Nobody is perfect and that’s ok

After setting up a Mental Health group and seeing other people’s situation throughout social media I’ve come to the realisation that nobody is perfect and that’s ok.

Every single person is different in so many ways and I think we are to focused on changing not only other people to suit our needs but we are so quick to change ourselves to please other people that we don’t even know.

Every day we see on the TV and in magazine of people who look almost flawless and we are made to believe that this is how we should be, this is how we should look and this is how we should act.

But in real life that is not how they are at all, their life isn’t the perfect dream and it has taken them hours of make up to just take that photo, I guarantee when you wake up next to them in the morning they don’t look like that.

Nobody is perfect in any way, even the most famous people in history have their flaws for instance did you know that these people suffered with Mental Health but still made history.

  • Abraham Lincoln – Suffered with Anxiety and Depression 
  • Charles Darwin – Suffered from Panic Attacks and Agroaphobia
  • Charles Dickens – Suffered Severe Depression and Bipolar
  • Beethoven – Suffered with Bipolar
  • Winston Churchill – Suffered with Bipolar and Manic Depression
  • Virginia Woolf – Suffered Depression and Psychosis

It’s not all about the mental side either, you should be comfortable in the skin that you’re in and if you’re not then change yourself but on your terms and the reason is you’re doing it for yourself.

I have put on a little bit of weight, since having kids and giving up sports im not up to 13 stone but im comfortable with the way I look and the size I am.

The way I see it is there is more of me to cuddle into.

Get to know and love yourselves, that is the way to true happiness, live and love life whatever you’re doing.

Weather it’s watching your kids grow, building a successful career, singing or even just enjoying going out and laughing with friends.

For all we know we only get one life so why not fill it with things like love, excitement, helping people and trying new things.

Except who you are and the emotions you have because nobody is better than you are, you just need to figure that out.

Daddy Giraffe x


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Versatile Blogger Award

I have to admit I am very Pants and didn’t see that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I don’t have a speech prepared as I wasn’t expecting it, at the moment I’m just trying to fight back the tears, I’ve got so many people to thank and so little time before the music plays me off.

I guess I should start by thanking of course Muddly Mum who I was lucky enough to have as a guest post on my blog for thinking of me.

Versatile Blogger Award
Versatile Blogger Award

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

The award is a way for bloggers to recognise and show their appreciation of others’ blogs and the work they put into them. Blogging regularly and well is a serious commitment and it’s great to show appreciation of others’ dedication to their interests or causes.

To accept the award, a blogger should do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Link to that persons Blog
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award – I know, I found this hard as I don’t even had 15 friends.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself with the person who nominated you.

7 Facts about Daddy Giraffe

  • My Favourite film of all time is The Lion King
  • I’m a huge MMA fan and follow it closely 
  • I have a fear of spiders, some will say it clowns! I don’t fear them I just don’t trust them….Stupid Clowns!
  • I have 4 different colours in my eyes 
  • I am a proud daddy to 5 awesome children
  • If I could invite any famous person living or dead for dinner it would be Bruce Lee
  • My favourite animal isn’t actually a Giraffe it’s believe it or not a Rhino

15 Nominations

So I guess its time to nominate people so if your names on the list below then I have passed this onto you…sorry but It had to go to someone.

T L Wright

My Mood Stars




Bryony – perfectlyimperfectmama 



Three Time Daddy



A Mixed up Mummy


Autumn’s Mummy

Relentlessly Purple 

Thank you very much again Muddly Mum

Daddy Giraffe x











Unexpected Parenthood

What do you do when your trust into unexpected parenthood at a moments notice?

Well this is exactly how it happened to Adam and his partner Lyndsay, little did they know that the 11th May 2015 would be the day that changed their lives forever.

Just a normal average day of work them both, with the big step going into their relationship of moving in together Adam was meant to be working away that day but his plans were cancelled at the last-minute, so with the house that was supposed to be empty Lyndsay finished work and went to stay at here moms so she didn’t have to spend the night alone.

