My Big Tree Book Review

One of the main reviews that I do as a blogger is children’s books where Freddie has reviewed a fair few, now he gets to review a great book called My Big Tree.

This book is by Award Winning Author Maria Ashworth who has written many exciting books such as the Real Giraffes Wear High Heal Shoes.

With 5 kids in the house there is always children’s books lying around and every time Freddie goes to bed he has a story before he settles for the night.

This time he read My Big Tree.

This book is about a little blue bird who finds himself a tree to build a nest in but this tree very quickly gets filled with other animals who like this big tree.

That's a full tree
That’s a full tree

With every page there is different animals joining the tree from the usual squirrels to bears but Freddie’s favourites were the frogs because he says he has never seen a frog in a tree before.

“Ribbit Ribbit” said seven green frogs jumping”

seven green frogs
seven green frogs

This was an easy book for him to follow and understand, helping him to count and learning about other animals.

It made this little boy giggle and explain to me what all these animals are and that this was supposed to be the blue birds tree.

At the end of the story I asked Freddie how many out of 10 he would give this book and he scored it….

13 out of 10 

I asked him why and he just said because 13 is bigger than 10….cant argue with them maths skills right there.

Where to get this book

If you would like this book which I highly recommend then you can find it here

or check out her many other books on her page

Shes a fantastic Author and well worth the read.

Daddy Giraffe.

*This book was gifted by the Author * 

Real giraffes wear high heel shoes review

Having 5 kids age ranging from 1 – 14 there is always a book to read, especially the little ones before bed so I was thrilled to review a children’s book called Real giraffes wear high heel shoes.

As I am known as Daddygiraffe and they are my little giraffes this book sounded ideal so just before Freddie’s bedtime this was the story of choice.

Real giraffes wear high heals
Real giraffes wear high heels

Firstly when we start the book and see a picture of a Sami the giraffe wearing high heels Freddie thought it was hilarious and said he’s to tall to be wearing them.

Sami is a giraffe who loves to wear high heels but tries to join in with the other group of giraffes but something always goes wrong for poor Sami.

despite the problems Sami loves his heals, love the way they look and the way that they feel and goes about his day.

Real giraffes wear high heals
Real giraffes wear high heals

True to himself Sami keeps trying to join in with the other giraffes even inviting them to him birthday party which he didn’t think anyone would go to but Freddie was positive that Sami could do it and would get friends in the end.

It’s hard to keep a very energetic 4-year-old in one place and to get their attention for long enough but this seamed to do the trick.

The book from start to finish is full of brightly colourful illustrations with lots going on to grab his attention.

The story is easy enough to follow and understand also sending a message that its ok to be who you want to be and who you are, that you don’t have to change to please other people.

Giraffe in heals
Giraffe in heels

So after reading the book what does Freddie think, an imaginative 4-year-old.

Freddie’s Review

Freddie loved the idea of animals in high heels and enjoyed the book throughout giving him a giggle along the way.

I asked him once the book was finished if he could rate the book out of 10 what would it be and he rated it…..

100 out of 10!

Where can I get this book?

If you would like to read this book for yourself to your children you can find it on the link below, I highly recommend it.

Daddy Giraffe x



Admirals Men’s skin care review

As the years go on we find that more men are using care products such as moisturizer and creams to look after their skin and put back the years of ageing.

With this comes the hard choice of which brand is the best to use?

I had the opportunity to test out some men’s care products from Admiral, as I waited for the package to arrive I did a little research of who is Admiral?

“Admiral is the original British sports brand with over 100 years of sporting heritage. The brand’s roots are in football and is rightly credited with kicking off the popular replica kit market in the early 1970’s.”

I received the package through the post and was excited in testing out all off the goodies that was contained within.

Antioxidant Moisture Balm with Artichoke Extract

Moisture Balm
Moisture Balm

Firstly the smell of this is very clean and fresh.

To be used twice a day, now ive never used anything like this before so I didn’t hold much hope but this stuff is amazing!!

My skin feels softer a lot less harsh and within just days you can tell the difference in your skin and the way you feel.

Detoxifying Face Scrub with Cucumber Extract

Face Scrub
Face Scrub

I’ve never used a face scrub before so this was an experience for me.

