Superstitions do we even know were doing them?

Ever since I was small I was told about certain thing do do and not to do if I was to avoid bad luck like breaking a mirror would give you 7 years bad luck, which got me thinking what other superstitions do people have and do throughout the day and are they even aware they are doing it.

So I asked a few of bloggers what superstitions do they go by and do they believe in bad luck or even do their best to try and avoid it.

Some of the answers I had heard of before and some are completely new to me so feel free to read and tell me what you think.

“I salute magpies and I remember when I was younger if there were 3 drains together you would step on the first one , spit on the second and jump over it to the third because it was bad luck otherwise (gross now I look back!) ”

“I refuse to walk under ladders at any cost. I hate it so much!”

“My husband is Italian. In Italy they believe an open umbrella inside the house brings bad luck so it’s strictly no drying umbrella open in the house after rain and no playing with it for the kids in our house! ( I think it’s crazy but hey ho)”

“My grandma always used to say touch wood and find a piece of wood to touch when she was talking about her luck or avoiding something bad happening – I’ve carried on the tradition.”

“My auntie always said throw salt over both shoulders if you spill it, in case the devil jumped shoulders. I do always say hello to Mr Magpie.”

“If I drop a knife on the floor I have to leave it and get someone else to pick it up.”

“I try to avoid walking over 3 drains in a row. If I do, I have to jump up and down 3 times. It’s something my brother told me when we were kids and I still do it!”

“Everything! No walking under ladders, no shoes on the table, say hi to the magpie ‘where’s your wife and children’ ‘see a penny pick it up'”

“My sister in law will only leave a house through the door she entered it by! I don’t share her superstition but still feel wrong if I don’t abide by this!”

“I won’t walk over groups of three manholes covers – I blame an old girlfriend for that one who was very superstitious”

“I’m not superstitious I think if you walk under a ladder and it falls on you that’s just karma for walking under it 😂😂”

“I always put my socks on before trousers it sounds bizarre but when I don’t it just all seems wrong and I wonder if this is just not meant to be! I also lock and unlock car a couple of times as feel otherwise I’m almost asking it to be broken into! It’s like telling the car lock lock lock!! I only ever use the same colour matching pegs on clothes on the line they just have to match if they don’t it’s like asking birds to poo on them!”

“Never sleep in front of a mirror! I always turn any mirrors away or cover them if they are overlooking my bed.”

I never knew there was so many superstitions but after reading these Im still convinced that im not superstitious in the slightest.

Let me know if any if these ring a bell or now that you have read these you have developed new superstitions (if so im sorry).

Daddy Giraffe x


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Single Parenting the truth

You hear a lot of it now days at thats single parents, now this could be a single parent acting alone bringing up their children alone or two separate parents raising there children the best they can from two separate locations.

I didn’t see myself being a single parent, although I do not live with my children I see them nearly everyday and make sure that they have everything that it needed.

Although the children have the best of both worlds and the love of both parents it isn’t always the case and a lot of people dont actually know what its like being a single parent.

I asked 2 single parents there thoughts on what it is like and asked the pros and cons and the responses was interesting…

“Being a single parent is difficult , especially when it’s something that you didn’t choose yourself and all you wanted was for your children to be a part of a loving family. When you are forced to be a single parent it can be very difficult to adjust with the constant questions from the children asking why their daddy isn’t there and even in my case completely blaming me for the situation, even giving nasty comments and not knowing how to make it better for them. One of the toughest things is once the children are in bed and you’re sat on your own without anyone to share your day with. If you’re poorly you have no choice but to drag yourself out of bed to get up with the little ones and there’s no time to rest and nobody around to help to make you feel better. Parenting can be tough sometimes and some days you just need someone to put their arms round you and tell you that you’re doing ok because you constantly question if you’re even a good parent and if being by yourself is enough for them. Whilst it’s a difficult thing to go through and adjust to I would walk to the ends of the earth to make sure my children are happy”

The second person…

“Tbh it is easier but very difficult positive I have no one to argue with of how I bring up my kids, my kids are happier we can do what we want kids are getting my full attention so they are happier negative I have to do all night shift and day shift I’m tired kids are missing there dad I’m the only one to deal with tantrums it’s not like I can pass them onto anyone”

I think you have to do the best in the worst situation you didn’t see yourself in, in my case your parental instincts kick in and you adapt to the situation to try and keep some normality in the their lives.