With Adam getting home he decided to settled in for the night in the way he had been planning since his plans were cancelled, with pizza and cold Kopperberg.

Settling into bed with his laptop keeping an eye on an item he had been bidding for on eBay for quite a while he finally was the highest bidder, after paying and arranging delivery it was time for sleep as the day had caught up with him.

The Call

A call in the middle of the night is never a good thing in many people’s eyes, from my experience its someone who is drunk and wanting to talk or its bad news.

For Adam this call had startled him awake thinking who can this be and he rummaged for his mobile, a million thoughts going thoughts going through his head as he carefully answered the phone.

It was Lynday’s mom!

“Adam are you sitting down?, I will need to you to stay calm and listen”

What could it be?

Had she fallen?

Was she sick?

What Adam was told next shook him to the core…

Lyndsay had gone into hospital with suspected appendicitis and when they had scanned her to check if that was the case, she was actually pregnant!

Not only that but she was in labour!

I can’t begin to imagine how and what he felt in that second of time where he was told he was to be an unexpected parent.

Not only was they not prepared with buying anything baby wise from bottles to arranging sleeping and nappies but they also missed out on the wonder that is watching your partner growing your child and the excitement of counting the days to delivery day.

Adam rushed the hospital to be by his girlfriends side both of them in shock of what is currently going on with it feeling like some kind of dream where they would just wake up and everything would be back to normal.

3 hours on and Bella has arrived into the world more beautiful as they both could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

But what would happen now?

They weren’t prepared to be parents and were now in a situation where everything would now be 100 miles per hour and they would have to learn as they went along.

From personal experience it’s not easy raising kids, I had to learn as a new dad how to change a nappy to what do I do when they cry or even questioning am I personally cut out to be a parent.

I one night these two people had become unexpected parents, Lyndsay had now lost her job and they had to cancel their trip to Florida booked for the next month.

Life was going to be different from now on….

If you want to find out more about these 2 amazing people you can read their incredible story here

You can also keep up to dad with this daddy blogger on his page

I personally want to wish these guys all the best, I have enjoyed hearing about their journey as parents and look forward to his future posts.

Daddy Giraffe x






Reflection on Reflection

Yesterday started with a booked appointment with the doctors where I went in with positivity and hope on going back to work and maybe coming off my medication but on reflection should I have been so optimistic?

Instead I was told that I was unfit for any kind of career I was striving for so I should forget it and maybe move on to factory work because at least if I have a relapse there will always be other factory’s

Now first thing there is nothing wrong in working in factory’s, I have been working in them from an early age but over a period of time I had developed new skills to open new doors to me and care work is where it was leading to.

Something where I can help other people, people who need help, people who need that little bit of time and care but instead I was told my condition made me lack the compassion needed!

Not baring in mind I have 5 children, I have all the compassion in the world and then some.

Needless to say I left the doctors feeling deflated and defeated know that this closed-minded dinosaur was going to block my path because he felt he knew better from a piece of paper.

I have spent a long time trying to raise awareness for Mental Health suffers to stand up and speak out, to say its ok to have an Illness and not to be ashamed of it but this man had struck a nerve which believe me is hard to do with me.

I went to the bathroom yesterday looked in the mirror and for the first time in a long time looked at my reflection and didn’t like what I saw, this wasn’t me!, maybe he was right and I should just stick to manual work where I just clock in and clock out, giving up on trying to make a change because how is someone like me going to make a difference.

This was until Cheryl stepped in gave me a cuddle and told me to forget what he said and told me I am worth more than that and to use this to my advantage to move forward and put my story out there that this isn’t ok to just put up with this and we can change people’s views.

Without people like Cheryl behind me then going backwards would be the easier option but she refuses to give up on me when other  people have and im willing to do the same, she is one of life’s angels and you don’t get many of them.

So on reflection of yesterday, at first I was down and ready to give up but now im even more determined to strive forward and make a much-needed change in this world.

