Daddy Giraffe Update Jan 2018

We are past the half way mark of the first month of the year with a lot of things changing and due to change in the up and coming months to come but one thing doesn’t change and that is the fact I am a daddy!

As many of you will be aware I wasn’t planning to go into a brand new year single but as adults me and Cheryl parted ways and decided to focus on the kids like any parents should do in these situations.

We are still friends and she will always be the mother of my children for which I will always be eternally grateful but it is time to move on and forward with both our lives, it just so happens to be that she is an awesome mummy and I am a good daddy so at least we are doing somethings right.

Harry is doing really well at his new school, he has made new and close friends and is focusing on his school work more than ever.

He is now using the fitness equipment at school and at home to get healthier and he is already seeing improvements and striving towards his goals which I have no doubt he will smash.

Ellie Jayne is quietly focused and getting nothing but top grades in her classes ending up 7th in her entire year, if she keeps her head down and carry’s on at this rate she will achieve her goals and go on to be the teacher she is aiming for.

She is at the age now where she emotional with everything you say to her but she is beautiful and I have no doubt she will break a lot of hearts in the future and I will be chasing the boys off with a stick!

Annabelle is well Annabelle.

She is a happy go lucky girl who lives in a land of rainbows and unicorns, the sun is always shining in her world night and day.

As an 8 year old she has her little melt downs where I have to use my Daddy voice but these are the time that you remember she is only 8 despite how clever the little monkey is.

Shes doing well in school in all subjects, joining in debates and being a part of the school council coming up with ideas that are amazing! I have no doubt she will go far and may make a change in the world for the better.

Freddie is a lot calmer than he has been but is still his cheeky self being a typical boys boy.

We worried that he may have something wrong with him by the way he acts sometimes but it ts far to early to tell, he may just be an energetic 3 year old and needs to burn it off somewhere.

He is doing well at school writing his own name and interacting with children his own age, he is now fully toilet trained day and night and has a better knowledge of the world around him.


Bethie is beautiful as ever I don’t think I have seen such a loving baby as her.

She loves kisses, cuddles and playing all the time, her speech is insane for her age to the point you can have a conversation with her, she tells you what she does and doesn’t want and also lets you know when she has done a poo while getting her own nappy out of the cupboard.

She is still very much a mummy’s girl but has come around to loving her daddy now and calls me all the time which is nice and now we are building a daddy daughter bond that will last forever.

My Beautiful Baby bethie
My Beautiful Baby Bethie

So whats in the future for me?

Well my number 1 priority is being the best daddy I can be and everything else is second.

I’m hoping that in the near future I will be given the all clear to go back to work once things and calmed down and I am balanced more but who knows what will happen its only January a lot can happen in this year but im certainly excited to see!!!

Daddy Giraffe x



Life after Death is there such a thing?

One of the biggest mystery’s in life today is what happens when you die?

Is there a place that you go to such as Heaven and Hell or do you simply get reincarnated into another life?

I have seen ghosts or people who have lived and are no longer here in varies stages on life in different locations so I do believe there is something after you pass away but what it is I am not sure.

Now the biggest and baddest people in the world must think if there is a Heaven or Hell when they are within their last moments of life, will they be forever tortured for their crimes and bad choices or rewarded with all the good that they have done while living on earth?

How do you know what are the bad choices that make the decision you go down instead of up?

I mean once when I was a child I broke a cup and blamed it on my brother so am I destined to an after life of eternal damnation or does it have to be something really bit that harms and damages other people’s lives?

What are good choices to make it to Heaven because if it being kind to your fellow-man then I am screwed I may as well pack my shorts and sunglasses so at least I’m prepared.

There of course is another option which is reincarnation, this is where you are reborn into something else like an animal, plant or maybe even another person.

Knowing my luck I would be reincarnated into a tree, then I would be cut down and turned into toilet paper where I would spend my short life wiping the bums of mankind!

The smartest thing I heard someone say to me is what if the bright light you see before you die is the light when you see when you are born, needless to say it blew my mind!!

So with all this said should we spend the rest of our life carefully living just in case there is something or what if you do that and it turns out there is nothing at all and it was just a wasted life?

I have come to the conclusion that I only know whats happening right now so that is how I will live right now and if it turns out there is an afterlife I will just deal with it as it happens.

Don’t stress about life, you’re not put on this earth to spend your life just to pay bill, live a little, love even more and be happy!

Daddy Giraffe x





Letter to my many personalities

I was diagnosed with personality disorder which is the mixture of Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia, this would explain my rapid mood change and the fact living with me is like living with 7 different people, so instead of standing in a room and talking to myself like a nut job I have decided to write an open letter instead.