To all you single parents out there who are struggling on your own with your children and feel like your not doing so well, you are doing a great job keep doing what your doing and it will get easier.

Make memorys because believe me when your children are older they will remember who was there for them and the best times in their lives.

Daddy Giraffe x 







Ask a Daddy

Ask a daddy.

Woman go through pregnancy and labour to bring the baby into the world and sometimes choose to do the feeding to, they can share their experiences with other moms who will understand there journey and pain.

Men are in general in the dark a little on this subject so I have decided to go out on a limb and offer any moms a question to ask a daddy.

No questions off limits, just ask a question and I will explain it from a daddies point of view and based on my own experiences.

I had some wonderful responses from mummy’s from all over and i would like to share them with you all.

What did it feel like the first time you held your baby? 

Love like ive never felt before, I remember holding my first born and looking at him thinking im going to love you for as long as I live and just look after you. 

Both babies were so small and at the same time it was like oh my god im responsible for looking after this tiny human, how will I cope but I had a strong woman beside me who guided me through it all.

Whats your usual daily routine?

It starts with getting up with my 3 year old and of course hes always hungry, followed by the rest of his brothers and sisters.

Get them ready for school, play with Bethie until its her nap time then pick Freddie up from school while trying to do some blogging or housework.

My older children come home from school, its then craziness and loud until its finally its bedtime.

Do you help with the night time feeds?

Since it was my first baby I threw myself in there and after I was shown what to do and how to hold him and wind him, I insisted on doing all the night time feeds and sorting them when they cried in the night.

I used to sing Freddie with songs from The Beatles…I think he may of just been pretending to be sleeping so I would just stop.

I enjoyed it but sadly it took away bonding time between between mummy and Freddie which I feel guilty for but they now have a close bond.

Do you feel that two weeks paternity leave is enough for dads to bond with baby, assist mum after birth and adjust to life as a family?

Yes in a way of it more than enough time to bond with the baby to get some quality daddy and baby time.

No in the way of mom doesn’t get the rest or help she deserves, what people dont understand and I didn’t is that yes women get maternity leave but straight after they have given birth they dont get much time to rest.

They have to do everything for the baby, themselves and do everyday tasks while in pain and extremely tired.

Do you think that men can TRULY understand how it feels to be pregnant and give birth? And does it make you feel sad or relieved that you’re excused from that aspect of parenthood – or both?! 

Good question!

Cheryl was pregnant in the summer and poor thing was uncomfortable ALL the time, she could sleep, she was too hot, I felt helpless because in them aspects there is nothing much that I could do.

Watching her give birth was amazing yes it was sad to see her in such pain but to watch how strong she was and that she did in on such little gas and air showed me not only how tough she was but what she was willing to go through to bring this baby into the world to be loved and I will always be thankful to her for that.

But no..I stubbed my toe once and was close to calling a priest for my final goodbyes, I couldn’t imagine what its like for woman.

What one thing would you like your partner to understand (you know those moments where you may butt heads) ?

That im not doing these things to make you mad, yes I gave her some crisps 20 mins after you said no but she looked at me all cut, what was I supposed to do?

What’s the best thing about being a Dad? 

Watching them learn something for the first time and how proud they look.

Weather it walk, counting or writing their name you have bot experienced it for the first time together.

What are your favourite activities to do with your kids?

We would usually go on walks, trips to the park and recently found out the younger two 3 and 1 love the water so we went swimming quite a lot. 

Now the baby insists on walking everywhere we try to get out as often as we can.

Do you think that the role as Dad is as important as the role of a Mum?

Yes I think it definitely should be.

I know moms carry the baby and deliver it but the dads helped create the life and care for the mom through the whole way.

They should both be respected as each other by their children.

Thank you for being a part of my post today ladies and I hope you all have some sort of an incite to a dads world.

Daddy Giraffe x 








Feeling guilty for having mental health

On my journey to raise awareness for people to open up and talk about Mental Health so that this taboo subject is broken I have always said never have the feeling of guilt for suffering Mental health.

But today I broke my own rule.

I’ve said in a previous post that I am concerned about my young boy Freddie possibly having Autism.