Daddy Giraffe x





You’re only good for packing boxes

What hope do you have in life when your own doctor tells you that the only job that you are allowed to do is in a factory packing boxes and even then you can only do that if you don’t actually tell them that you have a mental health condition and if they do find out they will probably sack you but it’s ok because you can go and find another job in another factory packing more boxes! Continue reading “You’re only good for packing boxes”

Tasha Getting to know you

Getting to know you have been where I have focused on a lot of bloggers and explored about how and why they got into blogging , I was approached by someone I call a friend Tasha and she would like people to know a bit more about her.

So please sit back and get to know a bit about Tasha..

Can you tell us about yourself a little bit?

I’m Tasha. I’m 24. I live in Ketley, Telford with my partner of 8 years, engaged for 2. We have 3 beautiful Daughter: Holly, Kaytlin & Alice.

What would you say your profile picture says about you?

My profile is of my 3 beautiful girls. Just shows how proud I am of them.

Do you prefer day time or night time?

I would say I prefer night time. As much as I love being with my girl, I also love to be able to chill out on my own & watch the TV in peace.

If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?

Erm, im not sure haha. When people first meet me im quiet & shy. But, once they get to know me & I feel comfortable around them then I can be quite outgoing & funny.

Whats your fondest memory?

Mmmm, I have quite a few to be honest. But having my kids will always be the top ones.

Do you have any hobbies?

I really enjoy cooking & baking. But I also make hair bows.

What annoys you?

A lot. Haha. I can’t really put the main thing that annoys me. But mainly people who are two-faced & hypocrite.

What makes you happy?

My girls & my partner. Also, working. I enjoy being able to go out & help others.

If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be?

Food, peace & quiet haha.

Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?

Erm, I never really had a teenage life because I spent most of it caring for my mum & raising my brother & sister. At the age of 12 I took on the role of being a carer for my mum because she got diagnosed with a long-term illness which ended up in having operations & not being able to move some days.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mum, Always.

What your biggest fear?

Spiders. I’m petrified of them. Nothing I do can make me like them. Believe me I have tried. But nothing works.

Whats your guilty pleasure?

Watching my soaps & a few other programs. Teem Mom OG, Ex on the Beach, Wentworth Prison, Celebrity Juice. Just to name a few.

Do you have a nickname?

Most people call me Tasha & Tash.

 Now Time for Quick Fire Questions?

 Night or Day?


Sweet or Sour?


Summer or Winter?


Cat or Dog?


Hot or Cold?

Depends on what

Singer or dancer?


Wealthy and sad or Poor and Happy?

Poor & Happy

Fast or Slow?

Again, it depends on what

Birthday or Christmas?


Coke or Pepsi?


 Finally please can you tell us something you like a bout yourself?

To be honest. I’m not very confident with my body so don’t generally like that. I think the only like that worth liking is my personality. Only because I can be quite a crazy person.

Thank you for your time in answering questions to let us get to know you a bit more you and your life, I wish you all the best in the future.

Daddy Giraffe x

Nursery Rhymes are quite dark

Part of having children is teaching them nursery rhymes so they can sing along and learn the actions, this is getting them to interact with others and teaches them basic skills such as copying and encouraging talking.

It was only the other day when I put on some nursery rhymes and soon realised that quite a few of them don’t end in very good ways and are quite dark yet we sing them anyway.

Nursery Rhymes have been around for a long time and have been passed down through generations. our grand parents sang them to our parents, they sang them to us and we sing the to our children.

Just to prove it here are a few rhymes that ended badly..

Three Blind Mice
Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice.

Three blind mice.

See how they run.

See how they run.

They all ran after the farmer’s wife, Who cut off their tails with a carving knife, Did you ever see such a sight in your life, As three blind mice.

Now I have a few questions, how unfortunate were these mice that they were all blind and happened to wander into a kitchen where the farmer’s wife not only leaves them blind but now tail less.