Dear me, myself and I

I have decided to take some time out to write to a letter and address you all individually.

Firstly let me start with a simple YOU SUCK!!

Depression I would like to start with you, every time you seem to catch me on a low day or when something slightly goes wrong, with this you pounce like a lion waiting in the grass for its prey and once you have a hold I just can’t seem to shake you off.

You bring on tears, fears and thoughts of self harm but you’re not unbeatable and you fade with help and support, there are more of us than you so you will never win no matter how low I am I will not give you that satisfaction!

Anxiety you are something new and something I have never dealt with before, once a happy, outgoing and confident person you seem to have brought of a nervousness in me which I do not like, you put me in a constant state of fight or flight mode every time the door knocks or someone walks toward me.

Again you wasn’t there before so you can be gone just as easily, step by step I will venture out into the world again confident and without fear of the unknown.

Rage….oh you are the pain in my ass!!

You come out of no where over the stupidest of things and just appear out the shadows like a constant unwelcome relative. You bring sadness to everyone you come into contact with, you destroy lives, break up families and just leave destruction everywhere you go without any remorse or cause.

You wont go no matter what I do….Therapy, tablets, counselling or deep breaths you just stood there poking me with a pointed object waiting for me to snap just to sit back and watch the carnage unfold.

You are the Chinese whisper in ear that smiles when they tell me, you can go F**K Yourself

And finally we come to the one that we have named Maureen, you are cold,dead eyed and when your here it’s like people are talking to someone completely different. There is simply no emotion just a blank expression and nastiness.

With this letter I just want to let you all know that you are only renting this space and your tenancy is up, rent overdue and I want you out one way or another.

This letter is your written warning!

Up Yours

Daddy Giraffe




Sorry that I made you sad

And all the times you cried
All the shouting and the yelling
Plus the times I lied
Sorry that you sat alone with long nights
At 3am 4am 5am we would fight
You would sit and cry while I slept in bed
And all of the times that we should have been but were never wed
Sorry that I made you feel that you werent enough.
That all through our relationship all I did was bluff
The fact is that I love you
But this I didn’t show
I messed up every single time
That you have it another go
I miss you warmth, your smell, your smile
Things I’ve not seen in a while
These things that I know were there
Your long dark Rapunzel hair
I blew it big time without a doubt
No talking to you only shout
But know you’ll always be my friend to the very end
Your hips, your hands your gentle kiss
All these that I will miss
But for now I will say away
Who knows now I might be gay
Just don’t hate me I meant no harm
I find it hard to stay calm
If anything I ever knew was true
Was the fact I did/will always and do love you


Rude doctors and receptionists

Welcome to Raffs Rants, a new page where I raise issues that I seem to have a problem with, you may agree or disagree I would love to hear either point. My first topic on this page will be rude doctors and receptionists.

Now we have all had this at some point in our life where we have called our local doctors for an appointment and the receptionist is very short and sharp with you on the phone that there is no appointments and there is nothing they can do about it coming across quite rude and cold.

If you manage to get past the gatekeeper we all call receptionist then you were lucky enough to get yourself an appointment to see the doctor that day.

After dragging yourself to the doctors on time you find yourself waiting passed your time slot, now I don’t usually mind this as I understand there maybe worse off patients than me in the building but when the sign signs if you have been waiting more than 15 minutes past your slot ask the receptionist and the response you get is you’ll just have to wait their running behind and then they just continue typing.

You have waited for you turn and you get called in and the doctor has about as much people skills a stone!

Your greeted with “whats wrong” without even a hello or how are you and if you don’t give them the details they are looking for or exact dates they get arsey with you, once your examination is done your printed a slip, have it handed to you and again they just carry on typing.

I had one doctor where I used to live that wouldn’t even talk to you, he would simply ask whats wrong and that would be it, he would just prod and pull you without telling you anything of what he was doing, he wouldn’t even tell you the problem he would simply just hand you the slip and you would go he was cold, rude and in the wrong job.

Now I know that they have trained and studied for years to get to become a doctor and don’t get me wrong I used to work with plenty of doctors and nurses day in and out and they were always cheerful.

So what happens to them when they become GP’s?

Is it a case that they see so many patients day in day out that they simply just get annoyed with seeing people and turn in robots losing all there people skills and become so rude, you wouldn’t take someone being rude to you anywhere else you go so why would is it acceptable that they get to treat you like this when you have come to them for help and it’s what they are trained to do.

