Top 5 Pet Hates

There are certain things in life that people love and hate, we are all different in all sorts of ways, these are Daddy Giraffes Top 5 pet Hates


5. Rudeness – This stems to all sorts of rudeness, like when you open a door for someone to walk through and they completely ignore you with so much as a thank you or when you in the middle of a conversation with someone and they will pull out there phone and start typing but you feel you have to keep talking anyway but feel stupid for doing so.


4. Stubbing my toe – Now I am a huge fan of MMA and when I was younger did a lot of kickboxing and MMA through the years, so im used to being punched and kicked.

With this comes broken bones, I have broken my nose twice, my right hand once and cracked my top 2 ribs but my god when I stub my toe it’s the worst pain I have ever felt!

It’s always the little toe as well which makes it worse, as well as this when you stub your toe you instantly hate the world and everything in it!!

stubbed toe
stubbed toe

3. Waking up early – Now this isn’t in general because im up early everyday with the kids, im talking about when its your turn for a lie in and you think great no 6am for me and you guarantee 5:30am PING! your eyes open…damn it im awake.

Now im awake you can bet that none of the babies are awake yet though because this is the day they have decided to have themselves a lie in.

early wake up
early wake up

2. Morning calf cramp – If you haven’t ever had this you are one of the lucky people in life, if you have had this you will feel my pain.

So you wake up and the first thing you do is have a little stretch in bed and suddenly you calf cramps up solid and spasms, you can’t do a damn thing apart from swear and try to massage it out while continuously shouting f**k f**k f**k!!

calf cramp
calf cramps

That one song – You could hear it on the radio in the morning or it could be as simple as hearing one of your children’s TV program theme tunes and then that’s it, for the rest of the day your singing it, humming it or making your own words up to it.

Yesterday I spent the day singing fashion show with my one year old…the sad thing was I was the one who started it!

song in head
song in head

So there my top pet hates, next post will be my top 5 loves.

Let me know your pet hates in life that keep happening to you.

Daddy Giraffe x


Things you can get away with if you have kids

As you grow older there’s certain things in life you cannot do now because its frowned upon.

But when you have children a whole new world opens up to you and you can do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do or get away with.

Here are  my top things you can get away with as an adult if you have children…


Now as a kid we all loved cartoons growing up and thought what we watched was far better than any of the television they has today.

As an adult you grow up and start watching adult films like horrors, action and what ever takes your fancy so you have no time for children’s TV as it seems well…weird!

But when you have children it’s the normal thing to do is get up in the early hours of the morning and put on cartoons, for instance I was awake at 5am this morning and the first thing I opened my eyes to was Paw Patrol.

If I didn’t have older children I wouldn’t have known the program Gumball even existed as I find it highly hilarious!!


Healthy eating is one of the things we try to do as adults, to lose some weight for summer or just to feel better but when you have kids this is more tricky than you think.

When you have a hungry 3 year old in the back of the car who has been sat there for a while and been very good you may find yourself treating them to a MacDonald’s…by treating them I mean treating me as I can’t possibly let them eat it by themselves what kind of parent would that make me.

Splashing in puddles

My little one loves nothing more than to do this with his wellie boots and splash away.

We have all been tempted to do this at one point but i’m pretty sure if I was to go out alone and do this now I would be taken away by some lovely people in white coats but whack a coat on the toddler and out splashing we go!

Soft Play

What can I say soft play is amazing, you go in there with the intention of looking after your child for adult supervision but you end up running around like a loon and sliding down the slide while your child watches for the bottom floor.

Yesterday Freddie was invited to a birthday party where its a room full of trampolines and foam pits, of course again Freddie needed supervising as he is only 3 and guess who got to go??

That’s right me!

I spend a good hour flipping, jumping and throwing Freddie into the foam pits that I pulled a muscle in my neck and soon realised I’m getting old.

Having kids has its advantages but there’s nothing more satisfying than just have a cuddle with you child while reading them a story all comfy and warm.

