Suggesting we go to soft play so I can sit down and play with my phone in peace! 🙈”

“Getting the children involved in a baking activity just because I want cake. It always ends up as a win win situation for everyone though!”

“Mine is eating the last biscuit in the jar and blaming daddy”

‘Letting’ my tot was Fireman Sam on my phone so I can watch Neighbours on TV!”

It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that takes full advantage of the small situations, as I’m currently sat her trying to stop my 3 year old eating my lunch even though he has just finished his!

So I ask whoever reads this post, being a parent yourself….whats your guilty pleasure?

Daddy Giraffe x

*This Image was taken off google images*


How you meant to get anything done around here

With 5 children people often ask how do you get anything done?

The answer is with great difficulty.

Luckily for us 3 of them are over 8 so they generally look after themselves but the problem is we have a 3 year old Tornado and a 1 year old who has discovered she can not only start to walk but figured out she can climb and its a lot of fun!

Simple daily tasks are a little more difficult such as washing up the dishes (I know who washes dishes in this day of age) well since our dishwasher sadly passed away RIP, we have had to hand wash everything which is a ball ache at the best of times but imaging a 3 year old on a chair next to you re washing your washed cups and the floor and the chair and himself while your 1 year old is trying to bite your leg because she’s teething.

The hovering is not so bad because Freddie isn’t a big fan of the Hoover so he tends to keep his distance but Bethie sees it as a challenge and try’s to attack it like a puppy or pulls the wire so the plug comes out of the wall socket, you may think this is cute but by the time you have walked over to plug it back in you turn around and find she has grabbed the Hoover and now your taking away her favourite toy of all time (cue major tantrum)

Today the elder kids were in school, Freddie was watching Paw Patrol and I thought excellent I shall break out the old laptop and see if I can get a blog post done, I hear the sound of a chair dragged out from the table and a tiny little smiley face popping over my screen and in just one tiny finger the post was gone!! But you can’t be mad at something so beautiful, how can you be just look at that face.

How Bethie Demands Attention
How Bethie Demands Attention

So we have figured it is much easier to do anything when the babies go to bed just to get as much in as you can until the little monsters awake and the battle continues.

But we are parents and this is what we do and what we signed up for, I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

Daddy Giraffe x



Admitting there something wrong with my son?

Admitting there maybe something wrong with your child is a hard thing to accept, as a parent you like to think your child is perfect and of course there is nothing wrong with them because it would never happen to your child.

Freddie has always been a polite boy when it comes to talking to people, he uses please and thank you and will wave at everyone he passes in the street but there are things that my partner noticed and I just wouldn’t except.

Admitting is hard just look at that face

In new situations like meeting new people or children his own age Freddie struggles to interact as part of a group or show little interest in what everyone else is doing, he needs encouragement to join in with others which he does in the end but its a battle.

Pretending is a big part of Freddies life, he is always in his own land and is either a superhero or someone he has seen on TV. Now I know he is only 3 and kids have a big imagination but when it comes to the point where you cant talk to him without him going off into his own world then alarm bells start to ring.

I refused to admit there was anything possibly wrong with my little boy and the first time I actually thought oh there might be something was when I sat him on my lap and tried to have a conversation with him and ask him some questions, I battled so hard to get his attention and stop him from straying into a different character until I admitted defeat and started looking at him closer.

More things started to make me think as I watched him struggling to handle certain situations like when there is to much noise he will cover his ears even though its not very loud compared to what he is used to and the noise he makes just by himself.

The latest thing is he has a meltdown every time there is a change or he is put into a new situation for instance he went into the bathroom and because the light wasn’t switched on when he went in there he started to panic instead of just walking out of the open door.

His tantrums are getting worse and more often over the littlest of things where your only options are to punish him for being naughty or try to calm him down and talk to him which in turn is difficult if he is not willing to listen to you.

Admitting there maybe something wrong with my little boy is hard and I see him as this perfect daddies boy who is just a typical 3 year old, nursery are seeing him as polite and caring but will often go off in his own little world, so where do we go from here?

How long do I leave it before I get him seen?

Is he just to young and is a typical 3 year old?

He will wake up at 3am and have complete meltdowns before going back to sleep if i’m lucky enough that’s he tired, I was in denial at first but slowly admitting to myself there maybe something underlining.

Freddie you maybe a little tornado and there may or may not be something wrong with you but regardless your my little boy and I wouldn’t have you any other way, Daddy loves you very much

Daddy Giraffe





Tantrums…Whats the best way to discipline your child

The joys of having children is you get all the love, hugs and kisses from your little ones but on the other side there is the dreaded tantrums that go from level 1 a sulk to 10 a full blown meltdown.