He is showing some of the key signs for a while such as lack of concentration, memorising certain things and just repeating them over and over, also he wont look at you when you’re talking to him.

Freddie’s mom has had her suspicions for a long time but I was in denial and thought it was just Freddie being Freddie, but today was different.

After a long time of Cheryl asking for help to have him assessed which fell on deaf ears, I had seen it for myself as I tried to get him to tell me about his story of the week and he wouldn’t look at me while telling me or his nursery worker.

I decided enough was enough and spoke to his class key worker and expressed my concerns about Freddie and also to the SEN of the nursery who will give us the help we need from this point on.

Afterwards all i could think and do was to blame myself for this.

Was this my fault?

Did my own Mental Health do this or have some sort of effect on the poor boy?

I couldn’t help but feel responsible for this happening, even with reassurance from Cheryl that it’s 100% not my fault I still shed a tear and felt so bad.

I know deep down that there is nothing I could have done to cause this or prevent this if it turns out that it is in fact Autism.

All I know is I will love this little boy regardless of what happens he is my little superhero!

Daddy Giraffe x





Tips for Parents To Foster Their Child’s Social & Emotional Development

It requires a lot of efforts from the parent’s end to transform their child into a responsible person. As a parent, you have to put consistent efforts to raise a happy and healthy child with high social and emotional intelligence. From the very day when your child is born and until they start taking their responsibilities on their own, you have to make sure that you do every possible thing that can enhance their overall development.

Parenting is a complex task and you have to get ready to give your 100% to it if you want to improve your child’s life. It’s very important for you to take necessary steps to foster the emotional intelligence of your child. Experts believe that a child with high emotional intelligence can achieve their goals easily because they are blessed with better attention skills which make it easier for them to learn new skills effortlessly.

In other words, if you want your child to perform exceptionally well in school or college, then it’s crucial that you start working towards their emotional development. On the other hand, children with low emotional intelligence struggle with issues like anxiety and depression, and also face a lot of relationship problems. In layman’s terms, a child with poor emotional intelligence struggles a lot in their life because they find it utterly difficult to handle different kinds of situations.

So, if your child is also struggling with emotional issues, here is how you can encourage their social and emotional development.

Communicate With Your Child

It’s very important for parents to communicate with their child frequently to understand them in a better way. If you are unable to understand your child, you will never be able to help them. So, you need to discover ways of enhancing your communication with them. For example, you should try to enjoy your food with them regularly so that you can find an opportunity to talk to them during meal time. In addition to that, if you love going for morning walks ask your child to accompany you.

Working parents find it difficult to take out time to talk to their kids, so they can make the most of out of mealtime and morning walks to spend some quality time with them. In addition to that, they can also spend time with their children before they go to bed. In short, try to talk to your child as much as you can to understand their feelings and problems.

Never Hurt Their Feeling & Emotions

If in case your child is experiencing an emotional problem, then you should put efforts to understand it properly. Ask them what is it that is creating a problem for them. For example, if you have a teenage child, try to figure out how is their relationship with their friends. If in case, your son/daughter says that they had a terrible fight with one of their friends in school, then it’s important for you to react appropriately. Yes, rather than scolding them, you should try to ask the reason behind the fight. And even if it was your child’s fault, you shouldn’t start shouting at them. Rather than behaving rudely with them, you should try to teach them how to behave responsibly in a social setting.

However, if your child is dealing with an emotional problem like anxiety or depression and you are unable to help them, then it’s crucial to take professional help. You might be observing that sometimes your child starts behaving either very rudely or in a weird manner. However, it’s very important for you to understand that such behaviours are quite common among children suffering from emotional issues and they don’t do anything intentionally. Even experts at CHARTER Harley Street believe that you are not at all accountable for how you feel, but you can easily control your subsequent behaviour.

Improve Your Emotional Bond With Them

Having a strong emotional bond with your child can bring a lot of happiness in your entire family. Children who are emotionally attached to their parents share all the important things with them, which make it easier for parents to guide them properly. However, if you do not know anything about your child’s life, you won’t be able to provide them with that much-needed guidance. So, if you want to strengthen your emotional bond with your child make sure that you start expressing your love and affection to them. You have to make them feel that you really care about their feelings so that they can start sharing them with you. Well, it’s quite true that you love your son or daughter like anything, but it’s equally important to show it to them.

