Valentines Day alone this year

14th February every year we celebrate Valentines day.

A day which is spent showing your loved one how much they mean to you, the usual means is gestures such as flowers, chocolates, cards, meals out topped off with a good night if your lucky.

Now I know you should show your loved one this all year round and not just on this particular day but as this tradition has been around since the 18 Century where gifts of love were exchanged it has become somewhat of have to like Easter.

It’s always nice to receive a Valentines card or a gift on the day just to know you are wanted and that somebody loves you, don’t get me wrong im no Casanova and I have had my fair share of Valentines Day fails but not every time.

Every year on this day I have always been in a relationship or been with someone but this year I find myself alone coming up to the day a head and it’s a lot sadder than I thought it would be.

This year I will have nobody to celebrate it with or a card which is strange and I know its only for 1 day but its the day designed for love.

Now before you get out all them tiny violins and decide to play them to me all at once some relationships just don’t work out and unfortunately mine didn’t but that doesn’t mean for others the day will be just as special.

Tiny Violin
Tiny Violin

If anything the past year and with the birth of my daughter it has taught me that when a girl’s heart is broken or they aren’t treated right sometimes we need to remember that’s somebody’s daughter and I certainly wouldn’t want to see my daughter sad, mistreated or crying over a stupid boy.

I will take the lessons I have learned and put them into practice if love ever comes my way again and who knows I might just mail myself a card in the mean time.

So for all of you lucky enough with loved ones, life is too short to stay around waiting to be treated right or waiting for love to come your way.

If you have it hold onto it, make the most of it and enjoy the day and the rest of your lives

Daddy Giraffe x





Random Questions Answered by Daddy Giraffe

A lot of things are going around were you are asked the same questions about yourself and I found that quite boring so instead I have found 100 random questions to answer and yes some are very random indeed.

Enjoy reading!

Do you sleep with the bedroom door open or closed? – Open so I know whats going on in the house or if the kids need me.

Do you take shampoos from hotels? – Shampoos, towels, TV’s, telephones and whatever will fit in my overnight bag.

Do you sleep with the blankets tucked in or not? – Both but my feet have to be covered in case of monsters

Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? – A bear at least I have the chance of kicking it in the nuts and running to safety, there’s no safety from bees.

Do you have freckles? – Apparently so, although I don’t see it myself.

Do you smile for pictures? – I try to but it looks abnormal or that might just be my face to be honest.

Do you count your steps when you walk? – I have a shiny new fit bit for that

Have you ever done a poo or a wee in the woods? – I’m doing it right now while typing this blog and who says men don’t multitask.

Do you ever dance when there is no music playing? – No I really can’t dance with or without music, I have no rhythm at all.

Do you chew pens or pencils? – I have always chewed pens since forever even now I can’t leave a pen unchewed.

Have many people have you slept with this week? – zero, nil, nobody #lonely

Is it ok for guys to wear pink? – Yes of course it is, I wear pink all the time

Do you still watch cartoons? – Yes more than I watch real TV, I have young children so it’s all I know.

What’s your least favourite film? – Black Swan, what the hell was that all about!!!

Where would you bury hidden treasure if you found any? – If I told you that it wouldn’t be hidden treasure would it.

Whats your favourite food? – Pasta and cheese

Would you ever pose nude? – Hell yeah get the cameras out, make sure it’s not on a cold day though.

What’s your usual bedtime? – As early as I can so usually 10, I’m getting so old.

Are you afraid of heights? – No I’m afraid of falling and breaking something.

Do you believe in ghosts? – Yes I see them all the time, it’s not as cool as you think.

Whats do you wear to bed? – If im alone then nothing at all, when people are around them I guess I should put on some boxers.

Have you ever been in love? – Yes

Have you ever won a contest? – Yes i’ve won a kickboxing contest

Do you have kids? – Yes I do and I love them all

Whats your favourite colour? – Yellow

There you have it random questions, try it yourself I would like to see the answers

Daddy Giraffe x







Over parenting now to back when I was a child

As a parent I worry about over thinking every situation my children are in or may be a part of in the future.

There are things that I wont let them do now but I was able to do when I was a child, so does that mean I am wrapping my kids in cotton wool or did my parent take a more chilled approach in raising me.

When I was younger I was allowed out to play first thing in the morning and as long as I checked in every now and then I was told to be back in the house when it started getting dark. We didn’t have a phone to check on us or call home it ask for an extra 10 minutes and if I was late I would be instantly grounded.