How did they chase her? There blind!

Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

Couldn’t put Humpty together again!

If you were a giant egg wouldn’t on top of a wall be the last place you would sit.

I get all of the kings men trying their hardest to help out poor Humpty and fair play to them but I wasn’t aware horses were big jigsaw  fans and thought “hey while were here we might as well give it a go”

Poor Humpty is now cracked on the floor I just hope they found some bacon and didn’t let him go to waste.

Rock a Bye Baby
Rock a Bye Baby

Rock a Bye Baby

Rock a Bye Baby

Hush a by baby on the tree top.

When the wind blows the cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks the cradle will fall.

Down tumbles baby cradle and all.

I think I may have to call child line on this one, I mean who puts a baby on top of a tree to go to sleep??!

On a windy night to make matters worse no wonder the cradle fell!

Also that’s it that is the end of the nursery rhyme, the baby fell out of the tree and nobody knows what happened anyway sweet dreams.

There are loads of examples if you look hard enough into it, think I will stick to the good old wheels on the bus

Daddy Giraffe x


















Jack and Jill

Rock a bye baby

3 little monkeys


Inside the mind of a Bipolar/schizophrenic

You’re so Stupid!

You won’t do it!

Go on just do it, nobody will even notice!

Staring up at the multi flats I ignore the words I hear inside my head and carry on walking, what to they know anyway their just thoughts.

That’s right just my inner conscience playing tricks on me, it’s not the voice that put the fear of god into anyway, It’s the one outside my head that does the trick.

The one that just repeats my name at all times of the day and night no matter what time but this time it’s not inside I can actually hear her say..




You learn to ignore it at first but when it starts to get more aggressive and frequent, it would wake me in the night to the point I was always tired no matter how much sleep I had the previous night.

One afternoon the kids were away so it was just me and Cheryl in the house alone, she was in the conservatory and I was in the kitchen washing the dishes when I her in my right ear…..Gareth!!?

I go inside the conservatory to see what she needs, she says she didn’t call me this happens a lot, so I just shrug it off as normal and go back to the sink.

I while goes by and I hear it again this time louder more desperate, I could even feel the air in my ears as if someone had just whispered.

That is the moment that I lose my shit!!

I run to the living room where Cheryl sees me asking what’s going on and I’m trying to tell her that someone called my name and I can’t find her.

What you must realise is I don’t cry, even when my children were born I didn’t cry but at this point as I said before I lost it and within seconds became a blubbering wreak, I had to leave the house as I knew it was still in there.

Crying in the garden, pacing, trying to catch my breath as my eyes never leave the upstairs window because I know there’s something going on.

Hours go by and I’m still in such a state 111 was called for help where they say if I’m not better soon they will have to send someone out or I would have to go, never have I been so scared that I might be locked away inside a  mental hospital my life.

You know when you get that feeling of I’m sure I’ve just seen something out of the corner of my eye well I get that all the time, I have seen things run across my door at night, poke their head around the corner of the stairs making me paranoid that something is following me around.

Unfortunately, part of Schizophrenia is hallucinations which I’m not convinced it is but again the doctors solution is more medication.

So where am it at now?

In a place where I’m kind of taking my medication and focusing on family while trying out managing techniques, but now and again slip ups happen but focusing on the positives is helping.

I hope to be medication free, but I can’t see it happening anytime soon, blogging has been the release I needed to power forward and help people in my position.

So, let the blogging commence!

Daddy Giraffe x

Getting to know you – when Cloudy met Raffi

Getting to know the bloggers I interact with on a daily basis has been fun and I have met new and interesting people along the way.

I have the privileged of getting to know one of my favourite bloggers this time and her answers were more than I can of asked for.