If your going to be in this kind of job then you need compassion and people skills or people will just stop going to the doctors all together and start going to A&E instead which is already at breaking point then we will all be in trouble.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject

Daddy Giraffe x

Battle of the Cartoons, Mine vs the Kids

After watching TV with my kids earlier it got me thinking about the difference between children’s TV now compared to what I would watch as a child, so how do we find out who is the best?….well it’s a battle of course!

So I have picked 5 of my TV shows as a child/teen to battle with 5 of my children’s shows today and let’s see who is the best.

Battle One.

Kenan and Kel – I used to love this show growing up, it was about 2 teenagers who were best friends and they would get into all sorts of trouble, mainly because Kenan had all these bright ideas and Kel would go along with them usually bribed with his love of Orange Soda with the famous phrase any kid in the 90’s would know as”Who love’s orange soda?”. The into was cool rapped by Coolio who also featured in the titles starting with Kel’s phrase ” Oh here it goes!”

Sam & Cat – This show is about two girls who start their own babysitting business and get into weird situations and adventures. Sam is the tough girl straight out of Juvenal and Cat is the slightly simple pretty one just happily getting by. With their friends getting them in and out of mischief these 2 still become the best of friends and somehow still keep their babysitting jobs.

Winner Kenan & Kel
Winner Kenan & Kel

Battle Two

Saved by the Bell – This was based at a high school and has the usual characters such as the good-looking one, simple one and talented one. This show was based on comedy situations but it wasn’t all fun and laughs as it would sometimes focus on the more real situations like drugs. The most famous character that everyone knew in this of course Screech. I have to say this wasn’t my kind of thing to watch as it generally just bored me, that and i couldn’t stand screech and his unusually long face.

Victorious – A group of teens in a musical arts school, again it has all of the usual characters the good-looking one, class clown and of course the talented one. Everyday there is a problem or a task they have to do which usually ends in a mash-up song which to be fair    arent to bad. You know when you have seen enough when 2 minutes into the show you know what episode it is before the kids.

Winner Victorious
Winner Victorious

Battle Three

Barney – Barney was a big part of my life as I remember bringing my little brother downstairs and I would sit him on the sofa and he would watch this massive purple dinosaur dance around within a classroom. He would sing and dance and teach you things and at the end he would sing the I love you song which even to this day I can remember off heart. Oh how I miss that dinosaur.

Teletubbies– Now these have been around for years even when I was a teen but the reason they are on t he now list is that they are still around now and my 1 year old watches them, but it’s just not the Teletubbies now…oh no it’s their babies!! The problem I have with the them is they don’t talk properly to the point where my baby started saying “eho” instead of hello but it’s bright and colourful and it keeps the baby entertained.

Winner Barney
Winner Barney

Battle Four

Power Rangers – This was about a group of teenagers who would transform into ninjas with the power of certain dinosaurs, they would battle evil ninjas and monsters who would try to take over the world. The big battle would consist of the bad guy growing 100ft tall so they Power Rangers would crate a massive robot that would come with a giant sword and the two would battle Godzilla style!

Henry Danger – A pair of crime fighters who protect Swellview, Captain Man is the main superhero that is indestructible. All the characters in this show are funny and with their own quirks including the bad guys like The Toddler and Drill Finger. I have to say this show makes me laugh at some point in the show. I enjoy watching this more than the kids do.

Winner Henry Danger
Winner Henry Danger

Battle Five

RugRats – Tommy Pickle and his gang, this is a cartoon about a group of babies who everyday break out of they play pen and explore going on all sorts of adventures. Tommy was always bald and never wore trousers, Chucky was bright ginger with glasses, twins Phil and Lil and finally the bossy older child Angelica despite her name is a naughty child.  This was everyone’s favourite children’s TV show before school, all we can do is sit back and just wait for any re runs.

Peppa Pig – Peppa has taken over the world, a family of pigs with Peppa being the oldest and bossiest at that. He favourite thing to do in the world is jump in muddy puddles (being a pig and all) I don’t mind Peppa but her attitude stinks, right to the point where we had to stop my 3 year old watching it because he refused to say sorry just like Peppa until we said sorry first.

Winner RugRats
Winner RugRats

So there we have it, in my opinion we had way better kids TV than today with the score being 3-2.

What’s your thoughts?

Daddy Giraffe x

*All Pictures were taken off google images*




Freddie and his first Interview as a 3 year old

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post with one thing going on or another, with it being a clean year and clean start trying to figure out how to do that clean start is another thing entirely but here I am sat at the kitchen table and I’m talking to my 3 year old Freddie and I’m asking him questions so why not let everyone else in on how our conversation goes.

An Interview with Freddie Hopkins..