Now that I have children the eldest is 13 and I need to know where he is at all times, he has to have his phone on him and would I be 100% confident in him being out by himself…no not really because he isn’t as street smart as I was when I was young but is that because he hasn’t had the chance to?

I don’t necessarily think things are worse now than they were back when I was young, there is still terror threats, thugs, cars and crossing and sex offenders, I think the only real difference is we have easier access to the kind of things that are happening around us now, if there was any news in our area we knew by the local newspaper or the news on the TV, now we have social media which gives you the information on what has happened before the papers get hold of it, sometimes even before the police are informed.

The Internet now gives sex offenders and terrorist access to more information and ways to reach children without leaving their home and you get instructions on how to make all sorts of weapons for intention to cause harm.


Over protecting our children means keeping a track on them at all times and vetting the internet so they are safe in our own homes but is this preventing them to have a larger understanding of the world around them?

I think in the case of my parents they had more faith in how we would handle situations if we were approached and without phones they just had to trust us to make our own mistakes.

Now with the internet, games consoles and smart phones there is no reason for children to leave their home if they want to interact with their friends they will Facebook message them its instant and they don’t have to leave the warmth of the house.

Thinking about it and yes I over parent my children to prevent them for seeing any bad in the world if I can do it but at some point they need to learn the ways of the world to grow and evolve into individuals that can handle any situation that may arise.

But until then for as long as I can I will keep a very close eye

Daddy Giraffe x






Facts about Daddy Giraffe Top 10

You may read some of my blogs and read that I babble on about a lot of things but do you know any facts about Daddy Giraffe?

Here are 10 Facts you may or may not know about me as a person?

10. I am a proud parent of 5, this includes 2 boys ages 13 & 3 also 3 girls ages 12, 8 & 1

9. I am an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts I watch as many events as I can and have even attended a UFC 95 Live in London ,  I’ve taking part in Kickboxing, Boxing & MMA when I was younger. (With this has come with a broken nose, cracked ribs and broken hand)

8. My favourite film of all time is The Lion King! It is such an amazing film I can watch it over and over and it never gets boring.

7. I started a blog after being diagnosed with Personality Disorder to help people in a similar situation to me and try to spread the word and raise awareness for people to talk about it more openly.

6. My favourite meal is pasta and cheese,  it wasn’t always this but when I first meet a 2 year old Annabelle she was in a stage that plain pasta and cheese was all she would eat and now it has become my favourite meal.

5. I HATE clowns!! Don’t get me wrong im not scared of them in a scream run away kind of thing, I really don’t like them and defiantly don’t trust them, this results in the world sending me clown memes on Facebook all the time.

4. If you know me and I consider you as a friend then you are a special person because I hate people in general, it’s part of my condition and not a very nice part I agree but for those of you  am friends with I can be a very good friend and will help you where I can.

3. If you have the chance to look at eyes you will see that they are multi coloured and change colour depending on my mood, if im in a good mood they are blue and if im in a bad mood they turn black.

2. My favourite animal is a Rhino, they are so large and prehistoric looking like they haven’t evolved at all. They are like a walking tank and seeing them up close was an amazing experience.

  1. I am 34 and have never touched or experimented with any drugs or even tried a cigarette, I never saw the appal which is strange since all of my family are smokers and I knew a lot of people who were talking drugs at the time.

So there we have it 10 facts about Daddy Giraffe (bet you can sleep better at night now) I would be interested in hearing any facts about you if you read this.

Daddy Giraffe x

Daddy Giraffe Update Jan 2018

We are past the half way mark of the first month of the year with a lot of things changing and due to change in the up and coming months to come but one thing doesn’t change and that is the fact I am a daddy!

As many of you will be aware I wasn’t planning to go into a brand new year single but as adults me and Cheryl parted ways and decided to focus on the kids like any parents should do in these situations.

We are still friends and she will always be the mother of my children for which I will always be eternally grateful but it is time to move on and forward with both our lives, it just so happens to be that she is an awesome mummy and I am a good daddy so at least we are doing somethings right.

Harry is doing really well at his new school, he has made new and close friends and is focusing on his school work more than ever.

He is now using the fitness equipment at school and at home to get healthier and he is already seeing improvements and striving towards his goals which I have no doubt he will smash.

Ellie Jayne is quietly focused and getting nothing but top grades in her classes ending up 7th in her entire year, if she keeps her head down and carry’s on at this rate she will achieve her goals and go on to be the teacher she is aiming for.