It smelt fresh and lathers up well with little effort.

It is like washing your face with little beads in soap, but when I had washed my face I could instantly tell the difference.

My face felt cool, clean, fresh it was like having a brand new face. 

This is a product I shall be consistently be using as the effects you can feel on your face are almost immediate.

Shampoo and Conditioner with Avocado Extract

Shampoo & Conditioner

This smelt amazing, im not big on Avocado myself but this smelt really good.

It lathered up well and left my hair looking really shiny and smelling nice, I wasn’t expecting much from this to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised and will continue to use this product more often.

Body Wash with Black Quinoa 

Body Wash
Body Wash

I loved this!

Everything about it, from the smell of it to how it didn’t make my skin dry or irritated afterwards.

The best thing I found about this product was the smell is long-lasting hours after you use it. 

I’m funny when it comes to body washes and soaps but this is rank in one of my top 3.

I recommend this to anyone who suffered dried skin after they use soaps or certain body washes its ideal and again smells amazing!

Hair Wax with Basil Extract  

Hair Wax
Hair Wax

I dont tend to use hair wax as I dont like the feel of it but luckily enough for me I have a teenager who does.

I gave him the wax to try and he loves it!

It smells great and holds well without leaving any clumps or mess.

He uses it daily and it washes out well afterwards , he scored it 8 out 10 so im impressed at that.


I enjoyed using these Admiral’s products and I was left very impressed indeed not only by the quality of the packaging and the look of the products but at the quality of the product itself.

You can certainly tell they have but all those years to good use!

If you would like to try some of Admiral’s products yourself you can by going onto their website

If you use the code GIRAFF25 they will give you 25% off your first order 

Daddy Giraffe x

*This is not an AD but a review on care products*











Letterbox Cake bakerdays Review

What if I told you that you could have cake delivered not only to your door but posted through your letterbox with your mail, your own designed cake with your own ideas and delivered before a celebration or a certain day? 

“Your crazy!”  I hear you say?

Today is the day my eldest turns 14, It doesn’t seem that long ago where he was playing with toys instead of spending his days on YouTube hours chatting to his friends online who he only just saw 20 minutes ago.

Harry has had a tough few years through bullying and has finally found himself settled in a new school and thriving in all subjects.

There is one subject he exceeds in this is Science, he has an obsession with this as he want to create a career around this, so much so he has learnt the periodic table of by heart which took some taking.

I came across a company called bakerdays, a cake makers that specialise in creating personalised cakes designed to be sent to you through the mail in a box that will fit through your letterbox.

I spoke to the lovely staff as I couldn’t find any designs that suited him so I asked them if they could make a cake with the Periodic Table on or would it be too much trouble, to which they said leave it to them and took my details.

Few days before Harry’s birthday and I receive an email saying they have dispatched the cake and they hope he enjoy’s it.

That very morning it arrives in a box, I open it with excitement and I couldn’t be more please with the result, It came in a lovely presented tin and was better than I imagined.

It was fresh, smelled amazing and looked even better.

Would Harry like it though?

Letterbox Cake
Letterbox Cake

By the look of his face I would say he did!

Thank you Bakerdays for all of your hard work of making this teenagers day.

If you would like to order a personalised cake for any occasion then you can by visiting

You can get 15% off if you use this code DADDYGIRAFFE15

Daddy Giraffe x







Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day Review

My 3 year old never stops from the moment he wakes up to the second its announced that  its bedtime, the only time he is still and settled is when its time for a story before bed and this week it was the story of Benjy Bunn’s Busy Day.

This story actually reminds me of Freddie and the mischief he is oblivious to when he feel like he is helping us out around the house.

The story is about a helpful little Bunny called Benjy…

Benjy starts the day deciding that he is going to be helpful but this doesn’t go to plan for the poor bunny as everything goes wrong.

He makes poor choices and a lot of mess while coming up with in his mind great ideas to be helpful for mommy from baking a cake to cleaning his own room all ends in disaster for which Benjy is oblivious too.

Helpful Benji
Helpful Benjy

Benjy makes his way into the garden to try to help Mommy and Daddy which Freddie found highly amusing as he is pulling up plants and spraying water every where because he’s having too much fun.