Hello Freddie are you ok? – Nope, because your stinky

How old are you? – I’m 3!

Can you tell me the colour of your Eyes? – Blue

Excellent so what colour is your hair? – Yellow

You go to school now so do you like it? – Yeah I love school because all my friends are in it

Who is your best friend? – Cory and Harry

Who do you love? – I love Daddy and Mommy

What is love? – I think love is Daddy

What do you want to be when your older? – An Evil Witch..(Should I be worried???)

What’s your favourite song? – Captain America (sings his own song in the tune of leaves are falling)

Whats your favourite TV program? – Paw Patrol

What makes you laugh? – All of my friends

What is your favourite toy? – Marshal!

Out of all the food in the world what is your favourite? – Grapes (It’s not, I just so happened to of brought some Grapes today)

What’s your favourite animal?- A beast

What’s 1 + 2? – 1, 2, 3?….3!

Anything else you want to say before you go watch TV? – I love you

Well they I wasn’t expecting some of the answers I was given to be honest, trying to get his attention for longer that 5 minutes is a hard thing to do so he did really well to be fair.

There you have it an interview with a 3 year old

Daddy Giraffe



Daddy Giraffe’s 5 thing’s he couldn’t live without with babies

Since becoming a daddy there a few things I have discovered that I didn’t even know excised but now I know they are there they are a life saver and I couldn’t be without them.

Here’s Daddy Giraffe’s top 5 things you must have when raising babies and toddlers

5. Tights

This may sound like an odd one to be added to the list but bear with me this is going some where, as a new daddy I had to learn how to dress a baby and all of the tiny clothes where so cool including the tiny socks.

This is all well and good until they learn they have feet, with this comes they will pull off their socks and you can guarantee it will be freezing cold outside, your on a school run and he/her pulls of their socks while other parents look at you like the most awful parent in the world.

I told this to Cheryl that it kept happening and see said put them in tights under their trousers and that way they can’t pull them off and my god it worked!!

How did I not think of this myself instead of countless hours battling and trying to track down lost socks in the street.

4. Sudocrem

I didn’t even know this was a thing, I remember Freddie had a bad belly and had a very sore bum, I found some cream to use which after a few days wasn’t really working very well so once again Cheryl threw a small pot of Sudocrem  at me and said try this.

After a few day the bad sore bum was gone, the stuff is amazing, it doesn’t rub of easy and can be used for rashes, cuts and burns. I always use it now if there’s ever a sign of nappy rash it should be called Supercrem!

3. A teddy or Blanket

Every baby need something for comfort when you’re not around, in our case Bethie has Bunny which is a  pink Bunny/blanket ( we got 2 just in case) and Freddie has a giraffe he has in bed with him.

The only down side with this is if they lose it then the world is ending, they won’t sleep without it and guaranteed it will happen just before bedtime where you can’t go out and replace it.

Bunny & Giraffe
Bunny & Giraffe

2. Calpol

Every parent in the world will use this if your child is poorly at some point as a single person without children I had no need for Calpol and wouldn’t even know what to of used if a baby had a temp.

Freddie as a baby had such  a bad cold and temp and Calpol was a life saver just to get his temp down enough so he and we could get a bit of sleep, it comes with a cool syringe so its easier than trying to use a spoon and spilling it everywhere or half of it down their face.

1.Baby wipes

Baby wipes are the best invention ever!!

They are not just used to clean poo or wipe your baby down, you can use them for absolutely anything! They are brilliant, spills, stains, hand wipes the possibility are endless when it comes to using baby wipe’s.

They smell good and are never-ending when coming out of the packet but there is a downside that as a daddy or parent that it will happen to you at some point, your baby has done an all might poo and I mean out of the sides and up their back and you didn’t realise you have just pulled out the last baby wipe from the packet….

Panic stations everyone because you just know at this point your baby will start to wriggle around and let the carnage begin.

Daddy Giraffe x




Elizabeth Ann’s Personality is finally here and shes awesome!

For any of those who don’t know who Elizabeth Ann is, she is the youngest child named after Cheryl’s mother, we all call her Bethie for short unless she’s naughty of course then we use her big girl name, which is usually the time she looks at us as if to say who are you talking to?

From an early age Bethie was very content and laid back, nothing really bothered her at all, she was the perfect baby as she slept well, ate well and was generally calm amongst other people unlike her brother Freddie.

With being content there was a few things that she wouldn’t do such as we could not get her to laugh at all no matter how hard we tried, we would get smiles and squeaks but no giggles, not only that but she HATED having a bath and would scream the house down from the second she was undressed to the moment she was dressed again and fed.