Daddy Giraffe x


Living with BPD guest post with Terri

I have decided to do another guest post where people talk about there day to day life while living with a Mental Illness.
This week I have Terri who has kindly let me ask her some questions to find an incite of what it is like living with this illness while raising children and balancing life.
Enjoy the read….
1. Tell us about yourself 

Hey, I’m Terri. I am 26 years old and a mother to 3 awesome little guys. I like reading, drawing, singing and playing games (basically most things that mean I don’t have to actually go outside) I spend a good chunk of my days with the children and doing housework or hiding out in my bedroom.

2. When did you get diagnosed with Mental Health issues and what was you diagnosed with?

I was first diagnosed with Depression when I was 11 years old. After many years of trial and error we all later found out that it wasn’t actually Depression but I in fact had a Borderline Personality Disorder, to this day I still have to have regular tests and what not just so the doctors are 100% sure they’ve picked up on everything.

3. How does this effect your everyday living? 

Sometimes I can’t function like a normal adult should be able to, sometimes I can’t get out of bed, sometimes I can’t get dressed, sometimes I can’t leave the house, sometimes life feels that hard for me I struggle to even say a few words. Sometimes I have to lock myself away from the world and people because I am on a roller coaster of emotions and the thing that could have triggered me is literally something as small as a dirty tea spoon.

4. How do you keep yourself calm in stressful situations? 

Exercise, I kid you not, no matter where I am if I feel something is really stressing me out and I feel I might start panicking or having a random anxiety attack I will get up or stop whatever I am doing and start doing jumping jacks, or jogging on the spot… I have also been known to drop down at my parents house before and start doing crunches.. Crazy I know, but it’s something that I have found really has been helping… even if I do look like a complete weirdo in public.

5. Do you feel people’s opinions have changed towards you since you were diagnosed?

I think a lot of people don’t know how to treat me, so they treat me like I’m broken. Some people see me as something they need to fix, which really isn’t the case, you can’t fix me.. It’s just who I am.. Me as a person hasn’t changed but I think it does help some people understand why I am the way I am sometimes. I did initially fall out and lose a few friends because they didn’t know how to act around me, they didn’t know what they could say, couldn’t say.. And some people just flat out refused to accept that I had a problem and said that it was just an excuse for me to not be in full time work (which is something I do want eventually when I’ve got a hold on things)

6. Why did you start blogging?

I don’t get out a lot, I’ll be honest here, I don’t interact with people outside of my house as much as I should be, and I thought I’ll blog, I’ll give people an insider’s view on what it’s like living with something that can literally cripple me in seconds.. Hopefully so people can understand me a bit more, and not freak out if they think they’ve said something that offends me.. I kinda want to normalise my issues in the hopes that maybe someone else will look at me like I’m normal for a change.

7. What are your future goals?

I want to be a teacher. I want to get a hold of all my mental health issues, I want to be able to control myself in stressful situations and I want to go back to college and become an English teacher to maybe teach abroad some day… It’s a bit of a pipeline dream to be honest, because I don’t think I will ever 100% have a hold of my issues so that I’ll be able to function in that kind of setting, but it’s something I can try to aim towards personally.

8. Tell me something good about yourself?

Hmm, Bit of a hard question since I spend majority of my time bringing myself down… Sense of humour? I have a pretty dark sense of humour but I’ve been told I’m pretty funny as well.

Thank you once again Terri it was very brave for you to open up like this and I wish you all the best in the future.
If you want to read more about Terri you can see it on her own blogging page…
Daddy Giraffe x

YouTubers that are ok to let your children watch

With more and more people watching YouTube these days and all of the videos that are not suitable to watch, How do you know what and who to let your children watch. Here are Daddy Giraffes top 5 YouTubers suitable for your little ones.

5. Mr Tumble

We all know who Mr Tumble is and yes after a few episode he is very annoying with his spotty bag and Aunt Polly act but what he does teach is sign language to all children, easy enough for my 3 year old to pick up and he can still tell you words in sign to this day.