Children throw tantrums for all sorts of reasons and over the tiniest detail, for example my 3 year old had a full blown screaming fit the other day because he took himself of to bed because he was tired and I said goodnight which meant it was bedtime and he was not having that at all.

With tantrums comes screaming, throwing themselves around the floor and saying sometimes hurtful words or sometimes even better the funniest things..for telling Freddie off he was so angry that he grounded me with no TV and phone.

The main problem now days is how to discipline your child when they have been naughty and teaching them right from wrong, when I was growing up it was normal for if you had been naughty you would get smacked and sent to bed but now you can’t smack your children, so how do you find an effective way to discipline your child?

In my case if any of the children are naughty they are made to apologise and they will have their phones confiscated and early bed times depending on the severity of what they did wrong.

I asked a few people what they thought and its interesting to see the different methods and how differently people handle these situations.

“We have a naughty spot by the front door. If their naughty they get time out. My older daughter gets sent to her room which she hates”

“We have a feelings mat – it’s more about reflection and thinking about the consequences if their actions”

“When he was little he used to get sent to his room. Then at some point, he realised that’s where toys were. So we started a naughty corner. There was a list of rules printed in the corner”

“We are entering tween territory where time out corners and being sent to their room (ideal for them) doesn’t work anymore so we are trying taking away privileges e.g. losing her newly acquired minimal makeup or, shock horror – her phone.  For the littler ones we still use the ‘time out’ step to good effect!”

“If my young son has a tantrum which then leads to bad behaviour, I find I can cuddle him out of it…! He’ll resist at first but then we’ll usually both end up laughing and it often turns out he’s over tired and so gets sent to bed earlier than usual. If it’s behaviour that I really need the kids to think about and to not repeat then I confiscate the phone/iPad.”

“For my teenagers, just about the only thing that works is taking away their phone or PlayStation controls. For my six year old twins their room seems the best option. I also tend to use bribery – in the name of “managing the situation” quite a lot too!”

It’s interesting to see all the different methods on how people punish bad behaviour in their homes, some of these wouldn’t personally work on my tornado of a toddler but some I might try myself.

The one thing I don’t really believe in is smacking your children often just because if you’re trying to teach them to be good or they are being punished for hitting their sister does you smacking your child teach them that it was wrong to do that or re-enforce the fact that this is acceptable.

I think it’s hard today to be a parent and try to teach your children right from wrong because you have to be very careful with what you do, you can’t discipline your child too much because its been taken out of your hands and you may get in trouble so it’s a case of finding your way and making it as effective as you possibly can without losing your mind.

Kids will be kids and we have all been that naughty little kid at one point in our lives, I know I have thrown my fair share on tantrums.

Daddy Giraffe x



Halloween was better than expected

Halloween has come and passed bringing kids in scary costumes and belly’s full of sweeties.

Every Halloween we have a tradition where we hold a Halloween party at our house but this year was different, we moved into a new area of Telford which doesn’t have a great reputation especially at night so we decided we would have a quiet night in with the kids and just drop off sweet to the neighbours we knew.

The day started off with Freddie going to his first Halloween party at nursery, we gave him the choice of what he wanted to go dressed as and he wanted to go as a scary witch!!

We asked him again if he was sure he could go as Spider man or monster but he was sure he wanted to be a witch so a witch he was, we got him a pointy hat, painted his face green and made him an outfit to go with it and off to nursery he went to scare the teachers with his scary cackle.

Halloween witch
Freddie as scary witch

As the day got on we decided to take the gamble and get some sweets in to answer any trick or treaters we may get and we brought Annabelle an outfit to go out in also.

We braced ourselves and went out into the colds and knocked on a few doors, all of which gave the kids sweets. We walked further up the road and saw housed all decorated and loads of families out laughing and having fun.

This is not what we expected at all in the area that is supposed to be the worst in Telford but everyone had come together as a community and we sharing sweets, scaring the kiddies with costumes and filling all their buckets.

The kiddies came back excited and more than happy that their buckets were full of sweets and money, this from an area we thought the kids would not be safe in.

Little kiddies knocked on our door with all sorts of cute and scary costumes with their moms and dads dressed up to.

We finished the day with a Halloween buffet full of treats and party foods, even though we didn’t have a party this year it defiantly was one of the better Halloween’s we have had in a while.