Illustrations and Readability 

The illustrations in the book are good with it being very colourful to catch the eyes of children preventing them from getting bored easily.

The writing is exactly the kind that Freddie likes and relates to which it the story rhymes throughout the book from start to finish making it easier for the child to understand I think.

Although a short story it is exactly what it is aimed for, a quick read before bed or a calm five minutes of cuddle time where they can interact enough without losing interest.


For me I like to know more about the book’s to find out where they came from and how the ideas came to life for us to read.

This is a lovely tale as the book was originally written by Bev Scott Prior who read it to her children at the local nursery in 1970.

This was then typed by her husband 45 years ago and brought back to life in 2018 by their grandson James Burns, keeping it’s old-fashioned charm.

Release dates and information

This wonderful book is due to be released to the public on 15th my 2018 in the UK.

It is also currently available to pre-order on &

I will look forward to this coming out and the follow on’s as im sure my son is also.

Daddy Giraffe x









Pasta Kidz & Petz Adventures Book Review

If there is two things that my 3 year old Freddie likes in this world it’s Pasta and books.

So when I came across this children’s book called Pasta Kidz & Petz Adventures I jumped at the chance to review the book.

The book is written by Bryony Supper a professional actress whose talents range from TV appearances to stand up comedy where she writes her own material.

She now uses her comedy in writing and has come up with the Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventures which is a joy to read, aimed at children  aged 5 – 7, my 3 year old enjoyed this very much and I have no doubt I shall be reading it to him a fair few times before bed.

Pasta Kidz & Petz Adventures
Pasta Kidz & Petz Adventures

The book is about children who all have names relevant to pasta such as Sarah Spaghetti, each child has a pasta catchphrase like Sarah’s is “Spaga Spoodle Spo!” which of course Freddie found hilarious.

Along with their Pasta Petz they get up to Adventures, in this first book called The Inventing Tubes Sarah Spaghetti and Marc Macaroni have a problem when they created a crazy pasta ball and try to contain it.

Pasta Kidz & Pasta Ball
Pasta Kidz & The Pasta Ball

The illustrations are good quality and along with the story, this kept Freddie entertained with all of the rhymes and funny words.

Trying to pronounce some of the sayings are like a tongue twister in themselves which had myself and Freddie laughing.

This was a hit with my child who loves his bed time stories and trying to find books that grab his attention are hard to come by but this one did just the job, we cant wait to read the second one.

If you would like to know more about Bryony and her children’s books then you can find them on the link below.

Thanks for reading another Daddy Giraffes review.

Daddy Giraffe x


Pull along Bumble Bee review

When having children the task to pick toys for your kids is a pain and expensive, me and my partner have always had a thing with the kids playing with wooden toys because they are sturdy and I like the look of them so the pull along Bumble Bee was perfect.

Our youngest daughter Bethie is 1 and like any baby/toddler her attention span of toys is  limited and she gets bored easy moving on to the next thing quite quickly.

With Bethie now walking around she would carry toys around the house until we came across this cute little pull along Bumble Bee.

Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee

The Bumble Bee came and it was exactly what we hoped for, it was bright, colourful and its springy antennas were a great touch.

Attached to the Bee is a long yellow rope so that when it’s pulled along the wings go around and the toy makes a clicky noise which our daughter finds highly amusing.

Bethie absolutely adores this toy, she pulls it along with her everywhere she goes the poor Bumble Bee has been thrown, dropped, bitten, had juice spilled over it and still it looks as shiny as when we first got it which is very impressive as any other plastic toy would break within hours.

Bethie and her Bee
Bethie and her Bee

As you can see Bethie loves her Bee and has even named it herself as Bobby.

I would highly recommend this toy to any parent who is looking to get their children a safe, fun appealing toy for any occasion, they will play with it for hours on end.

To get your own Pull along Bumble Bee then please click on the link below—pull%2Fpull-along-bumblebee&data=02%7C01%7C%7C41175c7a2b894599cab308d573870988%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636541946167145609&sdata=jkz2iDHeiHPwEiF2esH7YP68WUSK1hozrlNSAHNCF%2FA%3D&reserved=0

Daddy Giraffe x



Miffy Bethie’s new best friend

With our younger children who are aged 1 & 3 they have a bedtime routine before they get settled down to sleep, this consists of having a final toilet, brushing their teeth, washing their face and  reading a story before bed one of which is of Miffy.