There is a reason he has been around for so long and that is because he is bright, colourful and not afraid to make a fool out of himself.

Mr Tumble
Mr Tumble

4. Blippi

No I know what you’re all thinking who the hell is Blippi??

I didn’t know who it was either until Freddie was saying he wanted to watch Blippi a few times and I searched him.

For those who don’t know who he is, he is an American YouTuber who dresses in Orange and Blue with a bow tie and cap, he teaches children about all sorts of things while going to places like the zoo, soft plays and museums. He does all of this whilst combining fun and comedy to help teach children about the world.


3. Baby Bus

Out of all the YouTubers Freddie and Bethe could have picked they chose this Japanese programme and they absolutely love it, this is called BabyBus.

This program teaches children everything from how you should behave at the dinner table to colours and what to do in serious situations like fires and earthquakes.

The characters are all animals and the songs they sing will have you singing them all day without realising it at the most awkward times.


2. Steve and Maggie

Steve is an English teacher who chose to teach children through YouTube with the help of a puppet of a Magpie called Maggie who does magic.

He does it all, he sings songs, teaches children words and the meanings of them along with getting the children to repeat words.

It’s fun, catchy and I have to admit it works as Freddie has learnt new words to add to his vocabulary where we didn’t even know where it came from.

He has a song called Fashion Show which my 1 year old walks around singing and she’s only seen it once while passing.

  1. Ryan’s Toy Review

If you have children you will know who this is.

This is a YouTuber called Ryan who started around 3/4 years old and all he was doing was simply reviewing toys…that’s it!

The children love it and he is viewed millions and millions of times per day, now he reviews more expensive toys, does games and challenges and now Vlogs with his parents which has taken them to a whole new level.

I have to say there’s a reason this little boy gets the views he does and it’s because kids can relate to him and it hooks them in.

No nonsense…no swearing….just a kid opening toys…simple!

Ryan toy review
Ryan toy review

Daddy Giraffe x

*Images taken from google images*


Path to happiness which way is it?

Happiness, a quest we are all on and something we all crave.

So is there a right path to happiness and if so how do I get there?

Looking on the internet and speaking to various people they have their own beliefs on how happiness is achieved so let’s explore these shall we.

Fitness – A day  started with exercise they say will give you energy through the day and make you feel good inside and look even better on the outside.

This sounds fantastic apart from a few things…

At 34 and with 5 children I can think of nothing worse than starting my day with a jog. Running past the neighbours all sweaty and out of breath while they try to say good morning and stop for a chat and the thought of running on a treadmill getting nowhere for 30 mins doesn’t sound that appealing either to be fair.

I will tell you what sounds appealing to me that thought is dropping the kids off at school and having a coffee with no daddy…daddy…daddy.

A bit of peace and quiet so I can get on with things and have a few hours quality time and by quality time, I of course mean cleaning up after the hurricane that happened in my house.

Healthy Eating – I agree with you are what you eat and in my case I should be a Dominos employee.

I love the idea of eating healthy with salad and fresh ingredients then ending up with a dish that tastes far better than any takeaway can offer.

The truth is fresh ingredients are very expensive and don’t last very long, when you have a large family it’s hard to prepare a fresh healthy meal everyday, it’s not impossible but it is difficult.

I can’t cook!!!!

I’m sure I can make a salad but who wants to live off salad for the rest of their lives, so yes your meal looks lovely and fresh so while you take a picture of your master piece I’m just going to take a selfie with the delivery guy because I burnt the salad!!

Religion – A very touchy subject that many shy away from, but I’m not many people so here we go.

People who find religion seem to be the happiest people in the world who are willing to knock your door in the pouring rain with a smile to ask have you heard of god.

Yes in fact I have Mary, did she send you today?

I am all for people having something to focus on and believe in, if it makes you happy and gives you a purpose in life then all the power to you.

I’m sure god does love me what about the other 7 of me??