Please take the time to read the latest addition to Getting to know You featuring TL Wright @infofromcloud.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’ve never been the full loaf, but rather than except that and wave my freak flag I kept the lid on the pressure cooker and tried to fit in where I don’t; a square trying to fit in a round peg. Working in the legal industry the majority of my life did nothing to help this situation. Whilst everyone around me rocked their pinstripes and braces I entered the meetings with bird cage hoop earrings  and Spiderman rings.

On the outside I was ticking the boxes. I worked for a managing partner and I associate solicitor, I was three years into a legal degree but on the inside I was deflating quicker than a souffle.

It’s strange how the worst things are the making of us, I had a breakdown, I ended up in A&E and most shockingly of all I asked for help. I had counselling, a lot of support and little by little I rebuilt myself.

As Craig David himself advised I walked away.  I took a just over a year out from the rat race and then something clicked as I attempted the ironing and cursed the amount of washing. I realised how useless it was trying to deny who I am and decided to stop.

Now I accept I am Khaleesi, chaser of children and first to the toilet.

Since then I resumed my love of writing, I wrote Little Black Cloud which is just a collection of ramblings and feelings as I went through my journey of recovery which I hoped might help someone else and my fingers haven’t stopped treading the keyboard since.

What made you take up blogging?

Full disclosure, I didn’t really know what blogging was or WordPress (which I thought was an upgraded version of Microsoft Word).  It was more of a happy accident, not too dissimilar to when I discovered I was pregnant for the first time but minus the toothpaste drool as I stared in wonder at the violated plastic stick.  Whilst I enjoy the freefall of writing longer novels and fiction, I enjoy the ‘bite size’ fun blogging provides and the freedom to talk about a variety of topics.

What would you say your profile picture say about you?

That my hair is prone to frizz. 

Do you prefer day time or night time?

I would have to say twilight – I’m a night owl.  Whilst I enjoy early mornings, when the roads are quiet and the sun is just beginning to raise its head, I get most of my ideas in half light. 

If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?

I dread to think, plus I’m a billy no mates (begins to sing All By Myself and waves lighter in the air).

Whats your fondest memory?

Probably a family holiday to America when I was 10.  Were talking bowl cuts, matching outfits and bum bags (or as the yanks prefer to call them ‘fanny packs’ *giggles*) but it was such an amazing trip.

Do you have any hobbies?

Does the husband count?  Mainly writing/swimming/drinking.

What annoys you?

Mashed up words like ‘prinks’ and ‘flanter’ and people who are unnecessarily mean.

What makes you happy?


BBQ Pringles



Peaky Blinders

Stranger Things

Game of Thrones


Oh and I better throw in the family for good measure as well

If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be? 

Bacardi, wet wipes and a Walkman

Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?

I tattooed a half sleeve on my husband with a set we bought online.  To be fair once I got the hang of it I didn’t do a bad job although I wish I’d have waited for the pig skins for practice before attempting the first bash on my thigh – thank god I used light green ink instead of black.

OK now some quick fire questions…..

Night or Day?


Sweet or Sour?


Summer or Winter?

Summer every time – my joints can’t take the winter anymore, my dances with wolves name this season has been #KeeperOfBlankets

Hot or Cold?


Leader or Follower?

Can I go with a bit of both #HalfwayHappy

Cat or Dog?


Wealthy & Sad or Poor & Happy?

Again, I’d have to say #HalfwayHappy – don’t get me wrong I’m a firm believer that  money doesn’t make you happy.  As the prisoner of Shawshank wisely counselled, salvation lies within, but a little wonga in the bank does make life a lot easier.  There’s nothing worse than getting ripped off selling half your worldly possessions just to be able to treat the kids at Christmas.  Although I would say above all else I put more value on happiness than financial gain.  Some of my happiest memories are with my husband, back in our tiny flat, when we’d only just moved in and were sleeping on air beds and making a cup of tea out of an empty pot noodle pot.

And Finally can you please tell us something you like about yourself?

This is something I try to work on, as I always had a very healthy distaste of myself for a long time.  I could point out my flaws quicker than McGraw.  I will say I’m fond of my freckles and I possess the enthusiasm of a puppy, and I’m incredibly loyal to those I love.