She is at the age now where she emotional with everything you say to her but she is beautiful and I have no doubt she will break a lot of hearts in the future and I will be chasing the boys off with a stick!

Annabelle is well Annabelle.

She is a happy go lucky girl who lives in a land of rainbows and unicorns, the sun is always shining in her world night and day.

As an 8 year old she has her little melt downs where I have to use my Daddy voice but these are the time that you remember she is only 8 despite how clever the little monkey is.

Shes doing well in school in all subjects, joining in debates and being a part of the school council coming up with ideas that are amazing! I have no doubt she will go far and may make a change in the world for the better.

Freddie is a lot calmer than he has been but is still his cheeky self being a typical boys boy.

We worried that he may have something wrong with him by the way he acts sometimes but it ts far to early to tell, he may just be an energetic 3 year old and needs to burn it off somewhere.

He is doing well at school writing his own name and interacting with children his own age, he is now fully toilet trained day and night and has a better knowledge of the world around him.


Bethie is beautiful as ever I don’t think I have seen such a loving baby as her.

She loves kisses, cuddles and playing all the time, her speech is insane for her age to the point you can have a conversation with her, she tells you what she does and doesn’t want and also lets you know when she has done a poo while getting her own nappy out of the cupboard.

She is still very much a mummy’s girl but has come around to loving her daddy now and calls me all the time which is nice and now we are building a daddy daughter bond that will last forever.

My Beautiful Baby bethie
My Beautiful Baby Bethie

So whats in the future for me?

Well my number 1 priority is being the best daddy I can be and everything else is second.

I’m hoping that in the near future I will be given the all clear to go back to work once things and calmed down and I am balanced more but who knows what will happen its only January a lot can happen in this year but im certainly excited to see!!!

Daddy Giraffe x



Life after Death is there such a thing?

One of the biggest mystery’s in life today is what happens when you die?

Is there a place that you go to such as Heaven and Hell or do you simply get reincarnated into another life?

I have seen ghosts or people who have lived and are no longer here in varies stages on life in different locations so I do believe there is something after you pass away but what it is I am not sure.

Now the biggest and baddest people in the world must think if there is a Heaven or Hell when they are within their last moments of life, will they be forever tortured for their crimes and bad choices or rewarded with all the good that they have done while living on earth?

How do you know what are the bad choices that make the decision you go down instead of up?

I mean once when I was a child I broke a cup and blamed it on my brother so am I destined to an after life of eternal damnation or does it have to be something really bit that harms and damages other people’s lives?

What are good choices to make it to Heaven because if it being kind to your fellow-man then I am screwed I may as well pack my shorts and sunglasses so at least I’m prepared.

There of course is another option which is reincarnation, this is where you are reborn into something else like an animal, plant or maybe even another person.

Knowing my luck I would be reincarnated into a tree, then I would be cut down and turned into toilet paper where I would spend my short life wiping the bums of mankind!

The smartest thing I heard someone say to me is what if the bright light you see before you die is the light when you see when you are born, needless to say it blew my mind!!

So with all this said should we spend the rest of our life carefully living just in case there is something or what if you do that and it turns out there is nothing at all and it was just a wasted life?

I have come to the conclusion that I only know whats happening right now so that is how I will live right now and if it turns out there is an afterlife I will just deal with it as it happens.

Don’t stress about life, you’re not put on this earth to spend your life just to pay bill, live a little, love even more and be happy!

Daddy Giraffe x







Sorry that I made you sad

And all the times you cried
All the shouting and the yelling
Plus the times I lied
Sorry that you sat alone with long nights
At 3am 4am 5am we would fight
You would sit and cry while I slept in bed
And all of the times that we should have been but were never wed
Sorry that I made you feel that you werent enough.
That all through our relationship all I did was bluff
The fact is that I love you
But this I didn’t show
I messed up every single time
That you have it another go
I miss you warmth, your smell, your smile
Things I’ve not seen in a while
These things that I know were there
Your long dark Rapunzel hair
I blew it big time without a doubt
No talking to you only shout
But know you’ll always be my friend to the very end
Your hips, your hands your gentle kiss
All these that I will miss
But for now I will say away
Who knows now I might be gay
Just don’t hate me I meant no harm
I find it hard to stay calm
If anything I ever knew was true
Was the fact I did/will always and do love you


Daddy Giraffe’s 5 thing’s he couldn’t live without with babies

Since becoming a daddy there a few things I have discovered that I didn’t even know excised but now I know they are there they are a life saver and I couldn’t be without them.