I think happiness is what you make of it, you try to make yourself look better and appear better to other people but does that truly make you happy.

What makes me happy is watching TV with my family, having a lie in until 7 am, having the occasional takeaway and knowing all the kiddies are safe and sound sleeping in their beds before I go to sleep.

I hope you all have happiness in what ever way you find it, maybe we should stop searching for happiness and just let it happen and find us.

Daddy Giraffe x

*This image has been taken off google images*




Mommy is a superhero

Mother, Mommy, Mama and Mom

All of these words have the same meaning, the fact that you are the female parent of your child.

To me those words mean something else, as a son and as a father looking at my children and their mom together. The word mommy takes on a life of its own.

The day you or your partner is pregnant is the start of motherhood, You have grown this human being from scratch, nurture it, love it, carry it and despite being uncomfortable, the sleepless nights, sickness and soreness you continue to put yourselves on the back burner to deliver this new life and welcome them into the world.

The day arrives and you have felt this baby grow and move inside you for 9 months and it’s time to see your beautiful baby but to do this you have to go through the most unbearable  pain and you do it because you know why?

Because you are a Mom!

Hours and hours of pain, sweat, tears and blood you bring your baby into the world and the second you see/hold them you’re in love…now the real job begins because you are now in charge of this little life and your role is to give them the best life you can.

Now as a son when I was growing up, I never really appreciated my Mom and what she had done for me for all these years and what she and to go through and do without to make sure me and my siblings were happy, fed and looked after but now I’m a father myself and I look at the mother of my children I’m in awe!!

The love I have for my children is unquestionable but the sheer love I see between a mom her kids is a beautiful thing to watch, everything she once had has been pushed aside and she has now put herself in second place. She entirely focuses on making these children as happy as she can.

Sleepless nights followed by early mornings but still even though you’re exhausted you still smile and play at stupid o’clock in the morning.

In the day you’re mommy, nurse, cleaner, chef and general dogs body to the tiny demanders, you’re shattered and can’t wait for bedtime but you still read that one last storybook before sleep with voices and actions.

Through sickness you power through because being a mommy isn’t a part-time job. It’s one that requires your attention 24/7 and regardless of how unappreciated you feel that smile and those small cuddles make it all worthwhile.

So monnies you are all doing a great job and just know you are the real superheroes!

Daddy Giraffe x

Guess who’s Back?

Guess who’s back??

That’s right Daddy Giraffe!

Wow it’s been a crazy few months emotionally and so I took some time away to re-group, re-charge, gather my thoughts and find out who I really am.

So I thought now is the time to come back with an update and do what I do and what I enjoy doing.

As you’re maybe aware or may not be aware me and Chez broke up a while and went our separate ways.

Relationships aren’t always perfect like you see in the films, TV shows or even like your parents were if you were lucky in that aspect to see how in love they were.

Couples argue it’s a fact, you can’t be together for that long and agree all the time and with all the things that happened through the year things just got to much and we parted ways but the strange thing about this is we are getting on so much better and learning new things like we should have in the first place.

I’m loving getting to know her again like it’s brand new, Cheryl is a fantastic mother and I am so proud of her to balance the world on her shoulders and still have the strength to give up everything including her own happiness just to see her children smile.

I don’t know what happens in the future but what I do know is I don’t regret what happened in the past because we had 2 children born through love and I’m glad that we went through that together side by side.

Mummy and Bethie
Cheryl and baby bethie

Mentally it has been a struggle with me refusing to take my medication which isn’t the best idea in the world because one of me is bad enough but 7 wow not even I can deal with that!

Guess I have to suck it up and do what the doctors have told me and keep myself in line for a better future for me and my family, it isn’t the best thing to suffer with daily but people have it much worse than me I sometimes I just need to remember that and put my big boy pants on.

The kids are doing amazing!!!

Now I’m not sure this is because I’m not there as much as I once was and now they have room to breathe but I couldn’t be prouder.

Harry – God I’m so proud of this boy and I don’t show him enough that I am.