My Beautiful Bethie Boo

My princess turned one and by then was doing loads of things like babies should be, she was always happy, singing songs and nursery rhymes, copying words while getting the hang of saying mommy and daddy also dancing…boy did this baby love to dance, in fact her favourite song was “Feels” by Katy Perry.

As she gets a bit older we start to see the real Bethie come out like over night, she is talking full sentences and telling us what she wants, she tells us when she has done a poo, wants her cup or doggy, she knows animals and all of the kids names and anyone that walks through the door she knows them all by names.

Mommy starts playing with her one day because well she’s a mommy’s girl through and through, she only calls daddy to tell me she has done a poo. I guess I should be grateful to be thought of.

Then the day came…..she walks!!

Now she could walk before but she is a lazy baby and crawling is fast so that’s how she would get about but one day  she just stood up and she was off and walk every, now walking also comes hand in hand with oh look now I can reach things and chase you all around the house.

She fights her brothers if they are just sitting there and will hold her own against anyone if she thinks anything s her’s, Bethie eats anything that is not nailed down, we have yet to find something she doesn’t like but her favourite by far is pizza!!

I’ve never known a happier, smiley, polite baby in my life with the most beautiful eyes but of course I will say that because she is my Princess Bethie Boo and I’m so glad she has found her cheeky (or chee chee as she calls it) happy self.

I love you Bethie and enjoy every second of watching you grow and learn

Daddy Giraffe x



Benedict Guest Blog on Mental Health

As you are aware I asked for a few people to talk about their story’s on living with Mental Illness, today is from a guy called Benedict who bravely came forward and spoke about what it is like from his perspective and it’s an interesting read.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 32 and have been with my fiancée for 14 years. We met when I was 18 and she was 17. Within 13 months we had a Son and he is now almost 13.

Why did you create a blog and what were you hoping to achieve? 

I decided to create a blog because I wanted to express my emotions, thoughts, feelings and suffering.

What does your picture say about you?

I guess my picture shows me how I want to be perceived, as a friendly, family man who is willing to help others.

How does Mental Health affect you on a day-to-day basis?

My mental health affects me every second of every day. Borderline Personality Disorder comes with numerous pieces. The one that affects me the most is the identity dissociation. This is essentially not having an identity you can claim as your own.

My identity changes with everything I see and hear. If I hear a person speaking Mandarin (Chinese) then I will want to learn that language. If I watch a film about a survivor who fights terrorists then I will feel like I should join the Police and work my way up to a Counter Terrorism Unit.

Currently, I am trying to learn Chinese, sign language, write a book, read books, collect geeky figures in boxes, stream games online, do the best I can in my work/family life, read comics and get into better shape. My brain doesn’t turn off. It works at a hundred miles an hour. I am always analysing everything around me for any possible outcome.

Time is really important to me and I am always trying to make the best use of my time. When I get in from work, I will very rarely sit down and watch television as it is not challenging enough for my brain. I need to be challenged constantly by doing things that are interesting or difficult.

I have an obsessive personality and so when I find something new to be interested in, like a language, I will completely involve myself into it. I will begin downloading apps to help me learn, speak to people who speak that language, research stuff, make a timetable for learning, update social media profiles with my new choices to ensure my identity is up to date and then after 4 weeks I will lose all interest and move onto something else.

I am emotionally unstable, another part of the disorder. I will feel emotions quicker, for longer and deeper than everyone else. I will cry at songs, films, moments, settings and if dealing with someone else’s pain either visually or verbally I will feel what they are feeling. Sometimes this can be good, other times bad.

It’s weird but I cannot be bored. I mean, I can be bored but it is not good for me. If I am left alone with my thoughts bored then I will eventually want to die. I doubt I will ever hurt myself but the feelings of despair and loneliness are all to real.

What are you future goals or aims you’re looking to achieve?

My goals vary based on my illness. Right now though, I am trying to turn my online game streaming into a full time job, learn Chinese/Sign Language and write a fiction book. This will most definitely change within the next 12 weeks so you might want to come back to me.

What advice would you give to someone who is in your position?

If someone else is suffering with BPD the way I do I would say just find your constant happy. Find what it was that you enjoyed when you were a child and do that. By doing things that you enjoyed before the disorder you can almost eliminate your pain. At least you can eliminate it while you’re in that happy constant.

It is not easy having BPD, there is no cure, it’s a 24/7 illness of constantly changing emotions that you have no control over but have to endure and for some it is so bad they cannot function enough to work.

If you have BPD, find your happy.

Thank you once again Benedict for opening up and sharing your story with me, I know it’s a hard thing to do but you nailed it.

Daddy Giraffe x