Here’s Daddy Giraffe’s top 5 things you must have when raising babies and toddlers

5. Tights

This may sound like an odd one to be added to the list but bear with me this is going some where, as a new daddy I had to learn how to dress a baby and all of the tiny clothes where so cool including the tiny socks.

This is all well and good until they learn they have feet, with this comes they will pull off their socks and you can guarantee it will be freezing cold outside, your on a school run and he/her pulls of their socks while other parents look at you like the most awful parent in the world.

I told this to Cheryl that it kept happening and see said put them in tights under their trousers and that way they can’t pull them off and my god it worked!!

How did I not think of this myself instead of countless hours battling and trying to track down lost socks in the street.

4. Sudocrem

I didn’t even know this was a thing, I remember Freddie had a bad belly and had a very sore bum, I found some cream to use which after a few days wasn’t really working very well so once again Cheryl threw a small pot of Sudocrem  at me and said try this.

After a few day the bad sore bum was gone, the stuff is amazing, it doesn’t rub of easy and can be used for rashes, cuts and burns. I always use it now if there’s ever a sign of nappy rash it should be called Supercrem!

3. A teddy or Blanket

Every baby need something for comfort when you’re not around, in our case Bethie has Bunny which is a  pink Bunny/blanket ( we got 2 just in case) and Freddie has a giraffe he has in bed with him.

The only down side with this is if they lose it then the world is ending, they won’t sleep without it and guaranteed it will happen just before bedtime where you can’t go out and replace it.

Bunny & Giraffe
Bunny & Giraffe

2. Calpol

Every parent in the world will use this if your child is poorly at some point as a single person without children I had no need for Calpol and wouldn’t even know what to of used if a baby had a temp.

Freddie as a baby had such  a bad cold and temp and Calpol was a life saver just to get his temp down enough so he and we could get a bit of sleep, it comes with a cool syringe so its easier than trying to use a spoon and spilling it everywhere or half of it down their face.

1.Baby wipes

Baby wipes are the best invention ever!!

They are not just used to clean poo or wipe your baby down, you can use them for absolutely anything! They are brilliant, spills, stains, hand wipes the possibility are endless when it comes to using baby wipe’s.

They smell good and are never-ending when coming out of the packet but there is a downside that as a daddy or parent that it will happen to you at some point, your baby has done an all might poo and I mean out of the sides and up their back and you didn’t realise you have just pulled out the last baby wipe from the packet….

Panic stations everyone because you just know at this point your baby will start to wriggle around and let the carnage begin.

Daddy Giraffe x




Moments to be happy about in 2017

2017 has been a crappy year to sum it all up but it hasn’t all been bad there have been a handful of good moments in one of the worst years I’ve had, I would like to share some of my good moments in the dreaded year 2017.

It’s been a good year for my beautiful Bethie with some memorable moments, she has grown so much it’s hard to believe that not so long ago she was just a tiny (well kinda) baby. The year has seen her have her 1st birthday which she was so excited for and spent all day playing with her wrapping paper!!

She got spoilt rotten by everyone in the family and she even did her very own cake smash and left very little of the chocolate cake she was meant to be smashing. Not long after her 1st birthday Bethie discovered she can not only climb but can now also walk, soon discovering that crawling is still the quicker option though if she wants to get anywhere.

Bethie Birthday
Bethie Birthday Moments

Freddie has had his fair share of good boy moments this year, he has been a busy bee growing into a big boy and doing big boy things. Freddie turned 3 this year which mad him an official toddler and not a baby in his eyes so he decided to ditch the nappies and use big boy pants, he has been doing so well and took to toilet training straight away even to the point where he stands up to wee because that’s what all the older boys do.

Going into nursery was a big moment in Freddie’s life as he does not mix well with other people and is very shy but with a little persuading he now has lots of friends, helps out the teachers and enjoys going to school in the morning, he even has his own Tammy and Jo song as he goes walking through the doors.

At the moment Freddie is learning to write his own name, he does it every day at school and we got him to do it while he was at home, it’s not to bad if I don’t say so myself.

Freddie's Name
Freddie’s Name

Ellie has had a good year, not only did she start a brand new school after leaving her old one behind, she got in there got her head down and got through her exams, we nervously waited for the email to come through about where she would place in the year, telling ourselves and her as long as you tried that is all that matters.