This Boy..sorry..young man has dealt with so much in his life already and has the biggest heart I have ever known, to go through everything he’s gone through to then make new and true friends that go on days out together to smashing an A** in school.

In films there are your superheros like Superman, Batman and Flash.

Then in life you have your superheros like HARRY!

I have no doubt this young man will change the world, mark my words the world will know the name Harry Hopkins.

Ellie Jayne– This young woman has grown so much in just the past year and to see her mature in front of our very eyes is humbling.

At the age of 12 she is so diplomatic about everything in life and her own personal life with a hint of wild child about her makes her that special kind of person that anyone would love to have in their life.

I guess im going to just come to terms with she’s growing up. *wipes single tear from face*

Annabelle – What can I say about out Annabelle, she’s finding herself at the moment and had some problems and to be honest when I sat her down and she told me shes struggling to fit in and where she slots in the family.

My heart broke and I felt like the worse parent in the world, I already feel like a failure as a parent but that one stung.

But shes brushed herself off and powered through and we are starting to see the real her again and I’m so relieved to see her…the world is brighter with my ray of sunshine in it!

Freddie My boy, my little man, my bear!

He is so strong in body and mind, he’s so polite and just to see him laugh at the smallest of things makes my day.

He’s doing great in school, making friends and is just a ball of energy he certainly keeps me youthful that’s for sure, our little whirlwind

Elizabeth-Ann – My little princess, I could be having the worst day in my life and one word from her “Daddy” and all is better, her smile brightens my day.

I am in love and she is a perfect package, she is so smart, so polite and a real diva!

She will break many hearts and I can see daddy breaking many legs!

So that it is all for now guys I wish you all well stay safe

Daddy Giraffe x









Advice for any new daddies or parents

Advice is always needed when it comes to parent hood, whether it comes from your child asking you questions to other parents asking you for advice on certain issues to compare against their own parenting.

If you follow my blog I have 5 children ages 13, 12, 8, 3 & 1

Over the years I have picked up a few tips from looking after the older children to having my very first baby and being scared out of my wits at the thought of looking after such a delicate and small life.

Here is some advice that I can give to a new parent from my own experiences:

Don’t be afraid to let you baby cry – I know hearing you baby cry isn’t the nicest thing in the world, I hate it even now and just want to make it all better but sometimes they are just crying for the sake of it or simply because they want the attention at bed time.

If you know you baby is fed, warm and changed then if they do decide to kick of or cry just let them get it out of their system, as long as you know they are safe they will stop and go to sleep.

Be honest with them – I have learnt this from experience that if you promise a child something and forget about it you can guarantee they wont have forgotten and you will feel bad.

When your child is older they will start asking questions about the birds and the bees, we have all been there in some shape or form, I think the key is to be straight to the point and honest, don’t get me wrong don’t go into great detail and scare the poor kid but give them enough of an idea to understand life.

Bedtime Routine is key – I had to learn this the hard way but now its a lot better, come 6pm the babies and cleaned up and put into their pyjamas, they know them that it will be soon time for bed.

For Bethie it’s easy she is just happy for a kiss goodnight, I put her in her cot and she goes to sleep. Freddie is a little more complicated, he says goodnight to everyone, goes upstairs to the toilet where he has his final drink and wee before bed then brushes his teeth.

He climbs into bed with his giraffe, has a story, a final hug and turns over to sleep. If he is up to late it messes with his routine then he is a nightmare for the rest of the night.

Take baby wipes everywhere you go – If your going out with the children baby wipes are your life saver, they will clean faces, snot, spills, stains and anything else you can think of.

You can guarantee you will go out without them and the kids will get in a real mess and you have nothing to clean them up with.

Watch out for tiny things on the floor – Babies are like tiny vacuums when it comes to finding stuff on the floor, if its small they will eat try to eat it, pennies, toys, or the dreaded Lego.

There is nothing scarier than your baby choking so if you try to avoid it the best way you can you will lessen the chances of having to A&E to get a Lego mans hand out of your child’s nose.