So, once your child starts relying on your for their emotional needs, you can really bring a big difference in their life by giving them right advice for their problems.

Improve Your Child’s Self Awareness Skills

You should always try to encourage your child to improve their self-awareness skills because that makes it easier for them to understand their feelings and emotions. So, if you don’t want their emotions to affect their behaviour badly, it’s important for them to have a high self-awareness.

In addition to that, your child must also have high self-management, which is nothing but the ability to control their behaviour and mood, so that they can achieve their goals effectively.

Develop Your Child’s Social Awareness Skills

A child with high social awareness knows how to understand others opinions and feelings, and then responds to them accordingly. In other words, social awareness is nothing but the ability of your child to analyse and understand others’ perspective and then react to a situation accordingly.

So, as a parent, it’s your duty to teach your child how to respect other people’s feelings and opinions so that they can interact effectively with them.



Conspiracy Theories viewed through the eyes of Daddy Giraffe

Throughout our existence there have been events that have happened where people view things differently then along comes the Conspiracy theories where people are convinced there is more behind it than just the simple answer.

So I am going to give my take and views on some of the biggest Conspiracy Theories there are.

You don’t have to agree but that’s the whole point of it….

Elvis is Alive



  • This comes from millions of fans who don’t want to let go and admit that the King of Rock & Roll is dead.
  • Elvis was possibly the most famous person in the world, you would be able to spot him in a crowd of thousands of people so where is he actually meant to hide where he wont be recognised.
  • If I was to fake my own death it certainly wouldn’t be in the bathroom or on the toilet as some would say.

The moon landing was faked

Mood Landing
Moon Landing
  • It was a race to who would land on the moon first America or Russia, America landed on the moon first but not once have Russia claimed the landing was faked.
  • The moon landing was in 1969 at that time it would have cost more to fake the landing than to actually send people to the moon itself.
  • If it was indeed faked then hundreds of NASA employees would have had to keep the secret, can you really see this happening?

Aliens exist and are being hidden from us

  • This I believe is true, in this vast universe its hard to think that we are the only living species on in the entire galaxy.
  • Area 51 a top-secret base in the middle of nowhere, a place where they hold god knows what because it would cause world-wide panic.
  • There are a lot of faked videos and pictures but once in a while you hear stories from RAF or Air Force pilots where they have come across such things and UFO’s  and again it’s just brushed away.
  • Take the pyramids for example, these huge structures were built around 2630 BC a time where all they had were slaves. These stones are perfectly cut and placed in a way that you couldn’t get a razor blade between them and yet they have stood the test of time, yet these were done by slaves, malnourished and beaten slaves hmm.


  • Do I think there is a group of the most powerful people in the world meet up….yes!
  • Money is power in this world and unfortunately we don’t get a say in anything or any decisions..e.g..going to war to how you look after you children.
  • Do I think it’s made up of huge celebs, No but I think they use them to influence peoples way of thinking like branding or views on political events.
  • With the most powerful people owning all aspects of the world and brands it’s easy to influence you like sheep or take your mind and thoughts away from real life events like war, famine and the fact that we are slowly losing control bit by bit.

These are just are just a few Conspiracy Theories floating around, if you look there are so many from who shot JFK to how the world was created.

I might be completely wrong but what to know im just a giraffe trying to get by in this crazy world but at least it’s food for thought for you readers.

Daddy Giraffe x









Getting to Know Three time daddy

Coming to end of my series getting to know you and this week I’m getting to know quite a popular blogger called Three Time Daddy.

I kindly asked him if I could interview him and of course being the cool guy he is said yes.

So here it is getting to know Three Time Daddy:

Can you tell us about yourself a little bit?
I am Three Time Daddy and I have, er, three kids – two boys and a girl. They are aged 8, 4 and 1 and I started writing a blog about it last summer.
What would you say your profile picture says about you?
I keep changing it, so it’s probably my indecisiveness. I also try to hide behind my kids’ faces rather than inflict my own on the world.
Do you prefer day time or night time?
Day time, but I like having quiet time in the evenings when the kids are in bed. 
If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?
Whats your fondest memory?
When my first son was born, it was via c-section and I got to hold him all by myself for a whole hour whilst my wife was in recovery. I did nothing but sit, he did nothing but sleep, but I will never forget how amazing it felt.
Do you have any hobbies?
I try to write things that aren’t blog-related, I used to play the bass, I try to read, but generally, due to lack of time and energy, my children have become my hobbies.
What annoys you?
People. People being rude, or ignorant, or inconsiderate, or lazy and expecting someone else to do everything for them. 
What makes you happy?
Being there when my kids learn something new and seeing the little sparkle in their eye when they’ve cracked it.
If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be? 
I guess it would be pizza, my ipod (including some sort of solar-powered contraption to keep the batteries topped up) and a bottle of single malt.
Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?
I have a fear of failure and it often leaves me struggling with self-doubt. Behind all the social media profiles, I’m probably not as happy as you think.
Who’s your biggest inspiration?
For me it would probably be people like Neil Gaiman and David Mitchell (the writer). I love how their books can transport you to other worlds and leave you feeling slightly different when you’ve finished them.
What your biggest fear?
Not being able to support my children, whether emotionally or financially. 
Whats your guilty pleasure?
I don’t actually believe in guilty pleasures anymore – if you enjoy something, shout about it. I love La La Land. So there.
Do you have a nickname?
Not since school, which is a long time ago
Now Time for Quick Fire Questions?
Night or Day?
Sweet or Sour?
Summer or Winter?
Leader or Follower?
Leader in my own head.
Cat or Dog?
Hot or Cold?
Singer or dancer?
Wealthy and sad or Poor and Happy?
I’m already one of those.
Fast or Slow?
Birthday or Christmas?
Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi Max to be exact.
Finally please can you tell us something you like about yourself?
My patience and creativity.
Thank you very much for answering my questions and I wish you all the best in the future.
Daddy Giraffe x

Versatile Blogger Award

I have to admit I am very Pants and didn’t see that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I don’t have a speech prepared as I wasn’t expecting it, at the moment I’m just trying to fight back the tears, I’ve got so many people to thank and so little time before the music plays me off.

I guess I should start by thanking of course Muddly Mum who I was lucky enough to have as a guest post on my blog for thinking of me.

Versatile Blogger Award
Versatile Blogger Award

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

The award is a way for bloggers to recognise and show their appreciation of others’ blogs and the work they put into them. Blogging regularly and well is a serious commitment and it’s great to show appreciation of others’ dedication to their interests or causes.

To accept the award, a blogger should do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Link to that persons Blog
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award – I know, I found this hard as I don’t even had 15 friends.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself with the person who nominated you.

7 Facts about Daddy Giraffe

  • My Favourite film of all time is The Lion King
  • I’m a huge MMA fan and follow it closely 
  • I have a fear of spiders, some will say it clowns! I don’t fear them I just don’t trust them….Stupid Clowns!
  • I have 4 different colours in my eyes 
  • I am a proud daddy to 5 awesome children
  • If I could invite any famous person living or dead for dinner it would be Bruce Lee
  • My favourite animal isn’t actually a Giraffe it’s believe it or not a Rhino

15 Nominations

So I guess its time to nominate people so if your names on the list below then I have passed this onto you…sorry but It had to go to someone.

T L Wright

My Mood Stars




Bryony – perfectlyimperfectmama 



Three Time Daddy



A Mixed up Mummy


Autumn’s Mummy

Relentlessly Purple 

Thank you very much again Muddly Mum

Daddy Giraffe x











Unexpected Parenthood

What do you do when your trust into unexpected parenthood at a moments notice?

Well this is exactly how it happened to Adam and his partner Lyndsay, little did they know that the 11th May 2015 would be the day that changed their lives forever.

Just a normal average day of work them both, with the big step going into their relationship of moving in together Adam was meant to be working away that day but his plans were cancelled at the last-minute, so with the house that was supposed to be empty Lyndsay finished work and went to stay at here moms so she didn’t have to spend the night alone.

With Adam getting home he decided to settled in for the night in the way he had been planning since his plans were cancelled, with pizza and cold Kopperberg.

Settling into bed with his laptop keeping an eye on an item he had been bidding for on eBay for quite a while he finally was the highest bidder, after paying and arranging delivery it was time for sleep as the day had caught up with him.

The Call

A call in the middle of the night is never a good thing in many people’s eyes, from my experience its someone who is drunk and wanting to talk or its bad news.