It comes through and we couldn’t believe it Ellie Jayne had got 1st in her exams in her entire year after being there only a few months, Ellie was even in shock herself and got very spoilt for it. She then went on to become house captain in her year and is storming her way through school heading towards her goal of someday being a teacher.

Ellie number 1 in her year
Ellie Number 1 in her year

Annabelle is doing well, her positive attitude has driven her forward to give her some good moments. Annabelle is terrified of water so getting her to let go of the side of the swimming pool is a nightmare she squeals, screams and cries every time. The letter came from school that it was time for Annabelle’s class to do swimming and we dreaded it but she comes back with a certificate saying she out her head under water and jumped in!!!. Can you believe that after all our efforts and she just goes and jumps in any way, needless to say it is up on our wall, we are very proud.

Her class were electing a school counselor and Annabelle was so positive that she was going to get it, so positive that the day where the votes were being counted and it was going to be announced her last words to me were, I will see you later when I am school counselor.

School ends and I’m waiting outside the gates for her and BOOM she nailed it like she said she would, I wish I had her attitude!

Annabelle School council
Annabelle School council

Harry had his fair share of bad moments this year but he is a trooper and just powered through it, while he was in his old school despite the issues he was having he managed to become school captain and the won a school award for Computer Science in front of teachers, pupils and parents.

He started a new school after leaving his old one due to bullying and fitted in straight away, making new friends and getting countless awards from all of his teachers, hes doing so well and has already been out in all the top sets.#

Lets not forget that Harry also celebrated his 13th birthday this year becoming an official teenager complete with attitude

Harry Award
Harry Award

Cheryl has had the worst year imaginable but has still managed to get her fair share of good moments, the one that springs to mind is the fact she did a charity night run, something she had never done before but decided to do it anyway.

It was so cold that night but she didn’t care and we all stood and cheered as she crossed the finish line running.

She thoroughly enjoyed it and is even thinking of doing more runs and is aiming to do the Tough Mudder Mud Run at some point in the future.

Night Run
Night Run

2017 has had some good moments and memories but i will be so glad to see the back of it and look forward to moving on in a bright brand new year….bring on 2018!

Daddy Giraffe x



Santa please don’t miss these Christmas wishes

Dear Santa

Ever since I was little I was taught how Santa would be watching all year round to see if I was being good or bad, this would determine if I would get any presents or not. Of course I was a little demon most of the year but come the month of December I was an angel just so I didn’t get that lump of coal.

As the years went by and I was older Christmas was less exciting and the presents got less from family and friends, sure we had the decorations and ate a big meal on the day its self but the meaning just lost it’s appeal.

That was until I had kids and it bolted my Christmas joy again, I was having to buy presents for my own children and make sure they feel the magic of December and knowing that you are getting ready to be on your way, on Christmas Eve we track you on the SantaNav and see where you are in the world delivering to all the boys and girls.

My Children have all wrote to you and asked for what they want from Santa this year and I’m pretty impressed that it’s not to expensive but I want to ask you for a Christmas wish personally.

Cheryl has had the year from hell and everything thrown at her with bad health to me and the kids ending up in hospital and in the space of just a few months she lost her mom the whole reason she loves Christmas and also our relationship ended.

My wish is to give her the strength to get through this year, through Christmas and New Year so she can start fresh and start to rebuild her life again, she has lost her Christmas spirit this year but if anyone can get it back its Santa.

Merry Christmas

Daddy Giraffe x

Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly

p.s. I hope you don’t mind but some other people want a few things to…

“A cleaner!”

“Not too many presents for the boys as they will just be scattered around the house”

“A weekend of peace. No cooking, no cleaning or playing ‘Mum’s Taxi”

“Dear Santa, please bring me patience. By the bucket load. I already feel like Christmas should be tomorrow”

“I would love a GoPro Hero 6 please ready for our holidays in January as I can’t possibly justify the price”

“That the kids would eat everything I make for them! Or at least any veggies and fruits. That would be a real Christmas magic”

“A world where I want my kids to grow up, where people respect difference and don’t use power to harm or hurt others and there is peace and understanding”

“Cheese that tastes full fat but is calorie free please!!”

“Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl ( well, I have tried anyway) Please bring me a round the world ticket to Travel with my children and show them all the delights and wonderful people there are. ( plus, endless blogging material and inspiration”

“Endless alcohol without a hangover”

“A chef, who can take over the endless daily negotiations with my 4 & 6-year-old about what they will and won’t eat. And wine… All the wine.”