Let them be kids – I’m a firm believer of this, let them be kids. Let them jump in puddles, play in mud, pick up leaves and rocks on the way home, run in the grass, play with as many toys as they want.

As this stage they are learning and just want to have fun, it must really suck to just hear no all the time.

I hope some of these tips help you in some sort of way and you have fun raising you children

Daddy Giraffe x






Hey you reading this, I just wanted to say that you are awesome!


Hey you reading this!

If I could just take a few moments of your time I would like to talk about you…yes that’s right I said you.

You maybe going through a tough time at the moment and have lots of people around you but are still feeling alone.

But I just wanted you know that you are awesome!

You werent just put on this earth to get through day by day, stressing on every detail in life and things that are out of your control.

Things may get hard for you and I’m not going to lie they will at some point but have faith in who you are as a person, the person you once were and the person that you want to become.

You may not like the way you look but you know what you look good, work with what you have been given because there is always somebody out there for you, somebody that is going to love you look even if you don’t feel confident in it yourself your beautiful/good-looking so be proud of it.

You think your to thin or to big…lumps/bumps or even if you wish you could have lumps and bumps your still sexy, your still alive so live your life, enjoy it get to feel comfortable in your own skin.

It’s the skin you were born with and even if you don’t find yourself sexy I guarantee you someone will, you might not even know it but someone will think of you in that way and hell why wouldn’t they…your awesome.

You think you have a weird sense of humour, can’t be as bad as mine, my sense of humour is quite dark and some people don’t like it but who cares!

I find it funny and im sure someone somewhere will find it funny and that you will both be on the same wave length and laugh together all the time.

Life is to short for settling for second best.

To short for settling because it’s easier that way.

To short for not taking risks to be happy.

If you find someone you like…tell them whats the worse they can do?

Say no…and what if they do, at least you know and you can move on.

Lose the fear of rejection, lose the fear of not trying because your scared of failing, lose the fear of being alone.

You are all awesome, every single one of you!

You should be happy with who you are because I’m happy with who you are and im glad that I meet you and that I know you.

And if I don’t know you, I’m sure I’ll know you some day and I will get the chance to tell you just how great you are!

Hey You I just wanted to say you that your awesome!

Daddy Giraffe x





Facts Strange but true

Lately I have been enjoying learning new things and facts about the world around in general and our history (I know yawn)

But instead of boring you with history and facts about how things work I have put a Daddy Giraffe twist on things.

So here are some of the strangest but truest facts you will ever here in your life.

Did you know if you dissolve Viagra in water and put some cut flowers in it they will stay erect for a week longer than they normally would.

Sonic the Hedgehog is in the Guinness World Records book for being the fastest gaming character ever.

You are 3 times more likely to get a computer virus from a religious website than you would from a porn website.

Chickens can run up to 9 mile per hour (No wonder Rocky couldn’t catch it)

In 2014 Red Bull was sued for false advertising “Gives you wings” The consumer claimed he had been drinking it for 10 years and had not grown wings or gained any athletic ability, it ended up being a $13 million lawsuit.

Van Gogh died because he shot himself in the chest while painting in a field, he still managed to walk all the way home and make it upstairs into his bedroom before he died.

Romans used to clean and whiten their teeth with urine.

Tomato Sauce was sold in the 1830’s as medicine

It is in fact impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

All swans in England belong to the Queen.

A ducks quack doesn’t echo and nobody know why this is.

Judge Judy makes $45 million a year (I love that show)

If you put grapes into a microwave they will explode (Interesting…where’s the nearest fruit shop?)

You can’t say happiness without saying penis (Try it)

A Giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch tongue (Erm….)

There is 12 minutes of commercials in an hour program.

In the 16th century in London wife-beating wasn’t allowed after 9pm in case it disturbed the neighbours.

Well I bet you all feel knowledgeable now don’t you, soon be on the Chase in no time!

Daddy Giraffe x