Freddie who is 3 has already gotten himself into a routine and already has his story to bed and is generally good at getting himself ready but it the 1 year old that is the problem and the main problem is for me anyway…wiping her face!!

Bethie has a bunny that she takes everywhere with her and this just made scene MIFFY!!

Now for those of you that don’t know who Miffy is well let me explain.

Miffy is a cute little bunny that believe it or not have been around since 1955 and has sold over 85 million copies of her book, there are toys and all sorts of  items that kids can relate to because she looks so approachable.


We have a face cloth that has a picture of Miffy on it and immediately Bethie associated it with her bunny and actually let me wipe her face with this cloth, which might I add she has gotten rather attached to as you can see…

Bethie Boo
Bethie Boo

I highly recommended any getting any of the item as they go down so well with kids and you can see why when you read the books to your kids or see your children watching the TV programs.

If you would like more information on this and would like to check it out yourself, I will leave the website below so you and your children can explore the World of this magical bunny together.

Thank you for reading and have a great day with whatever your doing.

Daddy Giraffe x





Christmas Snowflake the magical read by Wonderbly

Christmas is just weeks away!

Can you believe that just a few weeks, we have been looking forward to it all year round and now it’s here I need more time to prepare.

If you anytime like us Christmas Eve is just as magical as the day it’s self, it’s the day were we all prepare for the big man in red to visit and drop all the presents. We have a routine on Christmas Eve where we leave out reindeer food for them to see our house, the children unwrap new pyjamas to go to bed in, we leave out Mince Pies and a drink for Santa then watch a Christmas Film before bed.

This year we have decided to read a Christmas story to the children but finding the right one was more difficult than we thought as there are hundreds of them, all of them with the same sort of story lines. I wanted something my children would remember we did as a tradition, a story that they could read to their children, something that would make the holiday special.

I looked online and saw a company called Wonderbly who do personalised books for children and there newest book is called The Christmas Snowflake, the title sounded interesting so I had a look, on the site I was able to add the names of all the members of the family into the story line.

Family Names
Family Names

This story has it all, excitement, magic, something that all the family can relate to and the very end is a decoration we can place onto our Christmas Tree which I though was an amazing touch and something we could keep and place on our tree every year.

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

Page after page is filled with Christmas joy keeping the attention of kids as they follow their own journey throughout the story

I can’t wait to read this to my children on Christmas Eve to get them in the mood for Santa so they can go to bed excited, it’s not just a story book it’s a memory that we can keep forever to look back on when they were younger and read it to their children some day.

If you would like one of these personalised books for yourself or your children then you can get them from the link below and put some magic into your children’s bedtimes.

Daddy Giraffe x






Pretty Gifted Wrapping…Pretty Good Idea

Christmas is coming fast around the corner and getting in your wrapping paper in now is a pretty good idea as we all know how much of a pain it is when you do all your shopping, get it home and suddenly you remember you didn’t pick the paper.

I come across a company called Pretty Gifted, they do personalised wrapping paper to your needs for any occasion not just for Christmas you can use it for Birthdays or a surprised gifts.

I had a look on their website  and it was really simple and easy to use, I put in the message I wanted, the colour I wanted it to be written in and just checked out.

The long parcel arrived I opened it like an excited child to see what I had made, it turned out a lot better than I had expected.

The paper was glossy and thick (don’t you just hate it when you at the end of wrapping something and your finger goes through the paper!!) I wrapped what I needed and there was plenty to spare for future gifts.

I was so impressed by the quality of this Pretty Gifted paper that I’m going to have to order some more when my teen hit a certain age (just for embarrassments sake)

I highly recommend it for personal gifts your going to gift just so it has that personal loved tough before they have even unwrapped it.

Pretty Gifted
Pretty Gifted Wrapping Paper

If you would like to get some Pretty Gifted personalised wrapping paper you can by visiting the link below.

Daddy Giraffe x