For Adam this call had startled him awake thinking who can this be and he rummaged for his mobile, a million thoughts going thoughts going through his head as he carefully answered the phone.

It was Lynday’s mom!

“Adam are you sitting down?, I will need to you to stay calm and listen”

What could it be?

Had she fallen?

Was she sick?

What Adam was told next shook him to the core…

Lyndsay had gone into hospital with suspected appendicitis and when they had scanned her to check if that was the case, she was actually pregnant!

Not only that but she was in labour!

I can’t begin to imagine how and what he felt in that second of time where he was told he was to be an unexpected parent.

Not only was they not prepared with buying anything baby wise from bottles to arranging sleeping and nappies but they also missed out on the wonder that is watching your partner growing your child and the excitement of counting the days to delivery day.

Adam rushed the hospital to be by his girlfriends side both of them in shock of what is currently going on with it feeling like some kind of dream where they would just wake up and everything would be back to normal.

3 hours on and Bella has arrived into the world more beautiful as they both could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

But what would happen now?

They weren’t prepared to be parents and were now in a situation where everything would now be 100 miles per hour and they would have to learn as they went along.

From personal experience it’s not easy raising kids, I had to learn as a new dad how to change a nappy to what do I do when they cry or even questioning am I personally cut out to be a parent.

I one night these two people had become unexpected parents, Lyndsay had now lost her job and they had to cancel their trip to Florida booked for the next month.

Life was going to be different from now on….

If you want to find out more about these 2 amazing people you can read their incredible story here

You can also keep up to dad with this daddy blogger on his page

I personally want to wish these guys all the best, I have enjoyed hearing about their journey as parents and look forward to his future posts.

Daddy Giraffe x






Tasha Getting to know you

Getting to know you have been where I have focused on a lot of bloggers and explored about how and why they got into blogging , I was approached by someone I call a friend Tasha and she would like people to know a bit more about her.

So please sit back and get to know a bit about Tasha..

Can you tell us about yourself a little bit?

I’m Tasha. I’m 24. I live in Ketley, Telford with my partner of 8 years, engaged for 2. We have 3 beautiful Daughter: Holly, Kaytlin & Alice.

What would you say your profile picture says about you?

My profile is of my 3 beautiful girls. Just shows how proud I am of them.

Do you prefer day time or night time?

I would say I prefer night time. As much as I love being with my girl, I also love to be able to chill out on my own & watch the TV in peace.

If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?

Erm, im not sure haha. When people first meet me im quiet & shy. But, once they get to know me & I feel comfortable around them then I can be quite outgoing & funny.

Whats your fondest memory?

Mmmm, I have quite a few to be honest. But having my kids will always be the top ones.

Do you have any hobbies?

I really enjoy cooking & baking. But I also make hair bows.

What annoys you?

A lot. Haha. I can’t really put the main thing that annoys me. But mainly people who are two-faced & hypocrite.

What makes you happy?

My girls & my partner. Also, working. I enjoy being able to go out & help others.

If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be?

Food, peace & quiet haha.

Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?

Erm, I never really had a teenage life because I spent most of it caring for my mum & raising my brother & sister. At the age of 12 I took on the role of being a carer for my mum because she got diagnosed with a long-term illness which ended up in having operations & not being able to move some days.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mum, Always.

What your biggest fear?

Spiders. I’m petrified of them. Nothing I do can make me like them. Believe me I have tried. But nothing works.

Whats your guilty pleasure?

Watching my soaps & a few other programs. Teem Mom OG, Ex on the Beach, Wentworth Prison, Celebrity Juice. Just to name a few.

Do you have a nickname?

Most people call me Tasha & Tash.

 Now Time for Quick Fire Questions?

 Night or Day?


Sweet or Sour?


Summer or Winter?


Cat or Dog?


Hot or Cold?

Depends on what

Singer or dancer?


Wealthy and sad or Poor and Happy?

Poor & Happy

Fast or Slow?

Again, it depends on what

Birthday or Christmas?


Coke or Pepsi?


 Finally please can you tell us something you like a bout yourself?

To be honest. I’m not very confident with my body so don’t generally like that. I think the only like that worth liking is my personality. Only because I can be quite a crazy person.

Thank you for your time in answering questions to let us get to know you a bit more you and your life, I wish you all the best in the future.

Daddy Giraffe x