Thank you very much for being part of my getting to know you series, I wish you all the best in the future with whatever you’re doing.

If you want to read more from from this blogger you can by following the following links:

Daddy Giraffe x





Getting to know theunstoppablemama

After a little break on Mental Health Guest posts I have been inspired by some of the bloggers I have meet on my way and I wanted to get to know them better and for you all to learn more about some of your favourite bloggers.
 I stated a series called getting to know you and I was happy when I was approached by a awesome blogger you may of heard of called theunstopablemama.
I sent her out some questions which she was more that happy to answer so please enjoy getting to know this remarkable lady.
Can you tell us about yourself a little bit?
I’m Jayne Mum to Sebastian and Ophelia (10 months apart) and we are expecting our third baby in October so that will mean 3 under 2 and a half! I trained as a nurse, but due to complications with my first pregnancy I had to go on maternity leave early and have not yet returned to work. I am now able to work from home as an Nu Skin Ambassador which is a beauty and skin care company. You can also find me over on my blog, blogging about the daily trials and tribulations of being a mum!
What would you say your profile picture says about you?
Tired mum who spends a lot of time in the car!
Do you prefer day time or night time?
It depends, I like both for different reasons. Day when the kids are being good, love playing with them and creating activities to keep them entertained. But I also love it when the kids have gone to bed (who doesn’t!), I get some me time which usually consists of tea and Netflix!
If your friends could describe you in one word what do you think it would be?
Honest, I tell it how it is!
Whats your fondest memory?
This is a hard one I have so many, but if I had to pick one at this time of year it would be taking my Nan out in my car for the first time after I passed my test, I ran over an already dead animal due to a lorry coming the other way, and I said I only ran over it a little bit, and my Nan was in hysterics, I think she nearly peed herself! I was 18 at the time. My Nan is no longer with us and she passed away just after Easter four years ago, so I often have her on my mind at this time of year, according to my family, now that I am a mum I am a lot like her in so many ways – I think the rest of the family see it as a comfort!
Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, one which I don’t have much time for these days with the kids, but I love Crochet, I made all of my kids blankets!
What annoys you?
Mess, I hate it, my house was so tidy before kids! I spend an hour every night when the kids have gone to bed cleaning and tidying up. I’ve had to cut this time spent cleaning down as I would spend the whole evening doing it which left now time for me!
What makes you happy?
The sunshine and seeing my kids happy and playing, also chocolate!
If you were stranded on a desert island with 3 things what would they be? 
My family, gin and biscuits!
Can you tell us something that nobody would know about you?
Sometimes when the kids are being the biggest pains in my backside, I just want to book myself into a hotel for two nights and let my other half handle the terrors! When number three arrives I may have to do this!
Who’s your biggest inspiration?
This has to be my dad, after a very long battle with numerous bone infections he had a full hip disarticulation 4 years ago (Had his whole right leg amputated at the hip joint) and he has been determined to get back to work since then. Last year he went back to work as a mechanical engineer at The University of Warwick and has since been nominated for awards, for his work. 
What your biggest fear?
I was going to say spiders but I don’t really fear them I just don’t like them! I’m not actually sure what my biggest fear is – I guess I haven’t come across it yet!
Whats your guilty pleasure?
I love dunking doughnuts in my tea!
Do you have a nickname?
Now Time for Quick Fire Questions?
Night or Day?
Sweet or Sour?
Summer or Winter?
Leader or Follower?
Cat or Dog?
Cats I have two!
Hot or Cold?
Singer or dancer?
Wealthy and sad or Poor and Happy?
Somewhere in the middle and happy
Fast or Slow?
Birthday or Christmas?
Coke or Pepsi?
Finally please can you tell us something you like a bout yourself?
I love being a mum!
Thank you very much for joining my Getting to know you series and I hope more people follow you and read some of your awesome work!!
Daddy Giraffe x